Will you continue to suffer ?

Try listening to everything 
including yourself 
in 3rd party position 
it's time to 
And in your observing 
continue to be mindful 
and consciously aware 
of all of your 
surrounding Energies 
Hold tightly to your reigns of energetic power 
in holding tightly to your own power 
you are equipped and able to process, filter and effectively handle anything and everything being presented to you - no matter what range of presentation is being presented - and if you find yourself stuck within your 3rd party observance and are unable to channel / tune out your external environment - and find yourself feeling sensitive to what is happening (if it's not a life threatening emergency - that calls for immediate action )) - if it's not something like that - - by all means necessary - try this ...
<<< and please note what i will suggest next - will not be something easy to do - at least not at first - especially if you're the type of person who openly expresses themselves in many ways ---- this next suggestion / practice I will suggest --- that will get easy over time --- this little practice --- is BIG & energetically life changing>>>>>

the next time you find yourself in a predicament where shit is going down - things are being said - your emotions are being triggered in a not so positive way ---- practice this ...

Shutting the funk up -- 

Like seriously .. no matter how tempting it is -- no matter how much you feel the need to be heard -- no matter how incorrect the other person is in whatever they are saying - or doing .... just breathe ... breathe deeply .. take some deep yogi breaths till u calm the funk down... and stfu ..

Do this for yourself --- not for anybody else !!! Do this for you.. until you figure out why you're being triggered so much by whatever is happening. ... explore this side of whatever is happening first. ... and until you can communicate effectively and positively for all involved (especially yourself) don't do anything at all ---- it's ok to not react instantly. It's ok to internalize constructively external happenings so that you make the best decisions for yourself -- in a most healthy productive way ...  there is no sense or solution when feeding into any madness circulating ... 

Chances are.. whatever is triggering our emotions personally - really has nothing to do with the other person and more to do with whatever we need to get to the bottom of within ourselves ... and if that's really the case and the bottom line -- it really makes no sense to feed into any other external bullshit that helps no one. 

If we are to live consciously and mindfully then that means we have to take the added measures and steps to actively take full responsibility for our own energy, actions, decisions, feelings and for sure our words. 

Our words have power 

Words help build 
As much as they do 

Which part of the energy field do you play on??? 

What mindful contributions are you practicing and spreading into our environment??

If you find it difficult or pointless to live so positively - to speak only positive things --- if you find it hard to believe / conceive that your positivity has the power to manifest into existence or contribute to worldly earthly change --- if you find all of these things farfetched and only nice sentiments --- you should ask yourself why --- you should ask yourself what's so horrible in your life that you can't find anything positive to hold onto and spread -- and also find out why you're so hardass in finding your own healing, peace and forgiveness to whatever has got you feeling this way ---- and please note that I am not down playing life experiences for many that involve so much suffering and pain --- we ALL have our fair share -- but how we choose to live with it makes all the difference in our world --- as well as the world around us. 

Live outside the box 

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