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Tit Talk

What did 1 tit say to the other tit ? Don’t be so saggy & instead lets be happy - they got injections for that too — #Smile #Boo #In #A #Pool #SaggyPerceptions #soulCurlyElevations #1tit2theotherTit #CurlyHairDontCare #LoveYourBestLifeNow #EntrepreunerLiFeStyle #DailyMotivation #EnchantressTheBabbler #EmStyLZ #CurlyHumorist 

Love your best life NOW!


Look Yourself in the mirror & LOVE yourself!!! FEEL it inside & VIBRATE HIGH !! #MindfulnessLiving #LADreAmS #PositiveVibes #entrepreneurlifestyle #GoodVibeTribe #BeTheCHANGEyouDesire2SeeInThisWorld #EMStyLZ #Awakeners 


😌Sidelined from work for the next week and this is my current state of mind. πŸ‘‘Time to think outside the box! #entrepreneur #makemoneyfromhome #MindfulnessLiving πŸ™Œ

Phoenix Say what ?

In metaphor we speak about the rise of the Phoenix  did not the Phoenix arrive  thru conditioned eyes ? so is the Phoenix view not part of it too? or is the very strength that we build on a metaphor to get thru the illusion of the lie - is it then not part of the lie in itself - when the very hell we desire to escape .. loopy loopy of a loop - karmic fluke - of a blow job gone haywire .. To be rise again  is to be born again  is to enter this 3D again  .. come On my friends .. not this shit again ?  #SlowlyButSurelyEvery1willGetiTduH! 


Typically I hold my tongue for the peace of the whole but what peace is that in keeping peace to allow the very thing that is energetically OFF to just linger and fester on and grow like EXPRESS your SOUL  typically I hold my tongue but I gotta admit this was fun I laughed for miles at this new high of inner standing these times

Yoga for kids IN NY / NJ

  I miss working with the little ones. For they bring so much added joy into my world. Looking for some new Yogi Kids to have some yogi fun with πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—


I know what you thinking  You’re like huh ?πŸ€” you might see this as an angel sign  granted it’s appearance being divine  in all awareness and essence  But I still see 3-6-9  oversouling these populations  like it’s a part of my Appetite  taking sight  filled with delight 


Thanks for your acknowledgement and engagement.  Namaste 


Curse Burst


Watched The quietest Evolutions July Sagittarius tarot read and this Goddess always on point.  There is so much what could be perceived as fire exuding from me at this time - a lot of attitude some might call it ... but you have no idea the level Of exhaustion of a lot of crap I’m currently on and there is a lot of accountability i see and that’s fine and dandy. But we are on a precipice to something here ... Check out her video Drew this after watching this video  celebrating its momentum of build up ...

Strange cats

I watched all 3 of them this morning before my alarm went off and they were trying to get something. I thought it was a flying bug because that is how they get. But from my sleepy state and laying place I could not see what they were seeing. So I allowed them to continue as they pleased. They were not being so noisey. They did this for over 10 Minutes I shall say. I watched them watch whatever they were watching move from place to place as each one followed. I truly could not see what they saw but I did see a flash of light every so often. It was reddish in color but too hard to tell - I mean I was sleeping.  Typically when there is a bug these cats are relentless and will not stop until creature is caught and eaten. But that didn’t happen today. The moment I woke up.  They all stopped.  And like any other day.  They followed me into the bathroom and kitchen and forgot about whateever they were chasing. 

Thought stirrer

Let me be clear


Energy Player

Higher Self Perspective

The ripping




#Faith #In #Life #Unseen #EnchantressTheBabblerOnYoutube #SoulCurlyFineSse #Cosmic #PoeteSs #WritersOfIg

How SAGITTARIUS apologize

I can not begin to express how accurate this is ☺️πŸ˜³πŸ‘‘


This feels good This feels great  What is there to ever debate  Namaste 


@EdmundPoetry on instagram

Even he said  He actually wrote it  He said, don’t worry your pretty little head  and again  I was reminded  About whom the funk I am  I am  Deliciously nutritious 😜


When I began trying to articulate the voice of no voice but yet words in my Language appeared to Formulate some kind of language — I had to break that apart and figure out how is it that I hear what I hear when in truth no words were ever formed.  Telepathic communication for Me Evolution in me born  For there are words Spoken less spoken no words but a token  Animals When they communicate with one another use this language  DO YOU SEE ??? Come Further in  And expand your evolution with me I decree this to be  A fabulous journey wouldn’t you agree?

Be the Goat

This has me cracking up  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Astrology Humor

I swore off almost every sign of the Zodiac in terms of dating. Now there is none left πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #Looking4HybridSignNooneSeverHeardOf lol 

ShiVA She’s Adorables

She’s just so Fudgn cute  Siempre 

Warrior in A Garden

My first words were not to Teach me how to fight  but a fight is what I gave  in many victim mentality waves  This is war is what it always felt like  As if by design.  This quote is nice 


I LOVE RESONANCE  I love it so much and here is why I love it due to my own PERSONAL EXPERIENCES that allow this MESSAGE to resonate PROFOUNDLY in every way especially that I receive these channelings of downloads and uploads on overload most times. Sometimes when I think I’m Better mastering the receiving <<<because it’s just sooo much “KNOW” being shown / received / perceived / conceived >>> just when I think the filtering is being received smoother so to speak - I’m met with instant overloads — interesting this cosmic journey of mine ... But anyways — I Love resonance in being able to decipher for myself what my TRUTH is instead of reading something someone else shared and without any resonance or much thought in between taking on the sharing  as ones  Own in some way and incorporating  that into ones world —  I love resonance  It makes a WHOLE lotta sense to me  Wouldn’t you agree?. 

In Loving Memory of Quack Quack

Quack quack once said to me  but where did you go? where will You go?. How would I know ?. I said Quack Quack listen here  Divine timing also conditioned but due to its conditioning it created a ripple effect of reality that has brought forth its reality — and so in divine timing we both shall  meet again Quack quack a forever kinda friend  #iHadAPETduckOnceHisNameWasQUACKQUACK&myFatherSentHimAWAY

iLLusion of Loyalty

It’s a loving act  a self loving one  that honors the blueprint required for healthy love 

Dark Humor

Never forgetting where I came from  Out of the darkness emerges light  & she wears black .. πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Cardi B Musical Inspirations

#SoulCurlyFinesse #InnerPoWERFuLL

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Never perceive to believe or conceive that you know the whys behind the any of the parts of me that do exist - not even based off of what I share with you. But do please use me as your mirror to see every part of you reflected thru me that is you being revealed.  You may question my everything but you know nothing - only for yourself you can speak of any why to anything - do you see ? Judge less and now you’re on to something ... 

Jumping for JOY

for I have received a gift  #RoyalReign #PreciousGem #Mum&me #MySweetAsArsenic #PolarOpposites #CosmicRulerS #DaughterGoals 

n.a. Denmon ❤️

Nick F. Hawkins ❤️

The lady in Red

The lady in red  well she’s  Free as a bird  Free? Have you heard Or have you not received word  no longer divided  by he is she  Careful with me Set free  Wild is she 

Always Adorable

at first I was like then I was like  Now I’m Like  Aware and that fuels me with  self care  & now that is something rare 

Mirrors Talk


America the Brave later Post

I forgot to hit post yesterday in all my let’s pretend and blame this on anxiety energy flickering about  There is an emergency exit in every corner in case the need to bolt ever does arrive - trained to find every earthly physical exit / safety zone to get thru ... we all know every exit & if we do not know - entire different energy zone existing of their own did we realize the emergency exit we made outside of our soul? Missing equations to this whole - feeling alone -  - lost so many are in their minds labyrinth constructed by someone else’s design / construct - well these birth defects a me are I Can not align myself to a vision outside of me a me diseased in tyranny America keen on these falsified reports - the Greats visionary Dream - realizing A - Me - r - I - cas - a me Are I costs of living like a villain hung up on denial awaiting trial while walking the green mile of exile - hey look at me outside the crowd - energy loud af - dancing free. #NeverHitSendPostFromYesterday 

Polite hum

I know what I know and that’s all I know as I expand further into my #know innerlands of these #roots within me existing outside of myself I stand far out into the #distance with keen #vision —:: a gifting of sight that no glasses here on earth need be present 🎁 to #see when the element of my existence knows how #she feels from every angle of angel #evolutionary #perspective gifting to me by divine #grace.  So #mote it be what I decree here for myself to be always my truth inner #alignment with me.  I talk it like I walk it and definitely act it in which is in full #accordance to the #vibrational frequencies desired by me to #design within this shrine of a hive #channeling highest #dJclue running these #particles creating articles. Not only do these frequent vibes quantum design mastery intricately crafting the spaceship board which too is a piece of a grandeur whole outside anything we know. All I know is what I know and I know and I know not - which keys to unlock the inner side cas

Proud Momma πŸ‘©‍πŸŽ“

Beautiful HIGHSCHOOL Graduate

If she knew this photo was taken  she would command for its copy to be destroyed and never shared  but I’m Her momma and with LOVE & absolute adoration for she  I’m so proud of she  for being everything she is all wrapped into one  Today we celebrate her academic accomplishments by attending her HIGHSCHOOL Graduation ceremony  How much in love I am with she I most Certainly am  #Natural #Beauty #MaybeShesBornThisWay #Genetic #Cosmic #DnAsTranDs into #GoDdeSs #Lands 

Fluid is i

Fluid is I like water that I move so deep into my oceanic depths I feel refreshed πŸ™ŒπŸ’₯πŸ‘ photo credit @faeryg0ddess #Oceanic #PoeteSs #SoulCurly #Lover #FunInTheSun #Sun #Goddess #Reigns  Fluid is I like water that I move so deep into my oceanic depths I feel refreshed πŸ™ŒπŸ’₯πŸ‘ photo credit @faeryg0ddess #Oceanic #PoeteSs #SoulCurly #Lover #FunInTheSun #Sun #Goddess #Reigns  Fluid is I like water that I move so deep into my oceanic depths I feel refreshed πŸ™ŒπŸ’₯πŸ‘ photo credit @faeryg0ddess #Oceanic #PoeteSs #SoulCurly #Lover #FunInTheSun #Sun #Goddess #Reigns  Fluid is I like water that I move so deep into my oceanic depths I feel refreshed πŸ™ŒπŸ’₯πŸ‘ photo credit @faeryg0ddess #Oceanic #PoeteSs #SoulCurly #Lover #FunInTheSun #Sun #Goddess #Reigns