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Monday, August 14, 2017

Oracles of life - a gift from Eleanor Roosevelt

Last night I was listening deep 
and I asked one energy felt for its name .. 
and I heard her say ...


Eleanor who?

left with no reply 
Pondering was I 
Roosevelt pops into mind
silly I 
Slept thru the night 
Morning arrives 
Eleanor on my mind 
Pondering still was I 
As I continued to fly into my daily life 
Always receiving messages sublime 
Knowing clarity will reign itself in divine right time 
So I let The Who go - and continued with life 
Eleanor and I 
she is I 
I am she 
Jumping into the deep 
Understanding  that soul beings do speak 
We are energy 
Always turned on 
we are always turned on 
Souls are energetically interactive 
life Galactic 
Went to work 
Eleanor still being processed and digested -- listening and following my inner promptings / suggestions // but still not yet receiving any clarity in regards to what the name Eleanor can mean ..
nothing is quite ever as it seems to be 
There is so much living inbetween 
I was very busy today so whenever I had felt divinely guided or inspired to look something up on the internet - trying to see what I find that resonates with my spirit ..
Eleanor being the reason 
stumbling across the meaning of her name ..

Eleanor meaning Shining Light / The Bright One ...

Excitement builds owning everything that resonates with me as I allow myself to feel and determine for myself what is real ..

That is the deal..

All day long ignoring the recurring Roosevelt suggestion suggested to me internally - my external human side just chuckaling at the absurdity that Eleanor would be Roosevelt ...

But hey .. I don't know much about this woman.. but my intuition feeding me differently - just knowing that something will show itself to me that will be for me - at this point in time 
Google a library filled Shrine 
Available to I 
I google and type 
Checking out this Noble Woman whom existed on this Earthly realm not so long ago 
And the first thing I am shown 
on google 
is an article discussing a speech Bill Clinton gave - stating that his wife, Hillary Clinton, communes with the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt. 

I read this and start giggling 
still not saying the Eleanor name that I heard last night means Roosevelt .. but how synchronicity / our sweet universe toys with our minds.
Especially during our connecting times ..
No longer confused am I 
Taking all that I'm shown with pride 
understanding that not everything is meant to be fully known .. and we are shown things based on our own personal levels of growth .. and our determination and dedication in constantly being open to our own levels of expansion ..

I quickly opened up the article that discussed this speech Bill Clinton made to the public - and truthfully I scanned the article and whatever I was drawn to was what I read -- everything else left in the dust. 

Google in this day and age a must 
(Sad but true-- but we must make use of the tools we teach ourselves to use - life being our muse) 

And then the very next thing I find on this google search of mine - is a speech once spoken by our Noble First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt - which was specifically addressed to the woman of her time ...

What is time? 
Illusion of our minds ..
Prescribed to us over time ..
Words said that do define 
Our levels of perception That introduce us to our reflections 
Always introspecting these lands 

The first part of her speech that I was drawn to start reading - I took a screen shot for you to see...
her words / her strength / her message / resonating within me ..

Eleanor Speaks...

Faith to every awakened being - working in between the scenes - energetically lifting up life .. as it shall be ..
Seeds are placed 
Between you and me 


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