Entering the CLUB of the QUEEN oracles

Getting into this
Anonymous collective groove
New Moon Highlights
cosmic changes
happening inside of every
pray for every nation 
especially those whom find themselves
for this message speaks to you in one of two ways
1. entirely it will resonate
2. or there will be pieces within this piece that will 
with the very core of your existence
even if your human vessel
your body's extension of spirit that operates
for you on these 3 D Lands
even if this human flawed side
is resisting this oracle
the fact that you are here
your spirit can hear

It is quite clear
something is on your mind
or someone else at this time
or there are some "things" you somehow
gotta do
to bring into
I is on 
or  no fruit to eat
lets bring into fruition
know what I mean jellybeans
what Actions do your
feet take on these lands - are your feet tuned into your heart center
and space to further help you navigate
you on in this journey?

Queen of Clubs 
ooh she is knocking down the walls
of our own
what is our core? 
what is the root to the stage we engage and play in delivering ourselves a
SERVICE or disservice? 
which leads us back
to Anonymous
whom refuses to pick and decide
for fear of the sacrificing of something that Anonymous
perceives to be
major and definitely
 life changing
and the stubborn refusal to go IN
so that one may be clear and decide on
doing what is right
Anonymous does not take this simple single step
of bringing into light the
real truth
feelings carrying on the inside

Anonymous, the truth indicator of CLARITY does exist for you
but that is only when you're honest with you
and how you FEEL truly inside
no longer covering up and trying to mask a lie
this Queen of CLUBS has no
time for your half stepping ways
or pitiful attempts made by some
believing there are ways to cut through
for cutting thru
without learning what needs to be learnt
only creates the same loophole of effects to take place
once again at a later date
The QUEEN of CLUBS energy puts an end to those ignorant waves
that so many contain
the Queen of diamonds is her sister
as well as Spade - divinely connected they all are
for they have each seen it all
QUEEN Alchemy is their reign
there is no acknowledgement heading your way
no matter how special you may be
cause without your participation and surrender -
you lack what this QUEEN seeks
 no time
no patience
for  mental retardation of
laziness sensations
these stagnations of vibrations
she expels from her Kingdom
if you lack the
dedication to improve
your energetic evolve
no acknowledgement from this Queen
towards you shall be met
attempting to walk through  to her elevation and high
can you conceive the magnitude of this Queen and the majesty of her supreme connective hive?

be less inclined to wonder what occurs inside of another 
never mind the state of conditioning inside of someone else and their hive without proceeding to constantly dive inside of your own!

Consider yourself forewarned

for the warning appears clear
but what you decide to take from this 
Oracle lake of guidance 
collectively designed for you 
is entirely UP to you 

The JACK of hearts 
emerging from this bleeding hive
offering guidance 
by the experiences of his own life

JACK of Hearts his wisdom grows 

the "in" route to go
would be by
way of JACK of HEARTS
Christ Conscious Start is everything this KNIGHT is about 

GENUINE are his passions for love and answering to his most HIGHEST of Callings 
 from his own bleeding heart to yours 
this Knight leads the way
helping others finer attune makes him a saint 
is the way to begin
to get into this Queens hive of 
rooted in Fiery 
Passion and display
JACk of HEARTS treasure chest crusade
that despite the difficulty the 
JACK OF HEARTS has faced
he would do anything for LOVe
and has sacrificed lots on his journey
and Martyr he refuses to stay locked into 
his own inner battles
understanding from a grandeur cosmic reality 
 his lessons 
meant to further evolve into humanity
with Blueprint designs gifting 
STAY the Course 
STAY your course
What is your course? 
What blueprint and Queen do you steady follow and 
co-create alongside with? 

7 of CLUBS here with a message
for you 

As clear as clear CAN be for YOU
pay attention too 

The 7 of Clubs is A very spiritual Goddess here delivering a timely message to you about the choices you choose and the energies you let out on the loose
Can you feel the air of superiority of the 7 of clubs snubbing others around her  and sending others in their own low vibing energies - 
she sends them away 
 she can not even be bothered to look their way
Attentive to her own massive field of Spirit connectivity she got going 
on inside of her hive
collective rise 
Attentive to these times
dedicated to the ascension happening at these times
soul tribes aligning
for the collective we
that serves US

when one makes a choice 
to rise above all the filth and the lies
fed to every generation
one at a time
so never think for one second you are not affected by current times
that exist because 
we the people 
for the people
believe every people
and every perfectly designed 
blue print 
history text
put together to please our esthetic senses
that have been made into 
our MASTER RULERS of all time 
superficial are OUR kind
human kind
to take in 
only the 
superficial seeds
that focus solely on 
external stimuli 
creating a mock up of 
life simulations created by others 
following the same energy of stimuli 
to create only things that 
are appeasing to the eyes
never mind the inside of our hives
a world of creators focused on the outside 
apparels offering to you its 

drivers manual 
facts and truths
and most humans 
on these 3d lands
and build a life for themselves based on the truths they think they believe
and accept as their reality 
is there even truth in their own reality that they created and built their own life using the  blueprint of life given to each one the moment they are born 

and whether this level of consciousness of knowing and understanding 
LIFE and how we know it to be 
all of our traditions 
and history told to US
by others 
of appeared authority 
that we due to our conditioning 
learn early on that it is never wise
to question authority and current rulings 
many depictions in history shared of people brave enough to dare and 
question laws / rules and regulations 
for they were often times met with tyrannical waves
of injustice and fear based tactics to silence
or discredit their 
completely overruling 
their attempt 
further creating this defeat of an energy that marinates still to this day 
by a history of 
injustices fed 
for lifetimes 
and energized our way
that is a massive ENERGY Of today

Anonymous, inside of this place you are FREED
from energy blinds that pulsate thru your worrisome mind

Anonymous, inside of this space - it is cleansed with a purity and filtered thru LOVE and HEALING - so that these seeds for you will always be revealing 

GUIDANCE to your further AWAKENING 
that is crumbling these  foundations
that have you all moody 
this Energy Management piece of a piece
a gift nonetheless
is truly for you
not everyone is meant to get what vibe / high / align you are on - - -and not everyone is suppose to either
it is no wonder your mood shifts constantly change
now use that mood shift to Be positive and Uplift 
even when this task at hand feels daunting 
at times
that is the low vibe energy assistants doing their job
low vibe assistants are placed strategically in your path 
so that you may clearly see
and transmute you see?
so that low vibe assistants are not able to 
trigger things
use these trigger moments as your <IN>> POWERING moments that grant you full access to See with clarity the finger behind the trigger 
((usually when this occurs - solutions are immediately born too - believe this side of truth for you )) 
Epiphany moments thru and thru 
 remember too that 
just because you identify one thing 
and take one step here
 another step over here 
that doesn't mean you stop  over there 
nor does that mean you take a break 
cause there is plenty more steps left for you to always positively take 

 FEEL free to do as YOU please
but remember 
do so 
all of this is for the greater works that contribute to our massive whole
and maybe you could care less about the massive whole 
and so you see no reason to participate for those reasons
whatever your reason 
find your reason
you can always expand later into that level of resonating and understanding of the bigger picture

but lets get something straight Anonymous
You are not Alone 
I am here with you 
and that means 
whether we like it or not 
our lives 
affect one another 
even if its done so indirectly 
we are still all 
massive powerful sources of energy
and we all inhabit this earthly space
that picks up on our personal energy fields and 
collectively these energies are housed 
in these invisible spaces of space existing all around 

Understanding the POWER of ENERGY 
and the POWER each of US 
carry when operating our 
ENERGY inPOWER Stations 
is FUNdamental to our development and growth 

7 of clubs advice to you 
go in 
designed to IN POWER you more 
to open your room of mirrors
Inside of this room 
you shall see
mirrored back to you 
all truth and reality

 mirrors distortion of view
shall reveal unto you 
mirror images made for you 
allowing for the 
 fragmented pieces of your life 
of you 
to surface into your 
Golden Opportunity 
to address and 
what does not serve you

 7 of clubs energetic advice to you 
at this time is for you 
to take 3 minutes of your time
to go inside of your shrine
listen better to you 
this inner activity that if you do 
shall greatly BENEFIT you 
and will Highlight for you certain things 
currently going on inside of you
judgement free evaluation time 
removal of all emotions at this time 
Your challenge is to silence that negative 
mind of yours 
it is telling you lies
all of thee time 
and then what the energy of lies does even so much better
lies / liars can confirm this too 
lies created love to be intertwined with many levels of truth 
making the lie most difficult to detect 
getting lost in the illusions of all of these effects
 A liar would take TRUTH to support their LIE 
and SHARE  this ENERGY drink all around 
that vibrates feelings of truth 
because that is what liars do 
and before you know it 
many lies are sold 
as truths
and until proven otherwise 
or questioned 
looked into in some way
the creation of this energy travels 
a long way
affecting others in some way

Anonymous how can you make any clear decisions aligned with you in this way? How can you align in your truth when the energy drink surrounding you is one that is totally made out to abuse? 

no wonder you feel stuck 
further  marinating those lower vibes and stuck energies 
in your own timeline
creating  further 
and other possibly annoying things to surface too 
and keep you locked into this low 
vibrational energy 
of self depreciating views 
that is very much real and loves having you over 
forever to stay
this field if you allow would gladly take you 
from Positive Higher Vibrating states of being 
is this the life of uncertainty and fear you contribute in watering as your seed...
well if that be the case
the dream of this Queen 
and the acknowledgement you seek 
to receive 
will forever remain to be 
a lie 
Foolishly seek to RECEIVE
to constantly feel empty as you "think" you ACHIEVE

The energy of the 7 of clubs bridges together the spiritual and mundane world for your absolute benefit.  This is the ENERGY of the ENLIGHTENED MIND
being gifted to you at this time
how you CHOOSE to receive this Anonymous is entirely up to you 
but please do think this thru
there is so much more for you 
outside of that negative confining view
implanted inside of your inner om which is your shrine 
you must actively participate in the HEALTHY maintaining  of this sacred center within your being 
act as if your 
WELLBEING matters 
Energy is MATTER of FACTs 
make use of that last line 
allow it to further expand your mind 
The Energy of an Enlightened mind is one 
that allows you to see the karma 
the cycle 
the pattern that is cycling 
Enlightened Minds see this 
pattern of conditioning 
and helps you to further understand the 
processes of these lands 
it does this by Showing you how to 
ENLIGHTEN your own mind 
by bringing into LIGHT
your innate ability 
to separate from activity 
and life 
by entering Positively into 
3rd person view mode
so that you now are 
emotionally detached from whatever it is that needs your 


Remember all this conscious effort on your part is for 
not anyone else 
so stop negative vibing low vibrational thoughts your way
and everyone else's way too 
 the breakdown of these parts is so 
mentally exhausting  for you to do and 
time consuming too 
you darken your energy fields and your wheels of creation 

and if you for one second believe that these inspirational tools of cosmic guidance infused into words for you to use is of no use to you 
or it is not needed
If that is the Anonymous that is here right now
 reading along at this point in time 

you are free
to leave
you are free to choose as you please
believe as you believe

and continue your life within your own misalign
possibly never admitting the misalign or 
accepting it as it is without further exploring it to understand and heal from it some more 
so that way you may open and close that door as often as you like
without the remnants of those experiences 
affecting and infecting your energy fields and vibrations in any single way

Know what I am saying? 
but if you find yourself all fired up 
and ready to attack 
every which way

GO in is the Advice here for you today
SIDE with your ALIGNS

the fact that I even wrote this line in here means 
that there was an energy that I picked up 
that will come thru when this is shared
which is why this Fortress of Protection is currently 
being created purposefully 
in service to we
no low vibe infilTRAITors shall succeed
with their misaligned low vibing seeds
although all is welcomed thru these doors
not all energies are allowed to be shared 
or spread within this space 
anything done hidden for fun
already transmuted hun 

The 7 of clubs Energy wastes no time
participating in low vibe marinating ways
and so with that being said 
this message is for Anonymous this time
How do you plan on getting into your Align? 
Who is this Queen of Clubs that you Seek? 
Why does the Jack of Hearts show up - is he a creep? 
What was the purpose of the Queen introducing you to some of her sisters and not the rest of them?
Why does the 7 of clubs energy carry with it so much fiery sass when the laws of love is what she commands? 
Whom are the traitors that do not like it here and yet come here anyways - they creep around - what purpose do they attempt to serve? 
Anonymous what dilemma you feel you have by some choice that you feel you need to make or create or do but something / someone / maybe its you and your view  - or some part of your life that prevents you from taking some form of action - that ultimately would lead to ultimate levels of satisfaction?
What people do you allow to infiltrate your lands and allow their opinions and lifestyles and experiences to influence your decision - so you follow them - to still feel something not quite within? What is that all about? 
Anonymous what work are you not doing - what work are you not putting in that requires you to do the worK and what is preventing you from doing so??? 

Anonymous readings 
are these collective poetic oracles 
filtering on out 
in no particular order 
except divine order
this entire message may not resonate with you 
but yet some pieces of it may ring true 
please note that collectively means
there are more than one messages here to be received 
for many groups of anonymous do exist

one line oracle verse of align may apply 
for you to find that the next oracle line 
of alignment does not  
but then realize as you keep reading along 
that the following 3 lines that oracle does share
applies to you somewhere 
and so the messages received
are resonating with you in many ways 
its all a matter
of how in tune 
to your inner intuitive resonance reader 
that we all have that 
exists inside our sacred shrine
always in align 
just waiting for you 
to LISTEN Too 
to all that is 
designed for you 
meant only for you 

Thank you 
Anonymous for coming thru 

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