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Song of the moment ...

Yup :)  She wants Revenge ~ Written in Blood  Blood red lips traced with a tongue they shine Cut through a crowded room A look can say a lot sometimes So I take all my past attractions and project on you Every disappointment and mistake Summer's ending from a one night heartbreak My head is spinning, my hands go damp But still I force an introduction then I ask you to dance You feel like home up against me close No, we just met tonight There's so much that we still don't know But I'm fairly certain that we might just work out right Then again it can all go up in flames And I'll take you down in the name of love But for now let’s kiss hard, fuck the games All or nothing, it's written in blood On the way to the wedding dressed in black He said, "Sorry lover, but you can't look back" She says, "Oh no", she goes, "Oh no" She goes, "Slow down baby or you're gonna explode" On the way to the wedding dressed in black He sa