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Thunder & Lightening

As I turn to go The rain flow Thunder and lightening Thunder and lightening As I catch the rain Pounding  on my face Thunder and lightening Ur love has put me under Rest assure I will never surrender U had me beat at my own game U had me believe love is pain  always prepared  for the rain and thunder (cause u r my thunder) But as painful as this has to be  I strike with sudden speed  And clarity lightening bolt snap me back in reality For I leave u Here in this place of space  thunder  Prepared me well cause I've released ur spell All the things I held on to  (thunder and lightening)   Prepared by all the rain  u helped me to gain Constant rain  Here comes the storm  Take us under  You put us under  Thunderous thunder taken in breathed in pulled in sucked in  Done in  Thunder  But with lightening speed I'm Striking back  Being prepared cause  I'm under attack Piercing thru u  unexpectedly  Having ur heart beat skip so suddenly  He