As I do things
they watch
they take notes
they analyze
and super ponder
because I do not
fit the typical
and in amusement
because they
are observers
you see?
away from being seen
they speculate
form mathematical equations
thinking further with their brains
I think this way
but I am built some other way
what do they know
they want to know
and that is why they
continue to
and build
various mazes to
determine their
but that is bias too
all proven theories are driven
by the speculating force
that is inspired by succeeding in
achieving to bring forth some tangible
proof that supports their
biased speculation
then comes another
with the opposite view
with something tangible to prove
and they seem to be able to prove
that too
all these tangible proofs
being shared
creating splits
meanwhile both patterns are fixed
appearance of each one
that is what yin and yang
duality of life
thus further proves
that most mundanes when presented with facts
etc etc etc
they take it in
without questioning further for themselves
what resonates
and what does not
they take in the whole
swallow it all
and own it as their own
what does that say about the majority of the folk ?
you see?

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