Sunday, August 5, 2018

Seer of my Future

How nice something like this I dream 
But first I must earn the self reliant part of me 
On my own 
Yes, I have grown 
working on the parts of myself I need better 
get to know 
Love,this bounty so sweet 
Until I fix every part of myself within this well that becomes less everytime
- I once allowed and no longer allow for someone else to step on in and dictate for me 
You see? 

Divine Heirarchy of Mastery 
I Achieve 
this cycle that once would like to beat me down with its cockerspaniel 
His name once Daniel  
Feeling like highway robbery once upon a time ago 
Letting everything go 
Success now in my hands 
I bow surrendering to dreams 
My dreams 
My future 
My bliss 
My own happiness 
My own success 
My deliverance from my own blockage and evil 
I live now 
 I pledge allegiance to this stance
I rock  out powerfully aligning each and every day 
Correct and balanced in my waves of marination 
I’m living best - this I do attest 
An arrangement of Love feeling me  sweet 
Motivated is me 
keeping the parts of myself feeling beautiful 
 I  always  allow my crown to align me in my constant reign
I own center stage 
I made it work this time around 
no longer my life upside down 
Thankful I am 
Cosmic Shining example is exactly what I am 
I own these earthly lands 
Goddess I most surely am 
I clap my own hands and pat my own back 
Artist is I that is fact 
Creating wonderful things every  single day for the remainder of my waves 
I blast off my fiery creations all over every visible station of plateau of existence 
OverRuler of every overseer
Justice is here 
Master Alchemist in Balancing Every frequency, energy waves  and vibrations 
Tesla spirited living true folklore 
Truest Alchemist loving superbly best 
Queen of hearts 
Life my fresh new start 
Thankful each and every single day 
Success is mine 
instant fame 
 INNERPower  I inspire now 
it’s Thru his influence somehow 
Thankful to be seen to see myself 
Mirrors work showing worth 
It took a lot of work in me and appreciative will always be me
Empress seer is I 
Saturated by the divine 
Superbly aligned 
I am love 
I am loved 
Cherished and adored 
I sing and sign as I teach my tunes across these lands 
Cosmic earthly traveler I spread my waves in every way 
I am centered righteously 
Mind - body - heart & soul 
Queen of this energy parade 
Crowned by the Saints 
Holy is my wave 
Carving new waves of reliable order thru so much once thought about disorder 
Cosmic news update 

I made it 
I did it 
I do it 
I see it 
I improve it 
I own it 
I share it 
I dare it 
I predict it 
I fix it 
I am all that I am because I am 
Prepared for my  flight
 flying high 
Success is mine 
Healthy as can be 
Shopping sprees galore 
Always desiring more 
I receive 
Educator of finer sweet institutions 
Building earthly sustaining establishments 
Creator Realtor is I 
making things happen 
Golden key is me 
 whimsical in every way 
Writing new tablets 
biblical is I 
Masterful I am and I KNOW 
Earthly Goddess here living in the flesh 
I produce and I make the BEST 
 I  hold all that is mine 
letting grow all the time 
Builder of shrines 
Ancient civil rights on the rise 
Protector is I Of our guardian Angels of cherub 
Mental health specialist to all humankind 
Graceful is I for every part of this journey 
Soul Attorney to the rescue 
Mass Ruler 
sexy and fine 
Conqueror of hell 
Mastery is me right now living swell 
All is well and spectacular 
Humorist indeed 
Comical relief 
I’m funny when I speak 
Poetess still be me on these streets creating musical beats that speak and fill the hearts
Of souls on these

I make music everyday 
I dazzle with my energy flow 
saturating seeds I  bring birthing healing SPREES 
Healthy motivator is Me on popular feeds 
Forever spreading glee 
 An abundance of wealth flowing into supply 
My success constantly on some rise of a high all of thee time 
Inspirational is I 
Thankful every time to be able to constantly provide 
such a service I am to our multi dimensional galaxies of existence
Team leader to rid of every resistance 
Ownership flow constantly on my growth 
Leader of this lovers evolution 
Successful revolution 
Riddance of every pollution with my GENIUS TRANSFORMATIVE SOLUTIONS 
Proud of myself in every way 
I decree this to be the best version of me 
Everyday for the rest of my infinite spans of existing 
Now is awesome and cool 
I am Goddess that rules 
Powerful WOW 
gifts instant stealth 
This EVOLUTION of determination rooted in i 
Willfully I command
 receiving all I want 
In demand 
My drive and willpower unbeat 
Mastery in i lives to speak 
Surrendering to my own divine inner power FULL
 I electrify on the rise
 my magnets amplify and multiply 
Once upon a time
 He asked me to write a short story 
I revealed to him my glory of a story 
I birthed a new song 
 A lover to myself I must first learn
He taught me  how to be 
The dynamic wisdom in our friendship propelled the sensational parts of
Me living dormant inactive 
Motivating them to burst alive 
I sang him my song 
Top 100 all life long 
Beauty was me conquering my own beast that was asleep inside of me 
Turning me into the Bestest version of myself 
A gift of a gift of a gift 
Feeling free 
My future I see absolutely clearly in each of my nows 
In a once upon a time moment I  replay his question 
And thankful for my poetic mind that dove inside 
Imagination sublime
Allowing myself to receive This gift of life 
Something that always was mine 
Living inside 
 Clarifying for myself 
My future 
My now 
Like WOW
I meet the 
 Artist in me  gifted Sage 
 I receive  my  stripes today 
this is I 
A powerful Seed seedling 
 Almighty is I 
 I horse like power my inner poweresS all of thee time 
Living my best life now 
Surprise surprise 
Gift of life 
Driver on my own command 
I dream and make them happen 
Castle owner is me
ruler of all of my Kingdom 

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