Stretching Transformations for YoU!

There are so many little things in this life that we can do to make ourselves feel golden. Something as simple as taking a moment to stretch an aching part of our own body.  I just happen to stretch my neck and shoulder muscles moving along to a song playing on my shuffle.  Maybe videos like these I will begin sharing in some way.  Share with you all many little ways to get your own self loving juices flowing.  I am, for the most part always filled with joy, kindness and good cheer - everywhere I go & with everyone I encounter, I always bring that good cheer.  There is no faking that SHINE at all. Cause this is like me ALL of THEE time.  This vibe is my RHYME.    My good mood, positivism & ability to tune into my own sweet good vibrations and effectively SHARE in this high energy vibrational experience with others -ALL OF THEE TIME is on some all time HIGH and happening 24/8 - this means energetically, this is constantly happening !!! Everyday ! All day baby!! 

 It sure has taken a world of discipline and constant - constant intentional daily practice (seeker of inner peace and understanding I have always been)  - these seeds of thoughts that have entered into my life path growth and process. Even on my fallen most horrible of times and days - mastering the art of stilling that external madness and effectively managing the energy that I truly desire to exude during any  maddening time - this conscious lifestyle instilled into my being - has sure been TRANSFORMATIVE  I really do believe that we all should be sharing with one another our own journey.  It truly IS BENEFICIAL for us ALL on a WHOLE on some other cosmically universal elevation rate and level.

It may not be easy to share - it is pretty much easier said than actually done & I totally UNDERSTAND this perceived perception.  I also understand that this level of vulnerability will never be the easiest of things to do - but I also do KNOW from experience, that isolating myself and surrendering my own freedom in just simply not being at all.  Punishing & silencing my own voice and denying myself my own freedom to express myself ((Because that line of thinking is totally absurd because I sure CAN & WILL)) but yet held back by my inability to GREET my center when meeting.  All of me that truly really is all hidden behind a shell of unworldly existence, self pity and damaged sense of self worth and self appreciation  - well that unloving path (Once upon a time ago I found myself on) well that path was an insult to my entire  being & total blasphemy to everything I am.

& soul    

not easy 
yet all the more freeing 
to my own holy sacred temple

May you experience the same, but in your own way!

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