Hysteria for loving Loops

It’s like they don’t hear 
They hear what they want to hear 
See what they want to see 
mirrored  reflections 
go deep 
its like why even bother to speak 
how clear do we have to be 
its like people always want 
something from me 
I am suppose to be flowing free
but these suppressors 
they creep 
desiring to keep 
me for themselves
like what the hell? 
Love is free
love is free flowing 
energy blowing 
exactly all that I am 
does not mean I desire to be kept 
confined and restricted
its not personal 
its personal space
make one feel bad for requesting 
such things
how so this applies to so many lives
loves and 
this mass deception 
of love hysteria
wanting to tie down love
the moment they witness
its meant to witness it in yourself
mirrors are meant to help 
better health 
peace of mind 
like everyone wants a piece of me 
like I am this delectable piece of meat
chewing at me 
draining that can certainly be of my own energy fields
conscious I AM to the fullest
I get to just write out loud 
what this invisible energy is all about 
people can speak all they like but their energy
is what I Feel 
that is Reality Real 
keeping  up with 
Reality too 
occupying multidimensional time lines 
realities loopty 
poetic chant of a rant 
stop trying to think you can comprehend these words as I mean them to say
you are not privy to these mind waves
poetry is poetry 
feel the poetry for yourself 
stop wasting your time trying to get inside  my mind
get to know and understand yours better
that will grant you seeds of better alignment 
for yourself 
#ridiculousness #poetess #Freedom #Sings 

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