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@CosmicGenius ---- interesting twists and turns as I explore my own cosmic universe and share with you all 

In the past I would have never posted this picture due to many things my critical eye would never allow --- 
Depressing nature we tend to have internally with ourselves...
But OMG do you see my hair ???
Like I absolutely adore my Goddess Locks And everything else there is about me -- inside and out 

Life will never be perfect 
We as humans made this perfect illusion up 
that truly is what's up 
But in all my cosmic dives --- 
I burned alive 
igniting this cosmic scene within me 
living my release 
Having found this inner peace -- that I still laugh --- because I know it's opposite so well -- I am a living well - here to tell - so to experience such inner tranquility -- having had found it during the worst storm of my already horrid perceived life ... I'm now over here rocking it out on my unicorn keeping within my universe ... making up my own kumbuya songs -- this shit is PRICELESS & infinitely priceless ...

So my advisement to you is this 


and FEEL through your every HEAL 
learn your deal 
Accept your seal 
and unleash your REAL

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Together we vibe uber high 

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