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When it comes to MANIFESTATIONS - we must be perfectly ALIGNED with our own ENERGIES. Our energies must MATCH in every single way - living mindfully and consciously every single day in every single way.
Your WORDS have power
Your FEELINGS have power
Now it is time to FEEL and VIBE EMPOWERED
(this comes from within)
HARMONIZING with you in your life.
It will take DAILY PRACTICE to instill within your roots (deep) every source of EMPOWERMENT sweet - needed in order to MANIFEST all of your HEARTS desires - bringing everything you BELIEVE into life..
It will take MOTIVATION / DEDICATION / INSPIRATION and sheer WILLPOWER from you to make this EFFECTIVE and AFFECT your life POSITIVELY in every single way!
Enchanting Babble is your Souls OM away from Home - inspiring YOU to SHINE BRIGHT in every way - which is all within your EMPOWERED rights - we ALL DESERVE to live our lives FEELING WORTHY to RECEIVE the life that we DREAM
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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Benefits of Checking your PRide !

Where do these feelings stir from within 
these feelings of not trusting 
the things that are AWAKENED
these feelings inside 
Rise of 
prideful ego 
bursting thru 
to and for whom ??

Insecurities on the rise 
our foolish pride never wanting us to risk getting hurt '
feeling like dirt 
Relationships take work 

When levels of discomfort arise from your own insecurities while being in any relationship - this is our OPPORTUNITY to take a step back and dive in to EXPLORE - these FEELINGS emerging - and apparently on the rise -  
Gifting ourselves some much needed time
to rationalize 
and come to terms 
with these brewing ENERGIES that can create STORMS
so consider yourself forewarned
to CALM the seas 
one must introvertly 
seek ones 

SELF LOVE and preservation is KEY
to any destructive behavior that tries to lurk and creep about 
disrupting our own homeostasis is not ENERGETICALLY Healthy or Helpful on any given day  
we must be MINDFUL in every single way 

EVERY Single day 

It is not wise nor right to take out our own insecurities on others nor should we ever ACT out on these vibrations that are very low in frequency.  Like, seriously, do you really desire to VIBE there? 
Do you not handle yourself with Tender Loving Care?
Aligning with our truest desires, wants, craves and needs - we must learn to consciously always connect and BREATHE - as we work patiently with ourselves as we ACTIVELY become ACTIVIST for ENERGY ALIGNMENT for ourselves

How much do you really care about your own Energy management Systems? 

This here is what this is all about -- 
IF we LOVE the people in our lives - we should HONOR them by not dishing out to them our own baggage of shit - that is meant for us to sort out and wipe up ourselves!!

Very simple!!

Living aligned so you may VIBRATE your highest all of thee time requires you to actively participate in managing them and making sure that you are aligned

in every single way
Every single day 


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