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Introduction :p

You are in my lair  panic in your eyes Yes you are all MINE!! And its now time for you to relax and unwind My images of you... So very creepy... You should be afraid.. Very afraid.. These images in my mind it is only a matter of time before I begin to eat at my prey Having my way... Silently deceiving  Deviously alluring  ALL the embodiments I possess your body in distress and YOU are still most captivated by my charm Ring the Alarm!! For it is time to play my little hypnotizing game, taking my aim you take in all MY pain that is inflicted your way  Don't dare try to run and hide or disguise  I ALWAYS have my way!!! This is not a game.. I Dare & I DO say pleasure rain Lights Camera  Action You are on My display I creep into you in the still of the night lasting till day heavy heavy play AS I Arouse your senses YOu are helpless Begging me to stay wanting me to have my way As I ENCHANT! Goddess in the flesh on your knees before me please! Head down t