Sacral Chakra HIGH-LIGHT-hER for Anonymous

when he saw her
even the deepest part of himself was able to tell
she got him under her spell
enchantments overwhelm

 his entire demeanor
look at him carefully
he grew
as well
-- in her presence
in every single way
the scared parts of him
wanting to shiver away
but the love
beast that over the years
has grown within him
yearning for
something at first he attempted to deny
her energy
fills his sacred
he really saw her this time
feeling a little down
and kinda like a clown
he projects this smile
feeling out of her reach now
but he saw her today
Anonymous is this you ??
In pulling a card for
the SACRAL CHAKRA oracle shines thru
with some HEALING tips and TOols for you
to get thru this
presenting itself to you
so you may SUCCESSFULLY 
and move positively forward
for yourself
acknowledging this drumming beat
in your heart
existing deep
Swadhisthana in  Sanskrit is located in the lower abdomen region below your coccyx.
Its color ORANGE
element of Water
here enters our emotional realms of existence
the very things you learned Anonymous how to resist
your emotional responses to things placed on the back burner of your life
the seat of your emotions
surfacing this time
TRUTH on your rise
your TASTE for certain things have certainly
Expanded during these times
different then your typical normal life
your life long search
of PLEASURE that may have been
and no truth VALUES embraced
for your scales
creating self sabotage waves
to Create disdain
lack of authenticity in your own
personal relationships experienced
but this
is different
for something happened when you locked eyes
felt hearts
some Ancient part of you
bursting to life
Sacral Chakra Reminds
there are elevations of every kind
currently filling
fueling your life
from the inside
ANonymous someone
has touched your heart
in such a way
this persons energy
never goes away
but this fear of happiness or pleasure
these self sabotaging ways
that you have somewhere rooted and ingrained
are being
PURGED today

It is time for you to ALIGN with this ALCHEMY of LIFE for LOVE 
that you can no longer deny 

  For now is your time to FULLY enjoy your life - this type of healing will take some time - but this time of acceleration will due you Justice as does the divine

Anonymous - no longer can you hide from your truest FEELINGS inside 
Sacral Chakras Cosmic Align 
a gift from the divine

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