Random Commitment ORACLE with RUMI for Anonymous

Third person today 
that I watched
fight back 
their own emotions 
from being released
for them 
judged by others
deeming tears
to be weak 
so the show must go on 
Buckle up solider and let you 
instead find comfort in the 
Attitude of GRATITUDE you should 
for all the BLESSING 
seem to be appearing in your life
outside external stimuli 
desensitized to 
allowing FREEDOM to 
CRY a good CRY
let it all out from the inside
what LOGIC is there in bottling it all 
but sometimes we are met with a certain level 
of tough 
that makes expression and the freedom to do so 
seem a bit rough
and so like soldiers we buckle up and 
begin to slowly
further and deeper
the silencing 
of our own voices
as many reluctantly bite down and chew
conforming in many ways
to the deafening outside craze
that fools US in many ways
has US convinced it must be this 
annihilating expansion from our feeling room
deprived of oxygen so it 
begins to seed
the suppressing 
of life 
as we see it 
I feel like ANONYMOUS needs to read this letter and do themselves 
and KNOW that despite any perceived 
bad weather
CLARITY shall REIGN and 
will do YOU 
but in the meantime 
you are asked to GIFT yourself 
personal time meeting within your divine
3 MINUTES of your time
is all that is being required to be all the alchemy of 
seeds needing to be to 
proceed you 
through this too 
Protected are you in an entirely different way
I say its time to get better acquainted nowadays
to balance and maintain 
your silent inner ALIGNED REIGN that is solely 
your business and your business alone 
as you do what you gotta do 
on the path you have CHOSEN to embark on 
in this lifetime 
so own it without feeling the need to over explain 
to any fool your reasonings behind your lifestyle, choices or focus -- 
if you find yourself in the defensive or 
feeling the need to have to justify and clarify certain things 
allow for clarity to further tune you in 
to your own imbalance and self denial existing within 
that is UNCLEAR with oneself and certainly misaligned 
with some levels of overthinking 
and AnXiety on ultimate high 
creating even more so stressful FEELING energies to come 
in and say hello 
pushing further the door of those low vibing ways - directly your way
is that the energy you desire to display? or Attract your way? 
When you BECOME CLEAR with yourself this PUTS YOU in ALIGNMENT with yourself and in this state 1 of 2 things usually occur --- 
for one to become PERFECTLY CLEAR in UNDERSTANDING some level of TRUTH that exists that Affects LIFE for them in every way -- 1 of 2 things occur
1. Nothing 
or 2. Something equating to CHANGE / TRANSFORMATION - new Beginnings 
if you do nothing about the truth you receive that is major clarity for you 
what will you allow this to further reveal about you? 
RUMI speaks from this collective divine 
at this time 
delivering you a message designed to be 
in many ways
oracle guidance is meant to address 
many things you refuse to reflect
figure out 
know for yourself 
deny to yourself
pretend to yourself
close off certain realities to truth from your conscious view and only 
cover and mask with other things and 
responsibilities that require 
your attention too 
how easily Anonymous can run away from what they 
never hold themselves accountable for 
my great grandma always said 
you can lie to the world 
but at the end of the day 
you can never lie to yourself
only deny and hide 
but never lie
that is this energy dark that creeps and lurks at night 
haunting us with fright
living within a shell of a shell of an existence
is empty
I learned that only AFTER the shell of my own existence 
that seemed to appear, she too, disappeared!
Anonymous, one truth at a time
you got to be less hard on yourself 
and STOP letting the UGLY world scare you 
or make you FEEL a type of way that lowers your vibration 
and got you FEELING energetically lower and out of whack 
get on your CARDs
Be facts
Making intentional 3 minute time to go to the bathroom alone and let the world believe you're taking a shit and gift yourself 3 Minutes of PEACE
to center within your deep 
and shake off what does not belong 
listen and FEEL your breath
cover your hands over your heart center space and 
say hello to your divine
hug yourself sweet this time
Time for some major YOU ALIGN 
no more excuses for other peoples rhymes that do 
not match your ALIGN 
find your balance 
between the two 
PATIENCE within your state of GRACE and GOLDEN ATTITUDE Of 
will surprise you in some way 
you just wait and SEE
for yourself 
when you PUT in the WORK 
Health for your WHOLE
This Anonymous keeps coming thru 
I guess this message is for you
I thought this was all just poetry in explosion 
and it channeled in a way that my fingers began typing away
lots to be said 
slow rise
If you can not change the truth you see about something or know it to be  - expand your viewing
expanding your viewing requires your INTENTION and ACTION taken to energize these things into ACTION - leading to this different inner feeling of true satisfaction - when aligning with TRUE truth for you - 
how do you KNOW for sure when YOU RECEIVE CLARITY in TRUTH? 
there are some clear signs 
you might feel outside your mind 
You definitely will CRY
(every single time) 
there won't be any question mark in regards to what truth and clarity you are receiving 
some invisible weight will FEEL lifted off 
(although apparently there is always more to lift off -- depends on you))) 
there are no shortcuts in our human experience for things in this evolutionary nature
you might feel all goosebumpy and tingly
I many times have laughed and cried at the same time 
feeling truly overwhelmed in gratitude, healing, love and this PEACE piecing together
however you Anonymous finds yourself expressing your acknowledgement of
moments experiencing epiphanies of truth 
it will FEEL good 
I love the quote
describing truth that many social media accounts globally have shared on their feeds 

i chuckle when I read 
because this truth is truth in many ways 
although not all truths have to piss you off in some way 
but the ones that do 
is usually ourselves we end up most upset with 
even if we deflect it elsewhere

But if you find yourself heavily emotionally entangled with FEELING and FEEDING this invisible energy that is breeding deep within you / all around you - that you FEEL the need to have to DEFEND 
when do these low vibing behavioral patterns stop dictating our lives? 

IT is time to Further align with you 
for you 
solely for you 
accepting of you 
loving you 
because deserving you are in every way to 
RECEIVE the energy of LOVE 
POWERFULLY in this way 
understanding that how others make me FEEL 
only reveals a shadow side of truth to me 
being the asshole mirror 
showing every bruise
forcing me to 
back this imagery standing before me 
what Reflection do you SEE?
What Reflection do you BELIEVE? 
What Reflection do you FEEL to be most accurate for yourself? 
IS this energy low vibin healthy for my wealth 
is this low vibin energy wealthy for my health 
is vibrating low and knowing these actions are things that I take part in and seed
at least energetically 
these things seed
what do I choose for me? 
I speak rhetorically as if I am speaking to me  
and then I switch back to you
and Anonymous too 
Collective this is in many a way 
Rumi has something to deliver and say

 A Rumi Oracle message from my Alana Fairchild deck


commitment is the way
"The awakened heart is like a lantern.
Keep it sheltered
from the turbulence 
of the winds of desire."

We are candles, lit by the one great flame. The great of life does not extinguish us; on the contrary; it only serves our flame to blaze brighter. Here, in the temple of one love, there is no flickering or smoke to our flame. We are natural in our purpose, simply to bring the warmth and light of love to life.  We dance, though we are stillness. 
We are on FIRE, though we do NOT burn!

There is a FLAME that must be safeguarded.  In truth, it can never be extinguished.  It is the LIGHT that never goes out.  Even with such enduring power, our recognition and respect of this flame is ESSENTIAL to human development.  This lame is holy and lies within each human heart.  

LiSTEN TO these next words shared carefully 
let it sync in

When the flame is RECOGNIZED for its WORTH, it ceases to flicker and smoke becoming very still. In the stillness, the LIGHT can fulfill its DESTINY to SHINE BRIGHTLY so as to REVEAL every path, absolutely CLEAR and without wavering in the fluctuations of fear and attachment.

no "thing" will save you 

Worthy are YOU to be Treated like the DIVINE creature that you innately are 
do not ALLOW for others to strip you of your dignity 
all because their conditioned mind closes their eyes and they live cockeyed - beating other souls down that do not recognize / acknowledge or FEEL their OWN WORTH - because they have not HEALED thru the parts of themselves and their life experience that they have a hard time accepting / dealing / feeling thru / and carry major judgement too - so when cockeyed energies come into the mix - they feed off of those that do NOT FEEL Their sense of VALUE  / WORTH / And do Not carry solid and aligned levels of self esteem within their deep... and their compliance further contributes to their feeling of defeat / unworthiness so to speak and if this level of conformity continues having its way - before one realizes all the power and control they hand gave to others that misused / misguided/ misinformed / misled / and simply just does not carry the best intentions for others - these cockeyed souls - in this lifetime - are stuck in their blind - and this lifetime - will not be the great big epiphany gifting of a seed that purges them of their wicked evil so it seems like Jekyll and Hyde making you do time - blind leading the blind - and thats how so many get sucked in - and believe as their told - and do what their told - and conform to these collective ways of subliminal chains happening everyday 

What is your twisted relationship and understanding of DESIRE?
What does DESIRE truly mean to you? 
What does DESIRE mean to the people around you ?
How do you feel about your own DESIRES? 
DO you JUDGE your desires? 
DO you subconsciously BLOCK your own PEACE of mind with these unloving to yourself judgmental ways... 
all questions are rhetorical in nature
and solely meant for you to answer yourself 
because that is whom needs to hear it 
learn it 
understand it 
and in your own selfie discovery you shall see that 
Aligning with yourself 
has been a BLESSING

Desire does NOT have to be a hindrance on your path. It can SHOW us our PASSIONS and HELP us find our PURPOSE.  However, the aTTACHMENT that can come with DESIRE, the BELIEF that it can be sated only with one particular person, one set of circumstances, can cause us to stop LOOKING at what the LIGHT is REVEALING to us - the way FORWARD on our path in the here and now - and instead try to forcibly conjure the #shadows to become what we #imagine and #fear them to be - lets be mindful of our energy creations. 

When we STOP seeing life as it is - showing up for us every moment and engaging with it as it is - we can become careless with the light of the heart.  Our huffing and puffing to FORCE what does NOT need to be forced can cause the heart light to flicker and waver.  This can make our way seem uncertain, and doubts can crowd in upon US as the LIGHT is #COMPROMISED in its #purpose 

Sometimes because of all the bs life can throw many ways 
we #forget to #trust in what is because we get caught up in the #ATTACHMENT and #FEAR surrounding our desires. Rather than letting life #move us, we try to move life.

There is a way #FORWARD on your #LIFE #PATH that needs to be #seen by #you RIGHT #NOW 

It will be #helpful for you to have CLARITY and absolute certainty - and the fact that you do NOT have this for yourself - introduces you to your first #Blockage that you #must #travel through and that is your LACK of #TRUST and #FAITH you got for yourself and your own #intuitive guidance you DO RECEIVE!!! 
You doubt your own vision and block yourself from accepting your own gifts that are meant to steer you in love serving your own purpose. This oracle comes as a #REMINDER to you - DO NOT DOUBT! What you are FEELING - deep within the passionate love of your heart LIGHT - is TRUE. IT is REAL. You are being led into it by the #progress of life itself.. You must trust in this - even if it seems at times as though you are being led away from the #vision 

Life operates according to a #genius that is #beyond a #linear approach.  It is to be Trusted rather than #understood.  There is enough #challenge in the #personal #transformation being asked of you to simply take the steps.  That is more than Enough! You do not have to also #create or control the terrain - Nor determine the map for the journey.  You simply need to take each step that presents itself to you in each moment.  

DO NOT ALLOW the fear based mind thinking to take hold and cause you to energize FEARS that your #desire won't #manifest cause you too try to bend life to your will.  IT is an unnecessary battle and one that does not service your soul here in any way. so let it all go today. . 
Instead, just #SHOW UP 
Attend to what is before you in each moment and trust yourself 
Let the LIGHT of your heart take you into serenity that will bring you the balm of a solid #core of #comfort even whilst the #world shifts and changes according to the workings of divine will.  
What does Divine Will mean to you ? 
What is your relationship with divine will in your life? 
is divine will collective? universal ? individual ? 

As you continue to move along on your life journey 
step by step 
connecting with your divine will 

Please KNOW that life is NOT working at cross preferences with you  - far from it! so stop taking everything too so personally... 
Come back into the stillness of the love within and KNOW your HEART LIGHT to be what it is -reliable and TRUE - be clear with you - in PEACE for you 

I started typing out this post which I believed was turning into a poem and then ALL of this occurred 


read as you may

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