Fashion Styles that Make You Think Better!

I realized I haven’t posted #Fashion postings in a while & I LOOVVE having articles of #clothing for myself. My daughter calls me a #hoarder in this department. 

There is nothing wrong with loving the clothes you accumulate over the years and #LOVE to #wear. 

That shows your own #Appreciation for your own damn style and not just the wannabe with all the latest #trends

Let’s be #REAL with our own #STYLES & #ENJOY them


Now this I would definitely wear in various funky ways too. Because that is how I like to do. #Shoes are cute too but I might wear this with boots depending on the occasion πŸ’ƒπŸΌ

Like truly I have no #intention of conforming to certain #protocols of proceedings like this fashion post #misleading and the sneaking in of some quotes that #Enlighten and spin your #reality to infinitely #Awakening #Vibrations setting you further into #Alignment with YOURSELF every single #Moment made Possible 

This one here can be a hit or miss for people — but I know I could definitely rock this out my
Own way - I would just have to #play around with it first and see how this looK can loOk for me πŸ‘ΈπŸ½

I know you were not expecting a stove! But I have to #Share this #Purple Beauty —- please do note all these pictures can be found on #Pinterest 

How do you think?
Do you think #consciously ? Or is your #thinking on auto #pilot mode???

I like some parts of this dress — not too crazy about the top part of it all or maybe I’ve just never liked my #Football shoulders hence moving forward making me a #Tranny. 

Forgive my humor πŸ™€πŸ˜‚ I’ve been #YoUTuBe corrupted by having seen one too many #TrannyWood videos that got me feeling the #Man in me

This is just the #humorist
Existing within me 
taking this all in 

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