What Clariaudience can FEEL LIKE?

A few years back
I felt a little crazy
especially when I started hearing this
music really really low playing
((( meanwhile if you go back to the other post I previously shared about my childhood experience of radios and static playing supposedly in my head)))

phantom music is what I called it
No one else heard it
I even called my roommate and daughter into my bedroom one night asking if any of them heard this music
I remember getting up and putting my ear every which way trying to figure out where It was coming from --

MADDENING was this MUSICAL experience
I started questioning whether I was nuts
I even asked others whom were on similar LIGHT AWAKENING paths as I
and nobody else had experienced such things
few years back I couldn't even find anything on google
but INTUITIVELY I was calmed and advised to TRUST my own PROCESSES 

As much as this phenomena was Amazing to experience
when I tell you that I stopped inquiring
because the feedback of having no one experience such a thing was starting to get to me
believe me when I tell you it feels like
when there is no one earth relating to your experience

I KNOW and UNDERSTAND that  I AM still growing in my own UNDERSTANDING of what is actually taking place within me
external from me
this EVOLUTION within me
GUIDING me thru this fabulous journey that FEELS 
further GIFTS of SIGHT 

What kind of experiences are you experiencing that seems kind of trippy?
Do you hear / Feel / See / sense other energies around
IS there something you feel embarrassed to talk about with others for fear of ridicule or being called crazy?
Do you IGNORE many things that happen to you or that you see - even things out of the corners of your eyes  - or right in front of your face - have you grown accustomed to tuning it out - acting as if it never does occur?
What are your BELIEF systems that create INNER conflict with you about experiencing such things in this world?

I have every INTENTION of sharing with you all so much more as I come into my own
this process grueling and yet ever so priceless --- this is NOT easy - but GUESS WHAT -- the more I SHARE - the easier it becomes


PS : I do have this to say
PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to your children
they DO NOT NEED special KIND of HELP
some are just extremely SENSITIVE and OPERATING on SUCH HIGH FREQUENCIES that ADULTS totally UNAWARE and not HIP with this shit - think something is wrong - and end up CREATING issues for these GIFTED little ones...


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