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You cuff me gently kind of like putting a bracelet on someone u love. You whisper softly and My body breaks out into armies of goosebumps covering every single surface of my skin. You enchant me! Who would've ever guessed you being the bewitchment of me? For I have set my horizons high and multiplied those expectations by a million fold already accepting within myself the near to impossible. I ask for mountains to be moved and Here you are moving mountains. Leaving me to giggle like a small school girl watching & admiring her crush from afar amongst her friends. How is that possible? I look forward to seeing your beautiful face most captivated by my light hearted jovial presence. And yes I feel it! I feel the intensity behind the stare loving me full hearted but keeping enough distance to not Push me away. Simplicity in the making you make it all seem so effortless. The passion exuding your pores seeping into every inch of My skin allowing for your flow to fill Me whole. T
Flowing incessantly in my mind making me want to cry for hearts have been open but led by deceit of a cradling ache robbing me from sleep despite the cries eager mind rushing in and killing time harboring emotion filled with commotion the bridge is finally broken adhering love and devotion slipping in deep, savoring sweet wake me from this dreaded sleep for Beauty has never been awoken expel the explosion of a love undead