Enchanting Babbles Happy Tunes!


Let's always remember this factor - no matter the experiences or circumstance. 

Focus your trance 
And vibrate high 

I didn't say doing this would be easy - I am living everyday experiencing my own rollercoaster ride - so I share this as I constantly day to day consciously practice this all too for myself ..

I say this KNOWING - that it's all absolutely POSSIBLE - To be your own energetic BoSs - during these up and Becoming times. 

I keep receiving - it's time for the observers to now speak their peace. 

Interesting how these universal messages creep - into our conscious awareness - expanding as we expand - the timing relative to our own evolution --- what is time anyway ??? 

I haven't had an enchanting babble rant of a chant  for many a day - opening the gateways to pave the way - for a brand new day .. 
hyper viberations in full display 

I learned a new word

Is this not life ??
Life is sibylline wouldn't you agree ?? 

At least so it seems 


Karmic cyclic effects of the chase the white rabbit syndromes 
evolutionizing epidemics 
making humans pathetic ? 
just simply forget it 

The fear of forgetting 


Have you forgotten yourself ??

Have you ignored yourself ???

Have you replaced yourself with something / someone you do not recognize ??


Please note all images found a google !! 

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