I channel accordingly : WELCOME to MY BLOG : I HOPE YOU LOVE IT HERE JUST AS MUCH AS I Do & That YOU plan to Stay for a while.


I am An Alternative Lifestyle Healer using Expressionary ART sung from the HEART as my Grandest Tool in connecting with the Divine while assisting others on their journey. I love Intuitively Getting to the heART of everything most real. That is a major part of how we all heal (we need to feel through this dynamic) As a team we align you with innerstanding better your FEELS for your coping ability that evolves with healthier ways to DEAL so that You may HEAL and LIVE in Full Alignment radiating Your Wholeness Vibrations in wonderful infinite ways.

There is no one way to do anything.

We are unique & multifaceted (multidimensional)

we are here to uncover our discover as we acknowledge ourselves in pieces and peace together what we learn – we are master pieces mastering peace.

I assist in this process in a multitude of waves

there is no one way to tackle a project

key is to tackle the project despite not knowing how (everything is a growing / learning process)

Alternative Lifestyle Healer is what I am in regards to the align of work that I do but this BLOG here is my personal Baby that continues to EVOLVE over time. I love here this Healing Blog of LOVE that is mine. WRITER I have always been. Enchanting Babble is an open Portal / CHANNEL of HEALING welcoming ALL of you to experience these FEELS that drip drop in and out of every one of these pages created through the divine that lives within I.

These are seeds already planted.

Planting its germinations

e x p e r i mE n t a t iON s

This Divine Portal of Healing ENERGY Grants Everyone Permission to TRAVEL through these DOORS of INFINITE EXPANSION. Enchanting Babble is a WONDERLAND of QUANTUM Adventure that TRANSFORMS lives one soul at a time.

A utopian Creator of Writing Thoughts & turning them into ART KNOWING how Thoughts become things is rather exquisite and tasteful in every energetically powerful way.

Everything we say becomes a S P E L L

Let US S P E L L clear in here

I love invoking spirit through my Writing infusions. I happen to Channel SPirit through my AutomatiC Writing capabilities. Just one of the many various tools I use.

Consider this Enchanting Babble World an Art Pleasurable as INNERtainment.

When you visit this Enchanting Babbling Society KNOW that you are invoking connection with Spirit so CLEAR it SHIFTS the ENERGIES in here (out there to you too) In here is a KNOWING atmosphere that is supremely Reigning Gloriously in FULL Alignment. When you enter these Enchanting Babble Lands YOU possess in your COMPASS. Be SOUL OPEN to RECEIVE the ALCHEMY these Channeled pages seed into your being.


I AM OPEN TO RECEIVE THE GIFTS of CLARITY & WISDOM I SEEK TO KNOW IN MY LIFE. I live in my NOW & operate from my PRESENT. I KNOW my Feelings and thoughts which speak to me clear. I am ALIGNED in Beauty speaking WISDOM. Infinitely I FLOW & GROW. Authentic is all I am. I believe in me & PRotected I shall always be. So mote it be, I am Alchemized Divinely Sweet.

This Channel is Free so make sure to SUBSCRIBE you will THANK yourself later when you feel more quantum in your align and grateful for having encountered this Portal divine that is Masterfully Alchemized.

drip drip drip

WELCOME to Enchanting BabbleS Wonderland of Quantum Adventure!

I appreciate YOU.

THANK YOU for your presence here it is greatly honored and valued.

Just so you know There is no one style to this blog for it is forever changing / Transforming / Trying New Things while GIFTING HEALING VIBES to ALL WHOM visit here always.

I support you and your align

Thank YOU for being a part of this Shrine!

If you would love to work 1 on 1 with me we would have to speak to sync our schedules so make sure to contact me for a list of my services @ EnchantressTheBabbler@gmail.com and if you're ready to schedule feel FREE to give me a call @ 908.481.8844

My Presence is healing & this is something recognized immediately upon our connecting.

I soothe souls & help heal wounds - metaphysically / physically

I operate Multidimensionally & alternative is my reign of expertise

Peace Love & ALignment to YOU

Feel my Vibes @ EnchantressTheBabbler.com

LOVE Operator : Freestyle Poetess Empress God/dess Divine

Channeling the Divine while Building Utopian Shrines

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Sincerely Your Local Witch Doctor

Also Connect with me on all my ACTIVE social media platforms for more Inspiringly creative & superbly quantum dopeness that is happily expressed from me on these sites making use of ALL the outlets I vibe with that contribute to this EVOLUTIONARY Revolutionary Growth occurring here. I love having Varied forms of outlets of expression. I am constantly shifting, transforming, growing and changing and so having various outlets of stage performance choices is something wonderful to have as a tool that is useful in gifting my "Voice" a platform to build on.

I connect daily with many beautiful souls while using these various platforms & it fuels my fire more and motivates me plenty. Humbled is my spirit to be able to connect in such magnanimous ways with YOU ALL & as we connect builders of these Unified Rainbow bridges we become.

OUr connecting is designed to be fun as we align.

Please note I also offer freebies as well as Updates about any and all of my services on all these other social media platforms I use

(Instagram my top preference in apps) Occasionally I use Snapchat. I absolutely LOVE Pinterest. I LOVE YOUTUBE. I still have not been able to develop a good standing usage of my time on facebook. I LOVE BLOGGER

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Important Disclaimer:

All content contained in any and all of my #videos are #artistic in expression at and Free to everyone here. This work is not only personal and general, it is entirely derived from my own life experiences, personal development and intended for your own use for personal development as well as proper usage based off of your own ability at discernment. This is not meant to diagnose you nor do I claim to be your medical #doctor, #therapist or licensed mental health professional on these 3D realms. This is designed by the divine to be of use to all that synchronistically find themselves coming here. The information provided here is not to be used in place of any other professional treatment you seek or have in your life. You alone are responsible for any and ALL of your own choices you make and the decisions you take action on in your own life. This is entertainment at its most divine and healing energies but in no way shape or form am I responsible for the actions you decide to create and make in your own life. Any use of this information in any of my channels is you holding yourself accountable for the conscious choices you make in how you perceive to resonate with any and all of these messages. All content is for entertainment purposes only and to be used at your own discretion. Those under 18 are welcome here as long as you have adult supervision for many of these mature topics of discussion. Thank YOU

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ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE HEALING : here are tips/Tricks and INSPIRATIONALS for YOU to APPLY in your life successfully!!!
 The Art of Living Mindfully by Aligning with your own PURPOSE & absolute TRUTH is essential to your SOULS EVOLUTION. By APPLYING various Energy Management Practices and incorporating them into your daily life you shall rise & shine in all your divine Glory & ALign !


How we playfully imaginate is wonderful for our 


Our Universal Wonderland does not respond to what is true or not true - for it has no time to pick apart truth from lies 

When we put into practice co-creating with our YoUniversal Wonderland - we co-create by the Energy we create - so in other words...

how we feel?
What we feel?

Because how we feel is everything real - and how we feel is the force behind our own energy fields that we 

live in 

How you feel affects / infects those around you 

Those in whom you have influence on 


YUP - our energy touches those whom come into our vicinity 

for this is a shared energetic plane of earthly existence

Awaken to the Beauty that does exist around you 
there are miracles all around 
tune into this channel / vibration
feel every 
taste every
sensation of elevation spreading thru these iconic airwaves

do not allow for the ego mania of this world to have you mistaking your self love and confidence is something to be ashamed of nor is it something that should be kept hidden 

It takes so much from each and every one of us to learn and show ourselves some well deserved levels of encouragement, love, support, tenderness, and acknowledgment that we should always practice giving to ourselves - it is not about tooting our own ego either- this has nothing to do with that - this is about being everything we need to be for ourselves in a most healthy, loving, positive and productive way.  

We are magically delicious in more ways than one and when do we begin to realize that there is an infinite number of epiphanies, discoveries, journeys, realizations, awakenings to explore and discover within ourselves. 


Wake up to LOVE 
Self Realizing Love of self 
for self 
benefiting everything energetically all around 

Vibrate High 
all of thee time 

Rise & Shine 

#love #sublime #energetic #energy #management #center #safe #house #haven #gypsy #pad #Wonderland #Good #vibrations #only #for #all #sensations #lovers #oracles #artistic #soulful #expressions #cosmicConsciousness #paradigm #shift #loa #higher #living #lifestyle #Believe #receive #achieve #succeed 


We are a society thriving off of visuals 

Allow for our song to be sung in color 

Allow for the FLOW of ENERGY to TRANSFORM every part of your being - so that you may get it 

Due to our own conditioning we are equipped to process visuals more easily - and retain the things we see as being more REAL then anything else left unseen - 
So ALLOW for these visuals to help you to VISUALIZE
 the unseen  energetic forces that are in every which way a HUGE part of your WORLD

Allow for these VISUALIZATIONS to paint into your LIFE the VISUALS needed by you to SEE CLEARLY what you need to see in order to put into good use your own AWARENESS of how POWERFUL you and your own energy really are!

Your ENERGETIC POWERHOUSE increases as you become more and more CENTERED and AWARE of your own energy field and presence


What energy are you sending out into your universe? 

What energy are you creating and passing out to your family, friends and strangers ??

What energetic circumstances are you creating for yourself unconsciously?

How conscious are you really? 

All it takes is one intention to make the EFFORT to PRACTICE daily VISUALIZING the POWER that exists inside of you!


#Energy #Practice #visualizations #LOA #laws #of #Attraction #energetic #aura #fields #Knowledge #is #Power #You #Are #PowerFUL #ENERGY #in #Constant #motion #Know #thyself #Stay #true #lightwork #healing #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy #Firestorm 

Now you might say, this is not even close to being true.  But let us all jump outside of our limiting box frame of conditioned thinking.  

First in order to rule out this line of thinking you first need to check yourself and all of your energetic vibrations and alignments. 


1. Do your thoughts match your actions? 
2. Do your actions match your words? 
3. Do your FEELINGS match your actions?
4. Do your FEELINGS match your words? 
5. Do your thoughts match your FEELINGS? 

Switch this line of questioning up as much as you like - and check for yourself if your VIBRATIONAL ATTITUDE that you are emitting is ALIGNED with your 


#The #Art #of #living #mindfully #Mindfulness #Lifestyle #Believe #receive #achieve #loa #energy #management #systems #Vibration #frequency #universal #order #balance #peace #alignments #self #awareness #is #futile #for #growth #cosmicConsciousness 

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