Adventures In PyrAMid Land - Alice is a POET

There are so many things
that will never make sense 
but you can make the better sense 
with this ability to let go 
traveling the flow 
dynamic of what is unknown 
and being shown 
this drive 
To exist 
may not make any sense 
but we catch ourselves 
Back inside this place 
that has materialized 
taking life 
Not everything was made to make sense 
and there has been so much help in this misinformation of nonsensical madness that has sweeped over our towns 
infecting our people 
turning them into sheeple 
even the wolves fail to realize 
the ancient architects of all time 
for they too are 
too in all this cosmic 
Gloop of goop 
fertilizing poop 💩 
The glue made holding the pyramids in place 
taste like 
poop stains 
they took that to the grave too 
Poetry written from the coop
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