Your LiGhT is Needed!!

Allow your inner spark to rule over you and give yourself Permission to shine your brightest ... forgive yourself and all others in regards to what has already  passed - it is in our experiences that we are presented with our forks of life - choose your road of GROWTH never strife!  Let's  do this right! 
We have every OPPORTUNITY in this world to get it right. One of the hardest things to learn how to do is be easier and more loving  to ourselves - we tend to take in the harshness of the world around us - so quick are we all  to point our condemning fingers casting stones - these stones weighing heavy - mind / body / heart and soul .
Let's Paradigm shift our own evolution of consciousness and in our own awareness let's bring our light EVERYWHERE we Go ... bring All the Light you got - drop it like its HOt!! bring it everywhere with you!! because you know darkness too .. that's Yin & Yang for you boo .. infuse the two .. let your light BOom and watch it ricochet !! Cause that's how we flow - harmonious and Fabulous Beams of Light, we GLOW .. Bright Lights ..  HAPpy FriYaY !!! #HappY #Tgif #Beams #Of #Cosmic #Light #synchronicity #Loa #Energy #Management #Practice #Lifestyles #Boost #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy @princesssassypantsandco #rp #Believe #Receive #Achieve #Enchantress #Love #Oracles 
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