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That’s it I am  done  You & me  are done  Final hit  I call it quits ...  These words of #Power  Designed to  #EMPOWER  Me further on this  #Healthy  & #Divinely #AlignedAf  Journey There is no progression with you  as my fall back  hell leaving me in  Detention  A little #Unwell  putting you to sleep now  cause you WILL not control me  So it is decreed


Now this is Every #Healthy #Truth existing within me - to understand and #Allow this #Message to #Sync in #Deep. Making the #Peace inside of myself #Allows me to be of #Service and some #Help. I CAN be ALL that I CAN be existing within me - but only once I #Understand first within myself !!  #ShahidaArabi #WordsOfWisdom 

Do you suffer from Anxiety?

Do you  Suffer from  Well my dears come Have some tea with me  #RealTalk #Energy email me #Anxiety #Is #More #Real #Than #You #Think #In #Vibrations  Image found on #Pinterest 

Fashion Styles that Make You Think Better!

I realized I haven’t posted #Fashion postings in a while & I LOOVVE having articles of #clothing for myself. My daughter calls me a #hoarder in this department.  There is nothing wrong with loving the clothes you accumulate over the years and #LOVE to #wear.  That shows your own #Appreciation for your own damn style and not just the wannabe with all the latest #trends Let’s be #REAL with our own #STYLES & #ENJOY them Together  πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— Now this I would definitely wear in various funky ways too. Because that is how I like to do. #Shoes are cute too but I might wear this with boots depending on the occasion πŸ’ƒπŸΌ Like truly I have no #intention of conforming to certain #protocols of proceedings like this fashion post #misleading and the sneaking in of some quotes that #Enlighten and spin your #reality to infinitely #Awakening #Vibrations setting you further into #Alignment with YOURSELF every single #Moment made Possible  This one here can be a hit or miss for people — but I know

Collective Debacle

Beloveds we are gathered here together πŸ‘½ not to judge the strange debacle  presenting to us  their strangest song  for that is one perception of a view πŸ€– for there are many too  Screaming from the inside out  wishing to be seen πŸ’€ heard Understood  Yet denied in some way for the freedom  to express this inner☠️ pain that bangs away  for the silence that has  silenced their lives 🀐 something within screaming this just isn’t right  where are my rights?πŸ€‘ feeling the demonic at times πŸ‘Ή it’s the secrecy behind all things first  sin of  living on 3D lands πŸ’© what is kept behind closed doors  is meant to stay behind closed doors locked inside 😈 privy are those with the experience  behind the locked doorsπŸ•΅πŸΌ‍♀️ yet we all Have them  too πŸ™Œ Regeneration for you is a tool ⛲️ Why won’t they see me? πŸ‘» Why do they not understand ? Collective band?.🎼 Seer becoming πŸ‘ every muse infused πŸ¦„ within the sacred Keepers  Light box  πŸ”₯ Beloveds we are gathered here today  because today marks the b

Adventures In PyrAMid Land - Alice is a POET

There are so many things that will never make sense  but you can make the better sense  with this ability to let go  traveling the flow  dynamic of what is unknown  and being shown  Over  Time  this drive  To exist  may not make any sense  but we catch ourselves  Back inside this place  externalized that has materialized  taking life  Not everything was made to make sense  and there has been so much help in this misinformation of nonsensical madness that has sweeped over our towns  infecting our people  turning them into sheeple  even the wolves fail to realize  the ancient architects of all time  for they too are  Sheep  too in all this cosmic  Gloop of goop  fertilizing poop πŸ’©  The glue made holding the pyramids in place  taste like  poop stains  they took that to the grave too  Poetry written from the coop

How To TRANSMUTE nasty LOW vibin MEAN as HELL HUMAN beings

This one is especially for all YOU sweet and PEACEFUL loving warriors whom find yourselves time and time again having to DEAL with some unwanted and definitely not friendly or NICE human beings on this planet MAy we TOGETHER RISE ABOVE all the B.S and TRANSMUTE their NEGATIVITY into POSITIVITY and USE it to BE THE EXAMPLE needed on this planet at this time!!!


Sometimes we get sick as REMINDERS that something externally is NOT right and so INTERNALLY  is giving us this illness Fight so that we may make and get into ALIGN  with something that is suppose to be ALIGNED  righteously so for US souls

OScAR is WILDE on PAraDigm SHifTS

The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one - #OscarWilde #Qotn #Masked #Tyrants #Feed #Off #Consumer #Meds #Feds #Heads #WhiteRabbit #Laters #Gators #Patients #patience Escapes #Wonderland #Artistic #Stance #EnchantressTheBabblerOnYouTube A post shared by EnchantreSs The BABBLER (@enchantress) on Feb 26, 2018 at 5:50pm PST


I told you I posted t his before but messed up my instagram design so I had to delete one time and redo cause t hat is what we must always do especially if we mess something up or go outside the pattern construct we must re- ALIGN and Adjust our own sails If we are going to do this - LET US do this Right! For there is an invisible energetic battle constantly going on in and around US all - and #MINDFUL we Shall be to the #ENERGY we #CHOOSE to #VIBRATE & #ELEVATE on - cause if it’s me and you - WE must Get in #ALIGN with exactly what it is we #DESIRE to #ACHIEVE At #EVERY time !!! #Holy #SuNiNDAY #ENChanTreSsTheBaBbLER #YouTube #Vlogger #Blogger #Unscripted ##WoundedHealerProject #Namaste #LetLoVELeadTheWaY #Believe #Receive #Conceive #Achieve #Mindfulness #LifeStylerS —- #Snapchat @ CosmicGeniUS #Take2 #Redo #Cosmic #BloOpers A post shared by EnchantreSs The BABBLER (@enchantress) on Feb 26, 2018 at 5:21pm PST


Was messing up my pattern flow that is how long it feels like its been with my constant posting on instagram almost messed up my pattern this design inside of my instagram SHine @ENCHANTRESS that would be me make sure to follow me into synchronicity What role of #Catalyst do you play in this evolutionary #Soul #Called #LiFE ? #EnchantressTheBabblerOnYouTube #Conscious #Energy #Management #Solutions A post shared by EnchantreSs The BABBLER (@enchantress) on Feb 26, 2018 at 5:19pm PST


I totally forgot that I recorded this FRIDAY evening so I AM  sharing today because the message is still relevant and POETRY is my EMOTIONAL  explosion of RAISING my own VIBRATIONS that I love to RIDE & RISE 


Love EXPLORING my own DEPTHS I enter this Sea of COSMIC GROWTH tha t I HAPPILY dive into cause that is what it is that I do May you ENJOY this too THANK YOU


If we are going to do this - LET US do this Right! For there is an invisible energetic battle constantly going on in and around US all - and #MINDFUL we Shall be to the #ENERGY we #CHOOSE to #VIBRATE & #ELEVATE on - cause if it’s me and you - WE must Get in #ALIGN with exactly what it is we #DESIRE to #ACHIEVE At #EVERY time !!! #Holy #SuNiNDAY #ENChanTreSsTheBaBbLER #YouTube #Vlogger #Blogger #Unscripted ##WoundedHealerProject #Namaste #LetLoVELeadTheWaY #Believe #Receive #Conceive #Achieve #Mindfulness #LifeStylerS A post shared by EnchantreSs The BABBLER (@enchantress) on Feb 25, 2018 at 10:47am PST SNAPCHAT @COSMICGENIUS


Continuing with yesterdays topic of discussion ENERGY and REINCARNATION and the BELIEF systems that we have that may conflict with the FEELINGS that we KNOW TUNE IN THANK YOU LOVES for meeting me in this space / place


I hear the music softly in the distance  No longer resisting  the melodies from within 


How can I not understand  the explosion  Of every block  this catalyst for me played  He whispered and I caved  in 


This was certainly FUN  to OPEN  the DOOR and begin EXPLORING  out loud our UNIVERSE profound Like there is so much to ALL of US  and the CONNECTIONS  we make with the people in our lives LIKE please do take this DIVE inside our Wonderful hive of COSMIC ADVENTURE  What kind of soul encounters and relationships have you experienced and how many of them were karmically related and meant to be the catalyst of so much more??? 

WE are IMMORTALS appearing madd

He came here and they slammed the door in his face treating him like such a disgrace Overwhelmed with emotion  he became Hollering to the man that held no regard to his name because apparently he is a "nobody" today but to this man that is at times considered "cray" started to say some interesting things like "How can you treat me this way, what about when you were homeless and I took you in when you had nothing!" Then he started to yell - "God Don't like Ugly - and may he give those exactly what they deserve - In the name of God!" escorted on out was he but just listening to the words that he speaks madd he does seem to the rest of the non awakeners  whom are just listening to the superficial layers of this madd man gone madd Some might say there is no TRUTH to what he said for the other man has never been homeless in this --- LIFE the gifting of my own synchronization of how things appear to be for thi


Today is a #222 kinda Day FEb 22, 2018  2/22 AWAKEn to the WONDERFUL WORLD of DISCOVERY ANGEL NUMBER 222 Number 222 is made up of the attributes of and energies of number 2 appearing tripled, making number 222 a very powerful vibration. Number 222 carries the attributes of the numbers 2 and  22, the Master Builder Number  that resonates with ancient wisdom, vision, idealism and transformation.  Number 2  lends its influences of faith and trust, encouragement, attainment and success, adaptability, diplomacy and co-operation, duality, service and duty, balance and harmony, selflessness, faith and trust and your  Divine life purpose  and  soul mission . Number 222 has to do with balance, manifesting miracles and new auspicious and timely opportunities.   Angel Number 222 encourages you to take a balanced, harmonious and peaceful stance in all areas of your life. The message is to keep the faith and stand strong in your personal truths. Angel Number 222 tells you tha

Amen !!



Hurt people Hurt People  HUrt people Hurt People  and HEALING LOVING pEople  counteract those rough attacks  with Fiery LOVe  ready and more than prepared  to BURN the motherfudgin HOUSE down 


There will be people  who SEE you shine  and INSIDE they  Envy you  so much  that it may make them FEEL like  actually throwing up  because the darkest part of them  can NOT stomach  your LIGHT  Welcome to the PURGE 


Some people just radiate  MONSTER like Behaviors  and do MONSTER like things they speak such MONSTROUS things from the message that was to be delivered to me  oh yes BELIEV E I will take this personally  but the message delivered to me  about the THREAT for me to NOT feed these cats I feed nearby or they shall be shot  out of sight  #MINDFUL #I #AM   Careful what you send out into the #Universe my friends to seed such #MONSTER like #Energies  may the wrath you desire to Breathe unto others  may #LOVE #ENERGIZE the #JUSTICE needed for the #MONSTERS of this #WORLD to learn their true place when it comes to the #ANIMALS of our #PLANET  #PROTECTION #Sublime 

What does ERROR #504 Mean on YOUTUBE?

I am SUPER GRATEFUL  my ENCHANTRESS the BABBLEr YOUTUBE   video posted rather quickly today  if felt like less than 10 minutes but GUESS WHAT  now I can NOT edit or do anything further anytime I try I get Error #504  with a message that states "try back in 30 seconds that is all that is known" something like that I am trying it again to see word for word What is UP  with Video MAN ager? and did they change #404 message or is this # a different Department? anyhoo these things #Youtube Does - like what is Up? ANGELIC GUIDANCE #504 With JOANNE SCRIBES on BLOGGER  ANGEL NUMBER 504 The number 504 is a combination of the energies and attributes of the numbers 5, 0 and 4.   Number 5   lends its influences of major life changes, versatility and variety, courage, motivation and auspicious opportunities.   Number 0   carries the energies of the ‘God force’ and Universal Energies and amplifies the energies of the numbers it appears


This is a WONDERFUL topic in ALCHEMY to further EXPLORe for this is just the start of the seed exuding this deepest need to discover this Ancient wisdom of all the things we are can be and have within our Wonderland World of everything we innately are WhAT do YOU BELIEVE the HIGHEST VIBRATION to exude is or should be?

Will SMITH gifting REAL NEWS on WORLDLY NEWS addictions!


Off my usual topic but yet on point for my topics #CRUEL #INTENTIONS


Most HAPPY TO RePort my GRAMPS is currently in ICU and CAN look forward to being released today from the Hospital #GRATITUDE


Was feeling very poetic on my car ride drive this morning MAKE sure to tune in for the latest POETIC DRIVE with ENCHANTRESS the BABBLER LEt me know your thoughts on all these videos I've been sharing I truly do value your feedback LAtest Poetry Drive with Enchantress :) #Energetic #Poetic #blast #of #Truth #Attacks #Alignments #Medicine #Wheels #poetess #Feels


You can only Shake that Snow globe For so long Till the same Shake Gets boring #Snowglobe #Blows #Flows #Snow #Globe #Roles #FakeNeWS #Flu #Blinds A post shared by EnchantreSs The BABBLER (@enchantress) on Feb 18, 2018 at 9:11am PST

Angelic Guidance #555

ShadowS iNLiGhTiN

When I watch the shadow of my animals  play  if I wasn’t conscious to the fact that I Am witnessing their shadows play  I would question  what Shadows were these that my  Two physical eyes are seeing  Is this my imagination or Reality ? There is no question mark to the marvelous wonders  of energy that I am witnessing before me  Andromeda, indeed a larger creature than her kitty stature  ooh how they BELIEVE themselves to be ALL that they are no matter what appearances  is externally perceived  For these Kitties are roaming free Playing  Frolicking about  With no care in the world as to how we perceive them  as long as we honor & respect their Beautiful essences too 

Hysteria for loving Loops

It’s like they don’t hear  They hear what they want to hear  See what they want to see  mirrored  reflections  go deep  its like why even bother to speak  how clear do we have to be  its like people always want  something from me  I am suppose to be flowing free but these suppressors  they creep  desiring to keep  me for themselves like what the hell?  Love is free love is free flowing  energy blowing  exactly all that I am  does not mean I desire to be kept  confined and restricted its not personal  its personal space make one feel bad for requesting  such things how so this applies to so many lives loves and  Masters this mass deception  of love hysteria wanting to tie down love the moment they witness it  its meant to witness it in yourself mirrors are meant to help  better health  peace of mind  like everyone wants a piece of me  like I am this delectable piece of meat chewing at me  draining th

Do YOU Wait for CLOSURE???

This one is A LONG one but if you have been HURT ABUSED/ Misused/ used - Tossed to the side disregarded in your life? looking for some closure from other people in your life so that you can move on with yours this video is a SPECIAL one just for you NAMASTE


IT took a hot minute to  UPLOAD but I am GRATEFUL that it did WOOHOOO May this Video resonate with you too


FINALLY Some few hours later YOUTUBE finally UPLOADED my latest ENCHANTRESS the BABBLER video  I hope you ENJOY and may the spirit of these messages resonate with you fully MIND  BODY  HEART & SOUL 


Now lets see  how FAST this next  UPLOAD will be the one I was praising to be the FASTEST seems like annoying are they these uploaders lol

Poets Corner Frustrations with YOUTUBE

I Take it all back I do not know what my last video editing problem is but it is a definite black out that smoked some crack and I will  be uploading it again correctly  GEez

HOW to ELEVATE / VIBRATE above Physical Pains?

TODAY it only took less than 20 MINUTES to UPLOAD Hallelujah  seriously  because every video of mine to upload most times take couple of hours it be on some sucky sucky but here for my tummy tummy it Uploaded  rather quickly  YAY #Gratitude #Feeling #Revealing #Excitement  PS - NEVER MIND THIS VIDEO - IT FOOLED ME !! Uploading the ACTUAL video without any ISSUES - Thanks for your patience

Enchantress the BABBLER CAr Rides

Today is an interesting mix currently uploading latest ENCHANTRESS the BABBLER car Ride Drive and HIGH  for our current times Tummy ache I sure do FEEL  Last night the discomfort was definitely uncomfortable I whined all night Looking forward to resting some a little later Please make sure to stay Tuned for there is more to come THANK YOU  Omg as I write this my #youtube #video #uploaded #Quickly #omg #YES #GRATEFUL

Angelic Guidance #486

ANGEL NUMBER 486 Number 486 is a blend of the energies and vibrations of number 4 and number 8, and the influences of number 6.  Number 4 resonates with patience, practicality and application, hard work and responsibility, traditional values, honesty and integrity, diligence and determination to achieve goals. Number 4 also relates to the energies of the  Archangels . Number 8 brings it vibrations of standing within one’s own power,  manifesting wealth and abundance , self-confidence and  discernment , achievement, giving and receiving,  inner-wisdom  and serving humanity. Number 8 is also the number of  karma ; the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect . Number 6 relates to  grace  and  gratitude , love of home and family and domesticity, service to others and selflessness, responsibility and reliability, providing for the self and others, and nurturing. Number 6 also resonates with personal willpower, independence, initiative, action and overcoming obstacles. Angel Numbe




Little does she know I know the future I see a vision so clear of LOVE  coming to her something she perceives as unreal to be will actually be her surprise as awkward as my knowing may be I want her to FEEL  the LOVE  that shall AWAKE N her true BEAUTY  from sleep so mote it be


So I spoke about Valentines Day on my morning drive UPLOADING this video onto my channel NOW as I write this so make sure to ALIGN and TUNE in to ENCHANTRESS the BABBLER on YOUTUBE  that is a really cool thing that you should look forward to and DO WOOHOO  THANK YOU  so here is my twisted Take on this Valentines DAy that is ALL hype I might add and say and that is the extent of my participate My daughter said I should be a feminist then she corrected herself and said I should be a humanist arguing and fighting for every cause that is essential to our HUMAN EXPERIENCE  and EVOLUTIONARY GROWTH  spurt that is currently spreading on these lands like once broken hearts HEALING hearts rooting from the start to finish creating NEW BEginnings

BLurred LIneS

sure  grab her p u s s y  with other people there go ahead  justify  your reasoning  believing  no one else to be seeing  Revealing  the crack pot  craze of life nowadays 


YOu have a #CHOICE  Everyday you have a CHOICE Every #MOMENT you have a CHOICE Everyday whether you are #CONSCIOUS of it or #NOT  # YOU make a CHOICE The CHOICE on WHAT #Energy you choose to #RADIATE  is exactly the #WORLD you #CREATE #Mindfulness #LIVING 


WELL WELLL GRATEFUL I AM  most certainly in every way to HAVE my MORNING #ENCHANTRESS #THE #BABBLER  on #YOUTUBE post actually post rather quickly this morning HIP HIP HOORAY YAY


she said to me "Magic happens when you make things with Love" I said AMEN sister and this sister desired to make me a cup of coffee so that her gesture of kindness and LOVE would be well received for the raising of my Energy Vibrations realizing from an intuitive level of Understanding that this place can be draining even for the lightest and the Brightest Grateful I AM to this LOVE presence accompanying me on these earthly lands for she may not be as Conscious as You and ME but her ROOTED ENERGY underneath all the Superficial glamour and energies from others that simply do not know and only echo whatever anyone else is echoing her ROOTS of LOVE run deep  and that is her AUTHENTIC beauty that speaks especially when she with LOVE for LOVe is servicing LOVE AMEN #UNITY #of #LOVE #EMPOWERING #ENERGETIC #SPREADS #on #THESE #EARTHLY #LANDS #CAN #I #GET #AN #AMEN 


I would of preferred this to UPLOAD when I desired this to UPLOAD which was last night but sometimes for whatever reason it takes HOURS for me to UPLOAD something unto # YOUTUBE but GRATEFUL I AM  either way cause finally it is UPLOADED woOhOO May these poetically divine flows resonate with you MIND BODY HEART             & SOUL  Thank you for coming thru 

Angelic Divine #232 Inspirations

While driving this morning - this truck in front of me had this #232 so LARGE catching my eye - so of course I love to take ANGELIC dives and receive synchronizations of life elevations....  ANGEL #'s by my favorite spot on BLOGGER -- JOANNE SACRED SCRIBES  ANGEL NUMBER 232 Number 232 is a combination of the vibrations of number 2 appearing twice, doubling its attributes and influences, and the energies of number 3.  Number 2  resonates with faith and trust, diplomacy and co-operation, duality and finding balance, relationships and partnerships, intuition and insight, service and duty, and  your  Divine life purpose  and  soul mission . Number 3  relates to optimism and joy, inspiration and creativity, self-expression and communication,  manifesting and manifestation , imagination and intelligence, energy, growth and expansion, spontaneity, encouragement and assistance, talent and skills. Number 3 is also the number of the  Ascended Masters .  Angel Number 232 is a

What do YOU know about PEACE?

PEACE  do YOU KNOW this terminology well?  There is goes  existing within our wells  May PEACE be with YOU  too  Lets drink up these Refinements  that further ALIGN us  with PEACE inside  AS within - exudes on out  Make sure to check out and participate on ENCHANTRESS the BABBL ERS YOUTube Wounded HEALER page  THANK YOU 


This TOPIC right here is some SERIOUS stuff because MOST of us spend our LIVES working for a LIVING  WE work in order to SURVIVE / THRIVE  in this LIFE and meanwhile most DISLIKE the career/job they currently have or what they thought would Fulfill them actually has NOT So many LOWER vibrations circling about Or How about MONEY factors that come into play when people are making scraps for a living and that is the REALITY they are living and HOW in the world can ONE transcend this LIMITING MINDSET  that just is NOT VIBRATIONALLY right or ALIGNED with the LIFE you DESIRE to DESIGN  Watch this video make sure to Like  / COmment / SHARE / SUbscribe and let us TOGETHER take CARE and SUPPORT one another during these times that can make us feel outta of our minds


Think of this FEELING  of how it would FEEL  if many things (ENERGETIC) things are hovering around you  cause they truly are HOW well are you ARMORED?  Are the ENERGETIC FEELS surrounding you are solely your own - or are you harboring energies UNKNOWN? USe this depiction in the picture to HELP you to VISUALIZE and SEE with CLARITY the invisible strings and ENERGIES that OPERATE around each and every one of us--  Are you living consciously enough to REMAIN constantly AWARE of all the energies out there - including your own?? TRUTH be TOLD  you must Get ALIGNED within your ZONE to OPERATE Divinely from your  C ENTER OM 

Bitmoji Reconstructive Surgery Blues