HollyWoods forever OPEN Gypsy Wonderland Paradise. Dreaming out loud all of its creations with absolute LOVE while intentionally Raising this Earths vibrations to that of Love. This is the Faery song. Art is our Soul's Expression & Enchanting Babble is an eccentric mystical world living outside of this ordinary mundane world. I Am here to engage your senses. Dreamers UNITE taking Flight for NOW is our Time! Love Activation of our BRIGHT LIGHTS. Welcome to Enchanting Babble's Wonderland where word fusion & art are birthed to Life & infused as ONE. We are One! Wonderland of Dreams unconditioning the sour seeds conditioned into our society. Light Worker Series. Please join me on our WonderLand Lovers Revolution Adventures. Namaste
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EMS LIFESTYLE is tips/Tricks and INSPIRATION for YOU to APPLY in your life successfully!!!
 The Art of Living Mindfully by Aligning with your own PURPOSE & absolute TRUTH is essential to your SOULS EVOLUTION & by APPLYING various Energy Management Practices and incorporating them into your daily life you shall rise & shine in all your divine Glory!


How we playfully imaginate is wonderful for our 


Our Universal Wonderland does not respond to what is true or not true - for it has no time to pick apart truth from lies 

When we put into practice co-creating with our YoUniversal Wonderland - we co-create by the Energy we create - so in other words...

how we feel?
What we feel?

Because how we feel is everything real - and how we feel is the force behind our own energy fields that we 

live in 

How you feel affects / infects those around you 

Those in whom you have influence on 


YUP - our energy touches those whom come into our vicinity 

for this is a shared energetic plane of earthly existence

Awaken to the Beauty that does exist around you 
there are miracles all around 
tune into this channel / vibration
feel every 
taste every
sensation of elevation spreading thru these iconic airwaves

do not allow for the ego mania of this world to have you mistaking your self love and confidence is something to be ashamed of nor is it something that should be kept hidden 

It takes so much from each and every one of us to learn and show ourselves some well deserved levels of encouragement, love, support, tenderness, and acknowledgment that we should always practice giving to ourselves - it is not about tooting our own ego either- this has nothing to do with that - this is about being everything we need to be for ourselves in a most healthy, loving, positive and productive way.  

We are magically delicious in more ways than one and when do we begin to realize that there is an infinite number of epiphanies, discoveries, journeys, realizations, awakenings to explore and discover within ourselves. 


Wake up to LOVE 
Self Realizing Love of self 
for self 
benefiting everything energetically all around 

Vibrate High 
all of thee time 

Rise & Shine 

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We are a society thriving off of visuals 

Allow for our song to be sung in color 

Allow for the FLOW of ENERGY to TRANSFORM every part of your being - so that you may get it 

Due to our own conditioning we are equipped to process visuals more easily - and retain the things we see as being more REAL then anything else left unseen - 
So ALLOW for these visuals to help you to VISUALIZE
 the unseen  energetic forces that are in every which way a HUGE part of your WORLD

Allow for these VISUALIZATIONS to paint into your LIFE the VISUALS needed by you to SEE CLEARLY what you need to see in order to put into good use your own AWARENESS of how POWERFUL you and your own energy really are!

Your ENERGETIC POWERHOUSE increases as you become more and more CENTERED and AWARE of your own energy field and presence


What energy are you sending out into your universe? 

What energy are you creating and passing out to your family, friends and strangers ??

What energetic circumstances are you creating for yourself unconsciously?

How conscious are you really? 

All it takes is one intention to make the EFFORT to PRACTICE daily VISUALIZING the POWER that exists inside of you!


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Now you might say, this is not even close to being true.  But let us all jump outside of our limiting box frame of conditioned thinking.  

First in order to rule out this line of thinking you first need to check yourself and all of your energetic vibrations and alignments. 


1. Do your thoughts match your actions? 
2. Do your actions match your words? 
3. Do your FEELINGS match your actions?
4. Do your FEELINGS match your words? 
5. Do your thoughts match your FEELINGS? 

Switch this line of questioning up as much as you like - and check for yourself if your VIBRATIONAL ATTITUDE that you are emitting is ALIGNED with your 


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