Collective ORACLE Wonderland - Caught in the RUINS

C.O.W #1
For Anonymous
Caught in the Ruins
a vision they
can not see
that settles deep within their deep
an unsettling prison
Each one trying to understand where each of them
feeling imprisoned man
in every single way

Caught in the Ruins
Akashic gotta say
that somewhere in one shared history
past life
there was a castle
a castle
where stood no roof
a most dark, difficult and negative energy
that has carried over
began here

A man and a Woman
are both seated inside
a castle in ruins to their  right
and a Beautiful GREEN forest that continues to grow to their left

Whatever dark was created here
infiltrates the very core to this current folklore
that is meant to gift you both some more

the dark energies from this mysterious past life time
has created in this life
judgements of every kind
hurts created that need to be made right
empty relationships never born
due to an unhappy visual of whatever this past energy once created
needing to be forgiven
resolved --
somehow ...

What is happening is self sabotage at this time
for the energies that have been created
are blindly leading the way
what can the oracles say
that forgiveness
acceptance need to lead this wave

Anonymous, does this message resonate with you in any way?
these messages that are revealed by this card that do say something rather extraordinary
would you like another card pulled to continue this storyline?
holly woods Gypsy @ yahoo. com

what does this all mean ?
evolution for two who need to make moves

the negative created once upon a mystery time before
long long ago
has wreaked poor judgment
self sabotage
and self defeating
depleting waves to take center stage ?
is this how you desire to engage?
or would you like to pluck out old roots that do not service / serve you?

This oracle is one of
and HOPE
this situation just requires some major EFFORT and DETERMINATION on your part

even in what may seem like limiting situations - ACTIONS and ALIGNMENT with ones PURPOSE can BUILD up the COURAGE and STRENGTH required of YOU to be THE CHANGE YOU DESIRE TO SEE in YOUR own WORLD

A special message for you anonymous

If you do nothing, you'll perpetuate your attachment to this dark situation that was created once a many lifetime ago - Do not ALLOW for the ruins of your past to Ruin your FUTURE - a confining situation CAN come to an end - ONCe you DISCOVER and ALLOW to sync in deep that YOU CAN BREAK FREE from your own damn self imposing limits of imagined limitations.

  Get your head out of your own ass and Be real about what it is that you want for yourself.

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