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Uncut: How do you pray ?

Here I am having this most intense soul transformational download / if that's what we are going to be calling it ~ let's also add into this latest upload / download / overload of just so many epiphanies / understanding / connecting / memory connect / let's take a walk down memory lane / which lane I zig Zag on is how this ride has been galloping along as I in complete AWARENESS & RECOGNITION of all the internal PHENOMENAL things that are actually taking place in this magical well that lives deep inside of me / in me / thru me / next to me / all around me / this "Wonderland" well of Adventure and complete infinite discoveries that is uncovering all of me like a game Of charades ... How colorfully Eye sees ... Within this well of me .. Having me freestyle this classic of an explanation of this cosmic duration of this moment of time etched in space - inside of this place - that a piece of me unravels - (((souls I swear to God ~~ who is God ?? I swear God is

Soul Transformer Oracles

In growing in my own awareness of self and becoming increasingly knowledgable of how much there is to this life that we do not know. I can only begin to connect and express with my own life experiences and learning. Realizing that I am a channel / conduit / vessel for many outlets of life in all of its expressions.  Even the ability to speak to myself, for myself, but not be myself, and yet remain absolutely conscious and aware of this entire "natural" process which has occurred for me since I can remember. My own awareness increasing to the duality and depth that exists within my own being that ties me to this life and all life. Connecting me to everything and anything and nothing all at once. The connections and divine understanding I do constantly receive blocked by my own karmic lessons of dissolving the invisible blocks that have been set before me, all in accordance to me and the many lives and experiences I have experienced up until this point / place in time.  Mesmeri

Fehu Rune Oracles of Awesome LUCK!

"Every beginning has within it the seeds of its own end."  This rune of NEW BEGINNINGS & WEALTH brings with it an energy of mobility, LUCK, Charisma, dynamic power, abundance, circulation, mana and sexual attraction.  New beginnings and climbs reaching social and financial success. This rune is all about making moves and taking action so there is lots of travels on the horizon. This is a sending rune and draws gravity into your own personal sphere. Expect PROMOTION of personal and social evolution and lots of CHANGE/ TRANSFORMATION of circumstances in every which way. This is also a rune of an INCREASE in personal monetary wealth. This rune brings to the surface what is already here, a fresh NEW START! #Rune #Of #LUCK #Energize #Magnetize #Fehu #Rune #Oracles #Change #Transformation #Travels #Wealth #Abundance #Prosperity #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy  For live audio check out my instagram @Enchantress  For more about rubes visit runesecrets

Strong Sun Moon Oracles

It is time to LIGHTEN up - seems to be the constant RECEIVING message of today all echoing out that it's time to have some FUN under this Magical Strong Sun Moon Card being surfaced and spread. Drop your serious attitude & RELEASE your many burdens and make room for PLAYTIME. JOY is contagious and never let life or anyone else come rob you of your right to experience this pleasant feeling. So become INSPIRED to example just like those born under the Strong Sun Moon and spread the WEALTH of LAUGHTER. You will find yourself drawn to the gifts of BEAUTY & INSPIRATION. It's all about our souls Highest of elevations. Your past may suddenly take on NEW significance. Hidden creative talents you have will surface and find a VOICE. Joys abound, so take this time to nurture your spirit with some FUN & TLC & surround yourself in the Beauty that you deserve. Prayer: Great Spirit, help me to RELEASE Life's burdens by taking hold of the beauty and joy that is eve

Domino Effects of Angel # 498 Meaning

ANGEL NUMBER 498 Number 498 is a combination of the attributes and energies of number 4 and number 9, and the influences of number 8. Number 4 resonates with practicality and application, hard work and  responsibility, traditional values, honesty and integrity, diligence and determination to successfully achieve goals. Number 4 also relates to our drive, passion and  purpose, and the energies of the Archangels . Number 9 denotes endings and conclusions and relates to the Universal Spiritual Laws , a higher perspective, leading life as a positive example for others, service to others, sensitivity, benevolence, altruism and lightworking . Number 8 resonates with Divine  wisdom, self-confidence and authority, achievement, skills and talents, inner-wisdom , consideration, discernment and good judgement, manifesting wealth and abundance , and the concept of karma ;  the  Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect . Angel Number 498 is a message to begin a spiritually-based practice,

Tough Love

Baby, let me love you 💋💋

Sign up for your Positive Energy Business Life Plan

Now you know. POWER to WE the people & our infinite ENERGETIC source & power that is innate & readily available & righteously ours the instant we CLAIM it!! #Divine #Energy #EMPOWERMENT #God #Goddess #Awakenings #NOW #Moments #Soul #Transformers #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy 

Spoon Humor Medicine


Do you like this Handy Pocketbook Design?

Ok truthfully I am not too sure how I feel about this concoction of a creation. Like yea I see and dig it's purpose and see the inspiration behind its creation but Dude this one is more like, 🤐 let me zip and feel this one out a little while longer.  What do you think ?? Do you like this fashion pocketbook, stick your hand through fashionable creation ? Namaste  Take the poll at:

Otter Fun Loving Oracle Messenger

The otter a symbol of female Primal Energy & healing. Her LOVING nature is admirable to witness in her loving DEVOTION & FAITHFULNESS. It is all about feminine HEALING POWER being brought to the surface along with PROFOUND WISDOM & Divine Guidance.   Otter's Message: Swim Happily, joyfully, merrily and delightfully with life loosening your stronghold on mundane concerns.  Loosen your grip and give your hair a flip and ENJOY this cosmic ride. SMILE, because your HAPPINESS is WORTH it! The otter reminds us to LIGHTEN UP! In other words, ENLIGHTENMENT up! Some Key words: Talkative, expressive, creative, active imagination, playfulness, friendly, charming, witty, conversationalist, sweet, faithfulness, loyalty, nurturing, compassion, love, healing, femininity, beauty, balance, enlightenment, intuition, joy, happiness

How to do a half bun hairstyle ?

I want to try this and wonder which of these two images I would most resemble 😆😆😆😆😆

Elizabeth Taylor speaks words of Wisdom

The Only Action Filling Potential we ever happily reach, is the one we WILL ourselves to do by taking every bit of action to ACHIEVE our desired results .. Key note here is to Just do your motherBleEpin Do .. Time is of your OWN ESSENCE.. Turn your passions & Drive into your MAGICAL reality & manifesting & wonderfully aligned personal energetic  Playground ...  #Express #Yourself #ElizabethTaylor #QoTN #Do #Your #Do #Keep #yourself #Generating #Never #GiVe #Up #Live #True #For #You #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy 

Are you this woman on her period ?

They say once a month she gets vicious & I would agree .. if you know what I mean 😝🤐😜💋 #Coming #Soon #To #Theatres #Near #You 

Are you a smart Pup too ?

Do you do fakeness?

Your vibe hits my antenna like woah 😆 #Keeping #Up #With #Being #Authentic #Real #As #Real #As #CaN #BE 

Goddess Empowerment

People think that they can treat you however they want.. that they can set you aside .. play with you when they feel like getting around to it.. nah! twiddle dee meets twiddle dumb and those games are never any fun.. what you sow is indefinitely what you reap. meat Moutain creek the coldest love on blast.. water splash.. breaking bad... Prepare for the Ice Storm...

Woman, you Deserve!!

She's open for experience and her heart loves in all its vulnerability and her desire for a true soul love connection is worth every wait and till then she's perfectly Content on her own ... #Know #Your #Worth 

Passionate Drive leads to Royal Court Infinite Ruling

A mother driven by love, roots the foundations for her daughter running her royal court. 

Alice Spazzes inside of Wonderland

How dare you look at me and say what made me this way .. the world made me this way .. it is You whom made me this way .. and now you wanna look at me with this side way glance .. staring in some kind of trance .. thinking things over in your head now real bad.. but still off, you're off, now to France .. Au revoir mon amour  Je t'aime  Vous allez me manquer quand je suis parti my heart long gone, she jumped ship, departed fleeing from a love that never was hers  No, look what you started  simpleton, are you retarded?  bombarded by this make shift test of your life on observance..   you have been the root cause of loves dehydration.. love is elevation.. you Echo me bad.. What's really going down here inside of wonderland... Commercials rad off some titanic track .. Guilty you are is an utter fact .. side effects of your love super whack .. Reality fights back .. winning can turn up dim.. win/win Cartoon illusionist, po


AMAZING & absolutely GRATEFUL that there are people all across the world checking out my postings of my blog. It means the absolute world to me at this impeccable fast growing rate these views are continuously growing in. THANK YOU ALL!! I have received numerous avenues of kindness, love, support and encouragement in so many different ways that it has truly been such a touching & emotionally strengthening and humbling experience. THANK YOU!! WooHoo over 1 Million Views .. That is indeed cause for CELEBRATION!! #Namaste and please make sure to check out ENCHANTING BABBLE for yourself and if it's your cup of tea click Follow and also don't miss a beat and sign up to RECEIVE your very own FREE NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION link is on bio & remember no Better way to show love than to spread love. #Spread #The #Word #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy #Awakened #Here #For #You #Spiritual #LightWorker #Community #Of #Visionaries #Dr

Poetry's Commotion

#Simple #Life 

Let Actions and Vibes Rule your better Judgement

Never mind words when vibes and actions tell the truth behind every story .. Be mindful of the actors in your life. #The #Art #Of #Practicing #Mindfulness #Intuition #Is #Real #Energy #Readers #Action #Reality #Checkers #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy 

Do you need a relationship status reality check ?

If ever in doubt here is a little clue .. Let his Actions speak louder than what you think he is feeling ... Do not be fooled by the dude who is never to be found ... Namaste 

Fashion with Soul

Fashion we buy, style is something we create. Unleash the Wholeness within you and let your style make your mark each and every day. #Namaste #Enchanting #Gypsy #Fashionista #Fashion #With #Soul #Purpose #Make #Your #Mark #With #Style #Art #Expressions #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy 

Enchanting Fashion Finds ❤️

Is your Doctor Hot ?

When you look like this when two of the hottest doctors you have ever been seen by walk in .... Yup .. Like woah .. Hello Doctors 😜

Enchanting Wedding Ideas ❤️

Ooh la la  Vintage 18K engagement rings  Because you're worth every ounce of commitment ... Show stoppers  #Wedding #Bells #2016 #Mr&Mrs #Enchanting #Bliss #Say #I #Eye #Do #Spiritual #Union #Infinite #Sacred #:Souls 

How to Chop & Unblock YOur Blocks?

You can't upgrade on every level just by thinking about it in your mind and doing nothing about it by not taking Inspired action with your body, that takes the steps and actions needed that aligns you with your HEART & passionately power drives & steers your wheels of desire that inspires you from within while synching every part of you whole; mind, body, heart and soul.. We must align every filament of our whole to root and cement our Balanced foundations ... #Heavy #Thinking #Early #Morning #Download #Soul #Data #Upgrade #Systems #Breakfast #Alignments #Chopping #Blocks #101

Hօա tօ ɮɛռċɦ քʀɛss ?

As ʟօʋɛ աaɨts օռ tɦɛ քօʀċɦ, tɦɛ ɮɛռċɦ ɮʀɛaҡs  aռɖ sօ sɦɛ ɢɛts ʊք  ɮʊtt ɮʀʊɨsɛɖ ʄʀօʍ tɦɛ ɮɛռċɦ ʄʀօʍ ɨts ɖʀօք  As ʟօʋɛ ɢɛts ʊք ʄʀօʍ tɦɛ քօʀċɦ  aռɖ ʄɨռɖs ċօʍʄօʀt ɨռ ʟօʋɛs ɦօʍɛ  Iռsɨɖɛ

THANK YOU, for all the World Wide Views ❤️

#Grateful #Love #Gratitude #Positive #Attitude #Enlightenment 

Enchanting DREAMS coming TRUE Oracles

It doesn't matter how anything appears to be like on the outside, all that matters is the creational forces of your own WILL & FAITH that determine every corner of life, some may call it fate. Let's make a date. We are here to discover all the infinite and limitless possibilities and potential each and every one of us here possess.  We are our own COSMIC CREATOR OF EVERY one of our DREAMS .. It's time for us to join as one &  BELIEVE  RECEIVE  ACHIEVE EMBRACE the WONDERFUL gifts of life, your life and bask in the JOY & WONDER of your DREAMS COMING TRUE .. So mote it be, and FLOW into every rhythm and beat of living the life that you DREAM, it all starts NOW! Namaste 

My Summer Solstice / Full Moon TRANSFORMATION oracles

This weekend was a very powerful AWAKENING experience for me that I had the BLESSING of EXPERIENCING while at the same time REMAINING fully CONSCIOUS, ALERT & AWARE of all that I was FEELING & all the the things I felt happening inside of me.  This experience was one of the most intense & surreal energy shifts I have experienced and this one while it was happening did not care that I was in the company of others.  Usually many of my experiences in my own transitions, I go through the changes in the privacy of my own home, it has never happened outside of my private space & the message I received while it was all happening was to ALLOW this all to take place without any hiding or disassociation.  I was asked to REMAIN PRESENT throughout the entire process no matter what. Which for me brought to the surface an EMPATHIC AWARENESS that intensified causing me to feel outta of this world & uncomfortable having others see something happening to me that they became c


The ways of this world have us all conditioned to keep our focus on the external factors of this life we live, keeping us removed from focusing on within. The more we seek out and believe that it is what it is, the further pulled away we stray from ourselves.  The more focus that is put on the outside world that subliminally feeds us its Power by removing us from our own .. This is why stress and unpredictable things that occur in our lives, and the functioning that is required in order to survive and thrive in our everyday living, strips us from our own source of power and gain, melting ourselves away .. and Away we really do go .. Believing that the image we see before the mirror, is the only thing that exist in making us everything that we are .. How bizarre .. We think and we feel internally & forget to understand that who we are on the outside, would never exist if it weren't for whatever essence that powers us within wasn't what's most real ... And yet the very hi