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You should see me in A CROWN - Billie Eilish Inspirations

Collectively all that is going on may feel like a strain for so many a strain because there is a major purge occurring here Do you sense it? Are you afraid? Are past fears coming up ? Are similar happenings occurring that remind you of something once before? How is your anxiety feeling lately? Omg what about your emotions? are you like all extra with yourself as of late? these Blood Cycles of creation are what is happening at this time these astro configurations of this 3D land of MOON cycling this is what is occurring globally in various waves of crave craze feeling like some end of the world type energies RESIST the temptation to fall prey to these energies that if you allow yourself to get carried away by its frenzy - then you will be carried away by its frenzy So do not get carried away children instead, BE MINDFUL!! watch your words do they match your actions do they match your thoughts do they match your feelings lets think together in terms of ener

Dear Steve MADDEN


Little did he Know that he was now conversing with SWEET ALICE she is the one after all protecting the QUEENS heart where worlds can fall apart the knife was a warning BE careful now you're entering a stage of BLOOD FIRE MOON  entering her cocoon dark matters Moon


She is like one of my FAVORITE CHOREOGRAPHERS like OMG πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—❤️❤️πŸ€—πŸ€— I am SUPER HONORED & ECSTATIC that she followed me on Instagram  YES YES YES YES YES  she has created MASTERFUL Dance numbers that have left me in tears as well as simply Amazed by her sheer brilliance.  Super HAPPY right now 😊

Transformations that INFUSE & ALIGN

Times are changing  and she’s fully undressed and for everyone who doubted she for ALL of you speaking about me behind my back for ALL of you so much in my mix you got your head up my ASS here ya go KISS my ASS!! Times are changing and it FEELS GOOD to be FREE


At the end of the day in order to effectively ENERGY MASTER your own STYLE you will have to make the wisest of choices of the energies you CHOOSE to keep in your circle of life... It will not FEEL nice to have to let go of certain energies and people - but either you choose for yourself or be consumed by the energies of others attempting to infiltrate your space.

Say No

I said no  and she does not like it  well she should have thought about her  emotional baggage she was trying to  throw my way  Funk outta here with those stinky  waves 

Night Watch Duty

So many talk a good talk  Yet lack the substance  to show  the meaning behind the things they want to pretend about  Lacking substance  Most people just want to know your business  they don’t care about it  you cry out to the world for help  but unless you commit Suicide  your just daily Entertainment





the funny thing about all this story telling I am entertaining with is this the thought was there the intention was there and as sensitive as I am there was no way for me not to see seer is I


I am not censoring nothing about this ordeal that I find myself having to deal with THIS TOO SHALL PASS & it will but it does not take away from the upset it attempts to ENERGIZE in my energy field so dealing with this has not been easy call it paranoia I know what I saw I know what I feel I inner stand the entire abstract much clearer now as to the PLOT that was going down behind my back in regards to my new car and its parts of a part that is needed by another who's transmission is blown same color RED too yea I  know sneaky bitches this I do know and it ain't right and I'm sticking to my gut with this feeling she warned me she did she said you should hear some of the vile things they say they are horrible humans she was disgusted by them yet wants to be in their environment the cow maddening disease that spread thru conditioning when someone wants to steal your car for its parts and sell what they can make a buck if they can and

Distorted Thoughts

The distorted  lack of understanding anything I say use to frustrate me so  once upon a day  they would point to me and say you’re distorted and all over the place right now  You make no sense  and yet I made perfect  I make perfect sense every time Mindful am I  Of the not taking other people and their own explanation of understanding to themselves so darn personally 


It’s one thing to read this and it’s another thing to apply this in your life πŸ–€



I realized something today that I carried of my momma's that has been toxic for my mind, body, heart & soul. Sometimes we idolizes without meaning to or seeing anything wrong with the pedestal we place others on - but sometimes doing these very things can get us caught up in someone else's verse / land / world / creation - and that may not be what is best for ourselves... Today is my momma's birthday and if she were still here on earth in human form she would be 53 years young... tonight is also a dark moon solar eclipse kinda night with energies of letting go taking place --- I say goodbye momma - I say goodbye momma in this poetic freestyle of the toxins brought to the surface for me to purge and purge I do in this freestyle poetry of explosion I unleash... Thank you for meeting me in this place Let us connect some more - Follow me on IG @ENCHANTRESS For personalized services or to learn more about how YOU & I can schedule some time together - Contact me


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Orders Shipped

Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL & most PEACEFUL SOLAR ECLIPSE DARK MOON kinda evening.  ORDERS SHIPPED πŸ˜€πŸ™ŒπŸ€—πŸ’₯❤️ & Thank YOU for your orders.   SEND DM/Pm for daily deals!  And VISIT for Yourself πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ you can order all on your own w/o having to order thru me unless you want my personal touch 😘😘😝visit & sign up @  #HappyBirthdayMomma #LikeMommaSaidBeYourOwnBoSs  πŸ™πŸΌ❤️πŸ™πŸΌ


Tonight I talk to the dark moon in light of this most recent development of nutriments filling my inner environment fixated on the growth aspect of it all the part of me in a trance I dance totally embracing the rad radical parts of me that I take part in all of creation these sensations energies I feel frequencies I generate and vibrations that I hallucinate into our shared multidimensional atmosphere stratosphere cosmic seer

Love sick Man

nothing changed except the human calendar date still filled with lie after lie he is trying to grow trying to let go he is trying to let go of her but he simply can not he knew her knows her loves her and that shall forever remain his prison incarceration for something he can no longer have


Star Angelic Guardian Activation Station

Happy birthday to my Glorious momma of a Goddess whom inhabited these lands once upon a time ago. In loving memory of she tonight there are some solar moon activities that teach us to release #HappyBirthday #IDreamOfJeannie #GenieInAbOttle #July12 #SolarMOonActivations 


There was something  “Special” about him  this one was gonna make her  “feel” something  & he silent, but  knew  & “Passion” pursued  Now sing to me your  Verse 

Powerful ConfirmationS

Tomorrow when I wake up I am going to read out loud that powerful affirmation I wrote for myself and shared with you all —I had some reservations in sharing but I am Kicking many silly habits of inadequate beats that do not service my whole / our whole / this greater whole.  When I wake up I am going to say this affirmation 3X out loud somewhere — preferably in the mirror as I fall in love With myself some more and I am going to speak words of power into my own damn lotus flower .. After doing that I got 3 day goals to achieve that are in alignment with my career path purpose and life path dreams that are being spun into reality ... How about you ? What are you going to do for you Right NOW in alignment with you ....  What are your 3 goals you got in mind ..  I’m actually considering sharing mine later tomorrow night.  Namaste  Innerpower your tower to energize into creation what you desire to inspire  Wear your proper attire!! Check out my personal web Store for so much more  EMSTYLIS

Oracle Reading

I just finished giving a reading for someone and I can remember once upon a day when I was doing so many readings at a time and feeling overwhelmed from this Oracle dive — and how reflecting on my now moments — where balance and peace feel received when it comes to the balancing out of my own energy services gifting to others .. I grew into this space .. I kinda like it here ...  We shouldn’t remain ignorant to parts of evolution in various forms being shown  ... I believe - as you SEE is as YOU ARE!! #Expand #Your #Evolution #Mind #Body #Heart #Soul #AwkwardStage #cardiBWave 

Service Update

Between so many <<<workings>>> and sneezing—  I’m Super exhausted and feeling droopy - some of today’s task shall be continued tomorrow ... so if you have yet to hear from Me ... patience my dears πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ­❤️πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ€—πŸ˜ŒπŸŒŸπŸ˜œπŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄

career & Life Path Focus Affirmation Mantra FREE for You

A gift for you too  Tweak accordingly to your own fillerMints 

Clearly Sharing

Sharing doesn’t always equate to caring but for me it does 🌟

Worthy of Praise

It is not about proving whom is worthy enough to be called my friend or be someone that rides out and vibes out till the end its not about proving these kinda things cause thats like losing a dental floss string up your own ass and we do not desire to do that ! its about who fkn shows up even if its not physically there its about the truest of friends that show they fkn care and that shit is mother bleepin rare and I'm thankful for those very few who show up anyway what can I say I vibe love your very way every breath I take thank you you know exactly WHOM you ALL are !!! like that is some real deal #HOLYFIELD


There is like no stopping me I m beginning to see the all in me that is none of me but part of me at least so in this lifetime The part of me Like Cardi B that gets knocked down 9 times and still gets up 10 these #'s playing this ultimate spin of a win for myself you see 9 the # of completion for many and all things that are still something out of nothing Get up 10 singular although double digit ONE we root for in our roots once we rid of the toxic debris that infiltrate unseen knocked down 9 and yet I still rise 1 Life


Omgoodness I always prefer to do things in sets of 3-6 & 9 


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Silent Treatment

I almost apologized for the way I felt just now - and realized that is like me apologizing for keeping it real 

Do you know those kinda people?

you know those kinda people whom have been hurt by people who want other people to have the same thing done unto them as what was done to them retribution for some morbid justice for their bitter dealings with their feelings silently they watch plot and wait till someone takes the bait match box boom feeling better when they energize their revenge receiving their own twisted sense of satisfaction forgetting Im level headed thorough bred you see this Energy Mastery Styling of a reminder for someone like you needing to pay attention sudden detention once you realize how often our own death goes unnoticed ?  and  how often do you die gruesome deaths daily on some conscious level evolutionary path of inner standing better our lands?  how often you meet people like this ?  how often ?  #EnergyMasterySTylist #YouR #Reality #check #Broadcasting #NetworTH 

Milky Way Exit Shifts

I might be so deep  Parallel your youniverse passed the  Milky Way exit of an evolutionary shift  when I speak like this  Energies are on to this  I may be severe with my ways  but always honest in my approach  like waves  of love clearing pains of stains  away 


Move With Love

Inspiration via LinkedIn

A Taste of Your Own Medicine

N.A. DenMon

Monday Blues

 Monday blues and so they thought  I suggest they think again  oceanic depth of recovery  inner discovery  sea deep mastery 

Kill yourself metaphorically

I murder bitches everyday! 

Are YOU Calm?!?

Oh #YES it is — HaPPieSt WhOLieST SunFunDay 2 You — how calm and at #Peace are you #InnerSide all of thee time #Mind #Body #Heart #Soul #YourTruthShallSetYouFree #DiveIn2YourDeep #SoulcurlyFinesse #EnchantressTheBabbler #Calm #Vibe #Tribe #Align 


 This cracked me up for so many reasons  ‘‘Tis the trauma season to be skeptical” lol  But seriously, let us relax into this newness of space that is all the more calming and relaxing & even if people are trifling mofos- we are so evolved into our own innerstanding of space that we can’t be cock slapped back with sideway attacks if people dare be so whack .. this meme tho -  #Hysterical 

Monday Plays

There’s so much transformation that exists within our vessels awaiting for our epiphany of a divine transmutation to occur and awaken us from inside this hive that hides somewhere inside of Something that is something else and still not that something that we thought we oughta know to only learn that there is still many more spirited vessels to travel thru to reach this core of a folklore that always seems So far  and away  what can I say? I’m art and I evolve this way  Won’t you stay ?. 

Gracious Goddess

You give a hand  they take an arm  they try to wheel you in  with their charm  disalarm  He means no harm  he just wants to get in your panties girl  Don’t let him  Ejaculate his player spirits  Your irristible way  Show him  space  By knowing your place  Centered with Grace