How to instantly relieve mosquito Bites?

Some natural loving remedies that actually really do work if you give them a try ... this little sweet concoction of mine  is my latest greatest hit - I've been sharing some of my own enchanting recipes & batches I personally made with others - I most recently shared this with a few people at work for their mosquito bites as well & to their complete SURPRISE .. 😱((surprise 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😀))) they are so ShOCKeD by how instantly this little mix of an infusion relieves  their mosquito bite itch and irritation --- INSTANTLY!! Also, I think it repels the mosquitos too .. I find that when worn where mosquitos roam freely .. I am less susceptible to being bitten when this mild aroma of infused oils is rubbed into my skin ... it has a slight medicinal scent to it because of the tea tree oil - but it smells pretty good. 
AnyhoO.. here's for you --- do with these as you would do .. for any inquiries send me a message and make sure to subscribe to my blog where you can find many more enchanting mixes of wondrous fixes for YOU -- mind / body / heart & soul ... Give this little recipe a try & share with me your experience .... 🤗🤗👑🌈#Natural #Homeopathic #healing #Essential #Oils #Lavender #Coconut #Teatree #Infusion #Knowledge #Is #Empowering #Alchemy #Self #Love #preservation #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy #Mosquito #Bite #Remedies... sign up for your Enchanting Babble email and follow this blog for your daily dose of inspirations. 

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