The T(R)00th Invader

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So as I am Laying here 

and resting 
I am moved by spirit to share with you my little wisdom of a tooth fiasco/story - as it comes to mind at this time because this experience has truly opened up my eyes even more so in understanding on an even more deeper layer of existence- the importance of maintaining balance in all areas of our life - for ourselves 


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For months I did nothing to take care of this tooth pain that would once in a while occur -  I stubbornly ignored it - because all was fine - filling myself up with all these lines - "I'll heal myself inside- oh sweet Angels Divine" - this mustard seed of faith - 
Always on the participate -
Filling myself with oh I do believe - I believe - I believe -
that  all is well - I mean seriously.
. I live to tell ...
We live to tell ...

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Meanwhile ..
These long agonizing months of self betrayal unbeknownst to myself ...

Oblivious to The infection growing inside ..
for months here was I ..

Wandering / Wondering 

what this depletion of my own energy was About ..

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Oh This tooth??  - awe it's nothing.. 
But if it will please kindly do now please go away ...

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big problem when tooth decays 
shit oozes into the brain 
chemical stains 
on entire blood environment 

But of course at the time 
I allowed those truths not to flood into my conscious mind ..

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And this tooth businsss -- oh yes it did go away -- it did .. only surfacing on some random unexpected times .. 

I deciding to live with this kind of On and off pain in my life  ...

Is this line of thinking even aligned ?
Something definitely not right ..

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Experiencing throbbing in my brain ..
Neck irritability 
Shoulders aching every single day 
Upper body beginning to severely ache -

 no matter how often I stretched it out 

I mean come on ..
What is this all about ??

The T(r)ooth needs to come out ..
Without a doubt ..

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There were long periods of time  where all seemed on the surface just fine -

- but breeding deep inside - an infection that burst to life - spreading goop inside - was definitely eating my energy up alive ....

And of course I oblivious to my own put up disguise ...

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I'm over here feeling sorry for myself -- being hard on myself .. 

And as life continues on  ..

#Judging #me ? #nope #Yourself

I was All aboard -- this all is well shooter campaign 
Misaligned in every bodily way 
Even tho I was Saying all the right things 
Even though I was Doing all the right things 
Even thought I believed I was Feeling the right things 
Most importantly I was ignoring many other things 

Like this tooth that needed to be taken care of 

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Our health is very important for us  to daily upkeep 

Mind - body - heart and soul 
Each part an infusion of the other part 

On some serious tip - 
We must constantly make / create some "only me" intentional time to daily meet with ourselves to realign all that's misaligned and align with our rhymes singing - our songs all day long 

Balancing our pillars that are every part of our fillers 

Mind body heart & soul 

Meanwhile ..
My energy was under AtTaCk
taking me aback 
Setting the clocks back 
Creativity spewing whack 
No drive 
Passion desensitized 
Isolation was I 
 And of course not yet knowing why ..

Asking myself -- beating myself up -- wondering where  did all my energy go ?? 

How is that I am only able to muster just the right amount of energy needed to do everything I have to do (on a day to day basis) but after that -- that was it ...

Nothing else ..

Energy stuck?
Where ?
Am I really under attack ? 
How is that ? 
This shit is whack!
where did my drive go??
What is going on here?
What / whom am i wasting all my energy on ??
What am I not doing that I should be doing and what am I doing that I should not being doing ?? 
where is my balance ? 

All these inner chaotics
Firing off like a semi automatic 

Looking all around ..
depleting myself mentally 
driving myself insane 
With nothing apparently to gain !.!

Oblivious to the underlying things that can and do occur when we choose to disregard and ignore the state and conditioning of our own health which is equivalent to wealth and peace of mind  ...

Silly was I ..

Selling myself these lines that All is fine 

I fed myself these lines 
All bitter sweet lies 

Oblivious to the Severe Infection on the rise ..
Truth of course not reaching 

Meanwhile there was this slow increase of my own energy decrease - 
 - my energy taking flight -
leaving me out and hanging me to dry ..

Something I'm unable to see definitely  not right ..

Why ? Why ? Why ? 

And of course .. because we humans tend to look outward first - I too - searched outside - looking to see . Whom or what was draining me of all my energy ..

Perception is key ..
Unlocking truths only on where we are ready / prepared to see .. 
interpreters are we !!

Granted if we take the looksy

The quest in me 


Faith keeps  me on track whenever I'm feeling all outta whack 

I think it's best to ask ourselves many questions starting with Why? 

Why will expand into more - give it a try --

-- but For some reason I prefer and love starting with why ..

When i do this ..
Ive witnessed always how certain truths burst into light ..

Seasonings right ..

The quality of time we devote to spending with ourselves makes all the difference in our own worlds!!! 

When we practice the art of always asking why - we also practice the art of getting to the root of every why matter! 

The questions we ask are all determined On the level of human readyness we are willing to go thru at that time ...

Ever notice when we don't want to know something --- we don't ask?? 

Well the same applies here - at similar in lines of reasoning / thinking 

When we ask our why's be prepared to let that why go - knowing that your answer will be received inside of your magical - beautiful  flow ..

Meaning your ability to let go will determine how fast you will know .

We must let it all go ..

Let it go Knowing that you will receive your answer  - all because you brought the very question into light, you shall receive!!

When people ask me how do I choose to approach certain topics that come up in regards to my daughter - topics that may be somewhat awkward, uncomfortable l, difficult or just plain not easy to talk about -- my response has always been something like this --- as she is ready I would know by the way she speaks and the questions she asks me!! And truthfully this approach has been quite the blessing.  For I didn't bombard her with dogma and media Be..<A>WaRE  advisements/traditions or Parental Advisories on what society believes every kid ((my kid)) should know nowadays forever in a day 😣 umm that not what it means to be awake πŸ‘.

I understand her for HER & I listen to HER & accompany HER wherever she is on her own journey and process of evolution ... she dictates her own time table of receiving ... 

You Might say ..
Well how come there are so many unanswered why's in this world??

I am sure there are many unanswered why's ..
And I can guarantee that most of those unanswered why's that many are still waiting for - have nothing to do with themselves. It's always about someone else or something else - so many getting hung up on wanting to know and understand other people's why's .... 

It's time to dive inside .. 
Inside of your own damn hive ..

Why why why 
forms A LiGN

The why's I speak of are
For YOUr self 
YOUr self gain 
And YouR self reign only ...

Believe, when you ask yourself why..
Answers shall appear in divine right time...
Sometimes appearing right out of thin air ...
And your opening to receive your own answers  all depends
On you dear ...


Think about it ..

The only unanswered why's you should ever have left unanswered in this world  ((in your own life)) are the ones you have yet to ask yourself !! 

And remember Every other why ((outside of yourself ))) is irrelevant to your growth and your health  - and quite frankly should be none of your business nor concern - no matter how much you make it or try to make it your own  business 

- - so .. umm.. for yourself .. learn to  just let that go too .. and believe that the peace you seek will AlWayS first be found inside of you ...

There is something very empowering  about grasping this logic and concept of  connecting with your own receiving of intuitive guidance, answers, healing and discovering peace.  

It doesn't matter your system of beliefs 

I don't care what religion you are ..
I don't care what level of spirituality you believe you exist on ..
I do not care what part of this planet you believe you derive from ...

When it comes to intuitive guidance -- I address  all walks of life -- we all receive this intuitive inner thing --we all experience in some shape / way / form  this intuitive inner thing from time to time - - for simplicities I will identify it here  as thing we know and understand as "intuition"  at least for right now this is what we will call it --- and as far as where each of us believes this guidance is received from - that part is totally individualized by each and every various walk of life - it's our human right and for me - I am totally supporter of- to each their own!! 

I'm not here to argue ones own personal beliefs -- for this moment in time i am only highlighting intuitive guidance / intuition / something we can relate to and say that we each experience these things internally / personally  - and the experience is not something tangible for all to visually see with their own two eyes and share with others in this graphic tangible way  ..

Different dynamics at play ...

These inklings 
Inner knowings 
Messages / answers we receive from time to time 

Things like this happen all of thee time 
From all walks of life 

 the fact that it does exist - im all over this ...

 in this enchanting babble world - belief systems are left on planet earth - this here  is about our own cycle of evolution 
our inner rebirth of our own divine activation of every one of our creations 
This here is about our cosmic and most conscious  connections - 

It's all about the vibrations and frequencies we awaken and strengthen within ourselves ones 

Constantly in a state of learning as we remove all external static that attempts to interfere with our own being -  ... 

Understand .. that in your own conscious awareness ... this means you have total control ...

So the other day - on Thursday let's say -- I found myself in such excruciating pain. A migraine that I have not experienced in such a long time. Causing me to feel dizzy - I was unable to drive. I left work early this day. In so much aggravating pain towards the occipital region of my brain .. such a pulsating and heavy pain. I kid you not , I whined and cried. Looking myself in the mirror - asking myself why why why  ?? 

Fell asleep for most of the night. 
Woke up feeling more energized and bright ...
Went to work believing everything was alright..

little did I know the creeping agonizing pain preparing to take center stage ...

Would the universe please kindly take this pain away ??

My child, it doesn't work that way ..
At least that's what they say ...

For the rest of the day ..
I was met with tremendous pain - understanding more fully the migraine I experienced the previous day ...
But this time the toothache would not subside ...
OOh the tooth pain I was experiencing - such a fright ..
Kept me Up all night ..
I had already decided at this point that I would be seeking dental care the next day ..
I prayed and asked for healing to at least allow some relief from the pain ---since a solution was already on it's way ..
Relieve me from the pain -
 I was able to peacefully sleep for a good two hours before having to wake up ...πŸ€•
And when I woke up ..
To my surprise .. 😱
My entire right side of my face was completely swollen 🀀
Clearly I needed to seek some level of medical attention ...
My face now being deformed and all ...

And all dental clinics not opening till after 9am --- at this point ... I have 3 more hours to go ... looking forward to being relieved of this aching pain ...

Little did I know that this  recovery period would be just as bad - if not maybe possibly worse .. but either way I AM grateful nonetheless .. 

My gratitude and utmost appreciation right now at its best .. even as I write this entry right now - I am still recuperating - my face still swollen - it has gone down quite a lot (Thank GoD πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ½)) but this further Enlightenment received in regards to the value of our seeds planted when we want answers to something cause we need it for ourselves ... and how valuable it is to trust in our ability to receive such clarity even when all roads leading up to clarity at this moment in time seem severely blocked - clarity apparently out of stock ..

Ticking clocks ..
What are we gonna do ? 
Answers I need long over due !! 

Prayers a cue ..
Whatever you believe it 
Call it 
Acknowledge it to be 
Those moments in life where you find yourself communicating with FAITH 

Faith this unseen energetic force - 
these moments -where it can appear that you are talking to no one (visible). - "I'm talking to myself" it would appear that we are ...

These moments ...

 whatever they may be to you 

For you ..

Please note ..

Powerful these moments indeed are .. (((take time for yourself --- speak to your YoUniVeRSe--- ask your YOuniVeRSe questions--))

In these powerful moments 
built like shooting stars 
Alchemy aligns with Mars  ...
Bridges are built 
Welcome revelation 

Stay tuned for more In depth perceptions 

When met with a block that we wish to positively get passed - we must align and get real with our current stance - what is it exactly that we desire to get passed ? 

Like for example: during all my migraine pain and tooth pain fiasco -- I kept asking why why why --

Surprise surprise ..

I hear many things 
hear various of voices
Receive many inner knowings that I've learned to freeze as they happen so that I may pro actively third party observe what is actually occurring at the moment something "intuitively" is being received. 

<< I study this environment. I have so since forever in a day  - sharing so publicly such a factor about myself - only goes to show ((myself)) how far I have undoubtedly come ...

This is all something that i am too only beginning to understand for myself and even in this state of understanding - I do understand that this too level of understanding will stretch itself and expand - and at some other point in time - my understanding of all of this right here will too have further grown. 

 This is the art and gift of internal diagnostics and flow. For so long I have studied many of my own "spiritual" processes and many of those I have encountered from others .. formulating and computing - and never really sharing this portion of my own driven need to explore all these things -- my eyes do see ... exploring all that I AM fascinated with in every single way / shape and form -- every passion deep within me -- growing strong ..

This thing "intuition" existing within me ..

<<Believed>> yet remaining unseen

 (((but oh so very real))) 

my fascination 
I was born from fire 

Why is Life !!

This zest 
my quest 
for understanding 
The understanding that exists buried beneath every superficial layer layered on top 

(((And there is quite a lot ))))

My friends, 
our Why never stops ..

It's our building blocks ..
that unlock 
The ROoTs to our own 

How we will receive our answers varies individually 
how I will receive mine ---
how you will receive yours..
Different every time ..

but we must make some time to meet with our divine ..
existing deep inside our wells of life exists whats right ...

roots of truth 

What is important is that you connect with your own 

You connect with your own
and bear witness to your own growth 

Inner Glow 

All of your why's should be For yourself .. kept to yourself - till you learn to get over yourself ...


& then if you want to -- 
or feel compelled to -- 
or are guided to ... 

Share   ..

but Until then ..
Never mind everyone & anyone else's mess of why's  ..
It is time to Tune in
 into your own well of  scribes ..
opening Eyes

Every persons why's are meant for their own supplies -
 we each supply our own ..
It's part of living grown 

Ancient wisdom floating about 
It's up to ourselves to either tune them in or tune them out 

I've experienced both sides of that flip coin -- and as much work as choosing to tune in "soul" deep it really is to upkeep 

- I find my world healing rapidly each time I speak - and this kind of Empowerment that continues to occur within me - affording me peace -now this is absolutely priceless -- the feelings surprise nonetheless 
But truly kept gratifying as best !!
with the utmost Gratitude i plead and attest 
Thank You shall suffice 

 as i continuously positively and purposefully explore each and every new discovery and  why of my own  ... 

Glorious be to our growth in mind - body - heart & soul transformations that are constantly happening every single time ..

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Awakening me further into the connections existing in my life ..

Author is I ..

These things I hear 
& experience that are other worldly and very real and may a be a bit too out there and 
hard for many others to truly believe or conceive
 some may find my myriad of  expressions to be something that is fantasy based more than reality based - 
what is absolute truth anyway - 
as you Believe 
you shall Receive & Achieve 

Root into your rooted beliefs - start digging - see what I mean ..

for how can the majority of this world trustingly believe when all of society is programmed to root into their beliefs -- that believing in something means you have to be able to see it ... believing is seeing ..

Meanwhile it's the other way around ..

For it takes Believing to birth any seed into life. 
Cause how can anything begin without the belief that it could be brought into existence in the first place ? 

Of course it takes more than believing in something to bring it into manifest - for we have to bring forth our visions into manifest with our actions in order to make our vision a reality. We can argue semantics everyday .. but either way .. the root of our matter is the root of our matters and the effort it takes to intentionally and purposefully take conscious charge - is quite beautiful by far

- we must be able to see 
Break away from the riots that this world feeds 
And learn to SEE with our own two eyes ..

Surprise surprise ..

But wait a minute -- how does this apply to the spiritual side of life --- we are not the makers of these things that are believed to exist unseen -   (left unseen by our physical eyes) but is there something unseen that lurks nearby ---

do our subconscious roots that are already instilled in our core by society // by all -- are we conditioned/programmed to understand a conflicted stance -   seeing is believing - so anything else we believe to be experiencing, feeling & seeing - must be not real ..
Are you for real?

so because it's not something I can make tangible and show to the world - making it concrete - this means it is not real...
then are our Feelings not real either?? 

 if you know what I mean ..

nothing is at all as it seems ..
I believe.. 

What is really real?? 

  interpreting / absorbing this mass conditioning of generational conditioning being passed on over and over again  -

  conditioned views spreading and shared across our lands -- whether intentional or not - it has forged a wedge between our connections with spirit world activity / connectivity 

connections we build and make with ourselves activity 

all these external distractions given to us appeasing our physical senses

 (((please note that although I say spirit world activity --- this is not my definition nor understanding of what I believe all this other worldly stuff to be -- and please also do note that I really do believe other worldly things do exist -- but to tell you what it all exactly is -- that is not what I am here for - - - 

 but you may watch me as I'm still growing with this understanding for myself - I will not define meaning for you - i am only able to determine meaning of this all for myself --- and I know that my evolution of understanding will constantly grow and evolve - making this connection that is YOUniversally deep all the more profound - 
all the more sweet - as I continue to actively explore this infinite structure that connects me to all of life --- and in this line of thinking and feeling - this level of truth sits with me right --- I use spirit world as the word to explain the other worldly things that are not easily talked about or explained -- things that occur to many not too often well explained or openly shared - reasons as to why not - varied to all  ..
times is changing 
evolution of transformation engaging 

no more psycho docs diagnosing with their numbing most dumbing of care ..
Hallucinations by people made to be out so rare - (at least those that come forth that do share ) 
Wait a minute - is that person really connecting with something that is not there - 

That must make them really scared - to see and hear stuff that is not really there -- 

 our system of  conditioned belief  that has been sowed into our own processes of thinking  that  believing is seeing - that's the only way to know something is real - 

I guess our feelings are questionable? 
ah yes for "feelings" they are interchangeable!

for those whom happen to be raised with some kind of religion/belief system or practice - where a key component to ones religious faith or practices is "faith in things left unseen" 

Can you see the contradictions sowed in between our seams -- 

nothing is at all as it seems... 

Everyone let's have faith and believe in things left unseen - but are we truly rooted to believe in this - what has seeped without realizing into your core ?? 

are we raised to question and become skeptical of the belief that there are things happening all around us that for some reason we all can't fully see --- how can one truly believe - when everywhere we go - our reality is fed to us in various of ways - all taking center stage -- because reality is sold to us as something tangible that can only be seen ... 

Psych docs  "wash it all away" - with crazy talk put into textbooks - let this reality circle about -  reality on worldly display - reality predetermined for us - and subliminally seeded into our roots  -- lets go to school - feed them this textbook -  and any view differing from this fed to us reality - is offered numbing clarity - prescription fed doses of reality - 

welcome to insanity... 

Making every connection one makes YoUniversally some grief stricken tragedy that cause many to battle with their sanity met with insanity .. 

I have been writing this post for hours now  - determined to bring it to its completion ... it was early afternoon when I began writing this entry and now it is 11:11 pm ... this number meaning something special to me and on another post maybe I will share my own introduction to 11:11 and how that number came into being - and how it has provided me with profound insight and comfort on my own cosmic rollercoaster adventure of a wonderland fantastic ride - journeying a huge part of my life -- I'll share some time..

In writing this post for hours (with several brakes and interruptions in between ) I have had about 2 fevers (that broke of course) and I am going thru another fever right now - I'm thinking this one might be the last one -- (hopefully πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ½πŸ€—πŸ˜†) 
my body is going thru the motions as it continues to heal by expelling and ridding itself of this nasty little invasion of an infection I found myself having - for quite some time .. 
definitely not right -- my entire body and energy system out of complete whack -- no longer am I oblivious to the cause of these effects .. 

Introspect ...

The first night after I had tooth extraction & I was given medicine  to help heal the infection growing inside - I was met with insight - later that night ... as I was laying in bed experiencing another fever -

- I experienced an epiphany of  some sort - that instantly deepened my level of understanding off all that was happening at that very moment ..

The fact that I was experiencing this fever, discomfort and pain .. knowing that healing was taking place ... the Why of this moment ... took center stage ...

Rewinding me back to just a few days earlier in the week -- a day or two before I got that really bad migraine on Thursday  ... 

A couple of days prior to that miserable migraine experience - I had an awesome chat with myself / my guides / intuitive rhymes bursting into meet me deeper into this story of my own life / light / attuning into me Bright -- i confronted my own stagnation head on - addressing piece by piece all things surrounding me that I can see - that could be the cause/source  of this truly felt depletion of energy I have been experiencing. In addressing and confronting all my own perceived issues -- I still was not met with source. 

And there were those voices again ...
Advising me that all was well 
just afford yourself some peace of mind

These energetic guides for me are real ..
I've learned ((believe it took time))) to accept this truth as it has continuously filled Into me thru my own connection with my own divine ...

everything that I feel is what is real ..
That here is the deal .. 

Reality is relative to ones own individual experience ...

We can debate if you like ..
But in the end -- we would both be right ..
Energetic facts of life ..

 This tiny epiphany expanding its seed of knowledge and knowingness into me - allowed me to remember and see - the seed of questioning I set out to be received - has manifested itself - right before me ...

Now you may argue that the tooth ache / extraction / and infection was inevitable due to my own not seeking treatment when it all started all those months ago and yes this may be true --- but that divine timing of my own self connection birthing something new - allowed me to see tangibly what I was missing - left unseen - that was truly depleting me of all my extra energy. 

As silly as this all may sound - being written out loud - I truly was met with a deeper connection to all things around - all of this experience allowing me to process, digest and understand my now present moment / state and conditioning ....

Grateful is I 

All stemming from me wanting to know why and my chosen line of questioning ...

Just the other day, I heard myself question and say (outloud) - what is it that I am missing right now that for whatever reason I refuse to see that is causing me to feel so energetically drained ... wording in perfect form - for me to be shown clearly what is causing my own weak energetic flow - because I need to know. And just like that .. I let it go ..
I was feeling aligned ..
meeting with my inner divine ..
Refreshed was i...

and boom..
in divine right timing...
not exactly what I had in mind..
I was met with my energetic drain... 

All of us have different ways of connecting with ourselves  (unique we all are !! ) but in order to find out what our connection is - (and many ways to connect there very well may be --- all part of our own discovery and acknowledging that plunges into our deep)) 

we must actively choose to explore our own territories making our own connections --- we must come to terms for ourselves with ourselves what is truth and what is our own reality ..

we have to find our own modes of connecting with ourselves so that we may make better sense and decisions for ourselves.  

We should be open with ourselves a lot more ..

 allowing for this kind of self talk to take hold - our words have meaning -
Existing precious gold ... 

and as we become clearer and clearer with ourselves
learning to be more direct and straight to the point 

- when this point of activation is reached - the clearer and more direct we become with our own questions that at this time are ready to be asked (outloud ) and the faster we come into meeting with our desires, answers and manifestations... 

making way for some cool artsy display of our life center stage ...

energy playing feng shui -  

the vibrations of how we feel all energizing and harmonizing around itself - manifesting into tangible reality
 - our words have power and our feelings power their vibration of expression equaling manifestation - that is why it is wise to constantly remain mindful of how we choose to express ourselves -especially during times that we are overly feeling our feelings and all touchy and sensitive and worked up in our own emotions

 --- we should would want to take better care of our energy systems and vibrations & be mindful and protect our energy foundations 

Take a moment to reflect
On what is being said ..

Few days prior to my migraine experience - and although I say few days prior to my migraine experience -it could very well have been the night before my migraine experience - but I have no concept of time in this way -- but either way -- prior to the migraine experience - I had this heart to heart with myself. I had a lot of why's and what's answered for me about things going on in my life that do affect me at this time --- and in my own processing / dissecting / attempt to understand -- trying to make sense of it all and wanting to get  to the root of what is troubling me at this time - asking to be shown truth with light. Praying for guidance & Help for me to see what is missing from sight .... believing that this line of unwavering Faith in receiving shall be met with divine right clarity. 

Show me the something unseen that I am not seeing that is causing me to feel depleted in energy - I have exhausted  every possible other thing/reason  it could possibly  be - and none of it registering as the culprit / cause / truth  - I don't feel it - at least that is how I'm seeing it ...
Perceiving it 
Experiencing it at this time

May the truth kindly be brought into light ..

and surprise surprise 

The migraine I experienced was the prewarning label  ... 

The toothache was the alarm going off 

My face swelling was the house burning down ...

For truth has been found ..

And still I didn't get the connection right away ...

It took some more fevers and laying awake 
with myself  at night 
dealing with this uncomfortable pain 
As the fever burned itself  through every fiery surface layer of my skin 
sweat brings in the heat ... 
reflections are our best   ...

It was here at one of these feverish moments that the connection was internally made 
Faith further ingrained into my
answers always revealing themselves to me
upon stages 

Soul restoration 
Sweet sensations 

... as I am currently still healing and still not energetically feeling my best - I am already feeling a significant difference in the QUALITY of my own energy I feel floating inside ... like that low energy feeling vibration that I was feeling for months - it is out of  my body - being equipped with knowledge and able to identify as to the reasons why all was happening as it was -- I understood deeply my own root cause... 

understanding profoundly what was going on between my own self soul meeting 
I am reading 
seer listens

I kept asking why - giving myself permission to release my own blocks - allowing myself to be OPEN to receive the answers that I need. 

Solutions received 

Happily and gratefully  as I receive - I interconnect together all of these levels of mind - body - heart & soul experiences happening simultaneously as they intertwine beautifully together perfectly & aligned . 

Many things making better sense 


((Just a little something a dear friend of mine shared - that gave us some insight into the ringing ear sensation that we both experience and have pondered over the why's for plenty of years now))

Please be advised that this entry was written a few days ago --- I am just sharing it now -- I had experienced some technical difficulties that only frustrated me so much so that it is now when I get the opportunity to work on it again :)  


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