Monday, January 15, 2018


Is the identity you Project out into the world an actual true portrait of Yourself - like let’s be REAL here .. and please personally note all these questions are rhetorical by nature and meant for you to eventually get to that clarity for yourself if you desire to .:: but if you’re reading here .. that is no accident or coincidence .. that is what I call divine Alignment of alchemized seeds taking further root .. .. 
... root for you ..
Root for yourself 
these passages will help 
 how you feel matches with your thoughts too right ? And does your feelings match your Beliefs ? What are your beliefs and why are your Beliefs Real for you ? Did someone tell you to think : feel : Believe this way and so you found your truth in these ways and rock out these waves as your own ? But you’re happy right ? You live with Peace in your mind / body / heart and soul right ? Or does something not quite feel right .. so resist the urge to complain or doubt your prescribed faith .. because faith does not doubt... so why the internal pout ?? If you are Aligned with your identity - with your truth / sense of serenity filled fulfillment aligned in gratitude and purpose ... why so often do you battle feeling so alone ? Why do you hide your true Feelings ? Do you have difficulty expressing yourself openly without having to defend yourself internally feel / and how we are behind closed doors is truly revealing .. so many separated identities we keep .. we are one way at home - one way at work - one way in social gatherings .. and one way here and there and everywhere ... but I’ve noticed thru my life long case studies of interacting with the human population as a participant as well as an observer ... and the MAJORITY of ALL Inhabiting this planet are SOOOOOO UNHAPPY .. now the reasons may  vary .. and everyone is on a different battling ground .. the journey abstractly truly profound .. but still the same observation has been noted and that’s what people refuse to notice .. making them feel hopeless ... so Fooled by the GLAMOUR of Man made Titles that come with glamorized COOL things that everyone wants and everyone collectively energizing together the build up of this twisted view creating Abstract human art at its finest.   many identities are you even consciously aware of — How many roles do You play ? How aware are you of these roles ? Why do you Role play to begin with ? Is this what you want to do ? Is this what you have to do ? Is your self identity identifiable ? Like can you identify yourself in a line up ? If all your identities were in a line up and YOU were there in 3rd party view and someone is asking you to please IDENTIFY yourself ... will the Real Slim Shady please stand up ? Please stand up !

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