8 Signs of A Toxic Person

If we are being honest here 
# 4 feels like it applies 
to me although I know that it’s a lie 
To Fill myself up with 
although it may be perceived to be true 
that we find ourselves disappointing others
and even ourselves 

just keeping it real soulmies 

I can NOT Help # 5 
Call it whatever you like 
Expressively FREE 
To be as dramatic 
as one perceives 

#6 I have been this in the PAst Making it still a piece of me that will always be - yet NOW Healed is she!!


Me all the way 
What can I say 
it has taken many deaths Many Masters 
many lessons 
to finally be so 
FULL of myself 
for this I AM 

Which #s resonate with you 
remove toxicity 
here enters love 
Flood gates 

Love you All 

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