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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How to get your annual Gala tickets?

Hello Beautiful Souls - kindly continue reading below for more information about this wonderful event that is coming very soon in June - hosted by a very dear friend mine. 

Everything you need to know about this Awesome FundRaising event is featured below - and I am sure you will not want to miss out on this amazing Event taking place in Terrace in the Park 

So the count down has begun… Camp Estrellitas turns 4 years old!!! Woohoo!!!
I truly can’t believe how quickly the time has passed.

I have to be completely honest with you, Camp almost didn’t happen this year. As you may know I transitioned from being a classroom teacher to becoming a mindfulness coach and staff developer as founder of The New Light Project. It has truly been an amazing journey but as you can imagine starting a movement of any size takes every ounce of energy you’ve GOT!
As I always say “The Struggle is REAL” lol.  I thought that stepping away from camp this year would allow me to focus but instead I was completely miserable, I felt empty, like I had lost a part of me.

In all reality losing the camp IS losing a part of who I am. This is my divinely appointed mission, I live and breathe this mission. Aside from my own birth children it is what brings me the most joy and fulfillment. Knowing that my little stars are forever changed by our work, knowing that the seeds that have been planted by You and me will forever change their lives has no price tag (or rest tag in my case) So HERE I AM… once again knocking on the door of your heart.

As you know our little campers count on your generosity for warm meals, fresh water, mindfulness lessons and a summer a lifetime at no cost to the campers.  Please once again join me in planting seeds of hope, courage and love in the hearts of our little stars.

This year is more exciting than EVER because as you may know I have undergone a year long Mindfulness Certification program and am bursting with joy to go share all the amazingness I have learned with my little stars. 

Here are 3 ways you can join this mission

1)    100% tax deductible donations our donation page has lots of information about our camp Click link here  Please please share this link with others!  No amount is too small.

2)    This is our Amazon wish list this page will help us get supplies for summer camp 2017 Click link herePlease please share this link with others!  

3)    Join us at our Annual Gala June 11, 2017 12 pm-5pm

$150 before May 25 and $180 after
 Formal Attire Dress in Black and or Gold
Tickets  OR

Terrace in the Park

* Premium 5-hour Open Bar

* Guest of Honor / Speaker Jonathan & Stephanie Fields from The Good Life Project
* Guest of Honor / Speaker Kenia Nunez from A Savvy Me
* Guest of Honor/ Constance Klein 
*Live DJ for 97.9 La mega
*Live Latin ballroom Dancers
* 5 Course five Star meal
* Dancing
* Raffles and Much Much More 
This an event you won't want to miss!!!!

Camp Info
Amount of Children: 35
Location: Dominican Republic, Barahona
Total Fundraising Goal: 21,200
Cost Per Child: $600

Food/ water/ food supplies, cooking gas/ food transport Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks 
Location/Field trips/ Bus Transportation
6 Camp Counselors
1 Cleaning Staff
1 security/ front desk
1 Cook
Books, T Shirts, arts & Craft, games, toys indoor, out door toys, trips, medical/first aid

Shipping from US
Fundraising, marketing
End of Summer party for community, children and staff
Travel expenses 
Camp Director / Curriculum Designer/ Mindfulness teacher/ Staff Trainer 

* Ideally I would like to go beyond the goal so that I can establish my nonprofit status 501 c 3 for next year This would alleviate the dependency on individual donations and would allow me to pursue corporate sponsors and grants.

Once again I thank you form the bottom of my heart for all your support, love and well wishes. Together we are changing the WORLD one child at a time!

Facebook Page Click Here

Instagram Page Click Here

Take a look at a at the magic that happens every year at camp  Click link here

Take a look at a special message from the founder of Camp Estrellitas 
Yahira Liza Burroughs M.S ED Special Education Teacher Click Link here

With Gratitude,
Yahira Liza Burroughs M.S ED

Founder at The New Light Project


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