Before I let you Go!

So many I have encountered physically and vibrationally that throw hate / shade my way ... once upon a #day I gave a great big old hoot wanting to know why and what their problem was - what did I do / didn't do / what #gossip is being spread / what facts they think they got but got all wrong -same old #song this insatiable thirst for wanting2B accepted / liked / needed / and being rejected by so many for so many various reasons ... I found myself internalizing this all (poorly) all the views of others / the input of others / the thoughts and vibrations of others / all the good/Bad energy they have radiated towards me / at me / behind my back / always #feeling some type of way --- feeling their type of way .. but stupidly / blindly towards myself .. how unloving to myself all these years -- based on this #superficial layer of conditioning existing in my life. Just the other day I was reminded by a #Family member how painful #people can be and hurtful they can be and intentionally too towards others #grateful I am, to be a hell of a lot #AWAKE / that means conscious have been able to SEE clearly how this "family" members view of me would have once hit me hard .. straight into my đŸ’”understanding better now that how people #Choose to view me / or actually view me .. is really not about me .. you see?? It's more about where they are at (personally) within themselves ..this level of perception I have meditated & prayed on for so many years - 6 years to be exact & I must say how PROUD I am of myself to truly be able to say without a #shadow of any doubt that I truly care less about what #YOU / ANYBODY thinks / feels / or chooses to SEE / like or dislike about me - as u C - is as U r! (Perception)- my pain being my gift birthing absolute #LOVE I seek / have / hold & have found deeply for myself - which allows me to #PEACEFULLY accept ur #VIEW & whether it's #good or bad - it won't ever #affect me (energetically) you see .. cause while ur too #busy pointing every way- I'll be loving u /praying and believing in you anyway .. even if it's from afar -because it's the maintenance of my complete superior divine (mind / body/heart & soul) that I'm responsible for !đŸ‘‘

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