Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Wholeness & Wellness Gains

I’ll admit I am tired 
but I’ll also admit that this feeling of exhaustion is undoubtedly worth it 
The struggle may be real but for the first time in this life things for me are beginning to align and make sense 
It’s not easy 
But I want it more than the complacent natures of our conditioned beings 
I want my dreams to be my desired reality 
I may walk against the grain and I may experience the resistance of the strain for being this way 
I may cry a lot too 
I may sometimes not know what to do 
Sometimes FAITH is all I have on this ride 
I believe in my own blue skies rising tides 
The stars are in my favor 
I feel this truth 
It’s not easy 
I’m not here to sell you an easy path of crock bullshit and lies 
Everyone can paint a pretty picture but when you live in the belly of the beast 
Nothing be pretty over here 
But I am pretty 
I am loving myself enough this time around to be my own beacon of light and support 
Out of the darkness emerges light gifting sight 

Believe they copy me as many copy you. It’s this copycat thing we do in this world. 

Let’s be ourselves please. 
I let them copy me. It’s not me nor them anyways 
People will always have stuff to say about how you live your life. I’m telling you from experience. So many people love to speak my way and low vibe their taints of stains my way - I send them love and cactus bites up the ass too ... it’s the humor in me boo —- lucky for them I’m in for my own wins and do not have time for any of them - misery loves company that is a true statement for these days. People love to project unto others in so many various ways. People need to get on their own stage and pave their own way. I’m not saying it’s easy. This ride has sure been one hell bent rollercoaster ride stuck on repeat and stupid and the riding of this bull is karmically done. Ya heard ?? My karmic pattern is done. We live and learn. This one is a babble of chant as I feeling exhausted share with you the polishing of my own diamonds 💎 vibing my highest I tell you it still is not easy. But that’s the path I pave to endure this pain for my reign for WHOLENESS AND WELLNESS GAIN that benefits our WHOLE .. my energy super bold and monstrous based off the effects from my
Own upbringing and experiences. I have battled monsters nobody has seen and yet I stand here exhausted from it all still radiating LOVE as my golden super power. It’s not easy love. I won’t fake no jacks with you all and sit here and pretend I do not cry almost every single day as I continue to glorify my own dynamic reign as I transmute the pain of the stains away from my pearly white gates. I do this for me and it BENEFITS you too. Believe this TRUTH .. my dna is of that royalty kind - state of shock what I speak my alert in you - but darling , I don’t care what the world sells you, I speak my own kinda truth. This life here we endure not an easy path to swallow. But we swallow a bunch a nasty stuff anyways and things that are not good for us all of thee time. I don’t got time to deep throat you some nasty stuff more. Been there and done that in my sleepers state of existence that once was a shell of my
Own existence .. I went thru this evolutionary resistance and still go thru. It’s part of my cycle of cleanse too. I am tired and I have fought so many demons in and around this vessel both internal and external and these spirits are relentless. They will feed me the fear over the love anyDay. That is not the way I desire to feel in my life. I’m tired guys. Exhausted. I’ve said I don’t want this world anymore and I mean it too. But there are things I must still accomplish before I decide to go. So now you know. This too shall pass. The good and the bad and the ugly. I won’t brush away anything. Conscious is I. 

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