Take a seat

There are so many people who watch me
or read my shit 
they won’t comment 
They won’t like 
They never show love 
but they like
some of them would like to bite
viciously too
suck a dig boo check out other posting and see what dog said to your momma 
so many of them use the same things I share
or become secretly inspired by some of the things I share and they share and act like it all came straight from their brain wave cave
nah it did not man
but thats ok
I had to battle it out with self
and utmost respect I now Know for myself
ya heard?
This Jenny on the block old school flavors
savages favorite flavor 
these cornballs bring up some time later  on their own flow and generator something they took off from me
I see
this horse rides free
I dare decree these modes that be
galloping on these lands
horsey sensational kind of vibe during these
Wounded Healer she is a feeler type High
crown fits
ORIGINATOR type dish
I got that flavor
they love to Hater
this is not no debater
cosmic Flavoring of my coming stains
all in your face
they share my shit in a different a way at times
acting all pretender as if they never originally got it from me
Goddess Please with your ridiculous sprees
you can keep talking about me too boo
you must love the roll of my name inside of your salivating playing field that makes you all wet and thirsty
drink up some more
seeds galore

They’re people whom try to act like me 
Whom pretend to be doing and saying shit like I do 
Meanwhile, these people don’t even speak to me 
but they want to be like me 
for whatever reason
they choose to do this all in secrecy  

Anyways - I have struggled over the years noticing these people and never saying anything because what’s the point - what’s the purpose .. I felt that my ego wanted justice and so I battled my ego. Meanwhile here are these other people acting as if they don’t see me — but omg believe me they do. 

Well guess what lovelies 
Love / lies. 
Real eyes 
I’m aware of your energy stench polluting toxins within my vicinity - you are banned from infecting my immunity

For this has gone on way too long  and I’ve been meaning to say 

but I had to first work on me 
I did not have the alignment within me to say as I do so Now

Confidently too

Cause this right here is QUANTUMLY majestic this inner revealing unto myself 

You can try, but you will never be me and no matter how much you deny my existence because of your own misalignments within yourself that it does not allow you to do so - you know be Real deal Holyfield no matter the deal type feels - ya feel ? 🤗👁 

Your placement understatement already shows me whom you are and what you about and that is all I need to know about the level of depths your superficiality allows for you to grow. 

Soul Curly is me on these beats 
Take a seat ! 

Thank you for forcing me to have no choice but to acknowledge and see myself finally. 

Forcing me to See myself as I need to see myself 
To feel myself the way I need to feel myself 

These mofos have no idea about the fire inside of my living waters filled with mother earths worth. Ya heard 👑

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