How to Rise above Office Gossip and Politics !!

How do we POSITIVELY in a most HEALTHY and effective way deal with b.s. gossip happening in our own work place environments? 

Like how do we silence these mofos? 

How difficult is it really to not be affected by the things that people say and do?? 
How do we NOT become affected by the things that we overhear or are shared with us by others - said by others - about ourselves or others? 

Like for example, this shit stirrer at my current workplace - talking nonsense about nothing - because he has nothing better to do with his time...

Like how do I stop myself from ripping him a new asshole- because I most certainly could - but I mean what GOOD would his new asshole serve?

We must think ourselves wise to not get caught up with all of these lies that are attempted to be brought into life - because others are petty and miserable in some way  - that if left unattended they would spread doom & gloom every which way - in whatever way they possibly can... 

Shit stirrers demand
and suck away all the bright positive energy existing all around 
these clowns turning smiles upside down 

NOW... why would we choose to ALLOW for these clowns to get the better of us all now? ??

Now I thought of making his new asshole a vase - and cuntingly putting it on display...
but hey...
what can I say..
my DNA is not made this way 
transforming this way
Vibing this way 
so I write his sins away
social media way
because it is a more healthier form of Art filled expression for me to express the unpleasantness of certain people and the experiences they bring into light / LIFE 

I do not wish to play into his ways of shit stirring games...
What good of a contribution our entire whole would i get out of choosing to marinate his shit flavors? 

Living ACTIVELY CONSCIOUS and being ENTHUSIASTIC about it all takes some real POSITIVE self TEAM SPIRIT!

This here is not an easy walk through the park and its definitely not a calm plane ride. There will be lots of turbulence on our soul / human journey / RIDE. 

Everyone has got to FOLLOW the cat 
for the cat knows the way
straight into the laser beams targeted to distract and steer us off course/track/VIBRATION 

Being an ACTIVE participant in your own               ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM will require YOU to own up to the TRIGGERS that TRIGGER you in this world = and owning up to these TRIGGERS would automatically ALIGN you back into REALITY CHECK / FRont LIne and CENTER... 
BEcause when you are REALLY REAL with yourself - you would automatically REALIZE your own inner world of TRUTH - and then quite frankly - what other people do ((No matter the TRIGGER buttons they whip up and use -- nothing they do can TRIGGER our vibrations to lose)) 

 When you CHOOSE to live consciously with FULL awareness of your own (Actions/Triggers/Emotions/Reactions/Behaviors/Vibrations) & YOU take  FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your own (Actions/Triggers/Emotions/Reactions/Behaviors) - this means you CHOOSING to put in the Work/ACTION by YOU REQUIRED that is needed from you on a consistent basis.  It is up to YOU to ACTIVELY and CONSCIOUSLY work towards maintaining your own BALANCE of ENERGY Flow - because did you know - that your energy & Vibrations are extremely CONTAGIOUS because this is what people are met with before you even utter one single word - your ENERGY (that appears in this world as invisible)  radiates from your entire being - and it touches / affects EVERYTHING along your path.


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