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Your world

I wonder what you are doing right now  Are you happy  Are you peaceful  What was the last thing you were doing before you fell asleep  I wish to learn these things  I wonder what you look like when you dream  What will you look like ... Do you smile in your sleep  Tell me your first thoughts upon opening your eyes  I would watch you as you rise  Share with me your world 

You better change that face ☺️

What's the matter my love Your mouth smiles  But your eyes they seem so sad  Tell me Share with me what's on your mind  Lay it all on me  Every last drop  Your eyes, they're so heavy  What weighs heavy on your heart, my love  There's nothing that we can't get through  It's me & you  you & me  And there's me & you again  That's always how its got to be  I am your rock  Your shield  Your protection  Open your heart & allow to expel all your sorrow  It's no longer needed  You have me now  Let it all go  Miserys woe Place your hand over my heart  You feel that ? My heart is yours .. Forever more ... No need for sad eyes  Don't make me cry  I wish for nothing more than to see you undeniably happy  That's how it's got to be  No In between  Save the melancholy for your acting  We are almost home  We are finally past the threshold  three fold  I love you keeper of my soul  12:12  Clock strikes these enchantment hits  I need You to