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Rain- uncut chant

Today as it rains, my soul weeps.. Silently.. But within the silence, it cries  Expelling all sorrow that exists within its hemisphere.  Heart longs for what it has failed to receive  Mind yearns for understanding  Soul desires to be quenched with all that it yearns for  Let it rain... 


As the pages are written down Two lives have intertwined A journey of two strong souls Both woman so fine Each with her own existence Each with her own game Both two cosmically blessed friends loving each & every day Two stories to be told Chapters to unfold Both with more than enough fire to set the pages ablaze Each with a whimsical breezy light demeanor but always getting carried away ... Into life The breath of life ... Grabbing hold of it by the reins using laughter, joy & love to lead the way Both having a penchant for success Beauty within Beauty without Universal laws in the making They are both in for the taking ... All eyes on WE our imaginations filled with history mixed with a little bit of mystery and a lot of go in between if you know what I mean Our stories are fabulous as well as hilarious some may be true if you believe But at the end of it all the story will be fed and bred into the next millennium We breathe passion into our existen

Gratitude :)

I just want to take this moment and thank you for taking this moment in time from your busy life to allow yourself inside my world & for allowing me inside your world & most importantly for sharing some of your precious time with me... I appreciate your eyes reading all the things that I have to say & your mind soaking in all the words... It truly does mean the world to me that you have joined me at this very moment in time, space, dimension... This time right now.. even if it is only for a few moments.. I from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU !! Every moment is treasured .. Thank you :) May your life be filled with LOVE, JOY, PEACE, & HAPPINESS Namaste "Gratitude is a vaccine, an antitoxin, and an antiseptic."

Uncut chant ;)

I just read... "Each thing absorbs all the colors that it really is, and reflects the color it is not, and that's the color you see........." Of course this immediately brings my thoughts into what fascinates me most about people & all the colors that they choose to show, or may show without even realizing. Just as that statement I read above is trying to mold the readers mind into understanding such a grand concept to take in about perception & truly understanding what it is we are seeing on the exterior, the same applies to this idea or genetic makeup of color perception... For us as people... We absorb all the colors (when i say colors i mean everything that ever happens to us in our lives, good or bad ) of our world and the absorption of all these colors & instances we receive and we process internally... Our inner landscapes .. The world no one else gets to see... And in return we let out a color that is perceived by others in a variation of way

What just came to mind..

You send shivers down my spine Every part of my being wanting u oh so badly As you kiss me slow ur moist lips saturating my skin as you make ur way across every surface of my body You have me weeping willows ... As ur gaze meets mine blood races thru our bodies releasing neurotransmitters spine tingling down sending every goose & bump imaginable Ur touch is cosmic... as I run along into ur open arms and hurl every part of my existence into ur being weak to my knees, ease up on me love, ur love so intense as my eyes roll back into nirvana.... I meet u there.. kinetic drive passing us both by... chemistry in its finest of forms Orgasmic soul screeching songs relinquishing all control Can you hear the musical beats drilling into our hearts For the seal has been mound Keeping us inside ultimate prize You take me there I take you there Runaway losing our minds Lost lost inside Sweet divine !!!

Bitch in me

So there goes that turning point in our relationship where I no longer need, desire or crave to be any part of your existence. The beast in me lives and she is as cold as ever Dominant thoughts of rage set free Some part of me escaping out into the wilderness I still taste ur blood Warm & fresh on my lips I would taste you again if you let me I say why won't u let me ? Ha. . I know you would Distilled waters affecting ur senses You thought u could numb urself to my infectious disease But instead have been compelled all the more to allow urself back in Pathetic weaponry of the war of roses Ur the weaker of the two & we both know it ... For I do set fire to the flame of the game and make my way into ur fiery hearts desires.. You shutter , and relinquish all ur control The bitch in me numb to ur pollution Utter distortions Just the right amount of proportions Served up to u on a silver platter silver Spoon splatter moonlit moon spit volcanic erupt