Healing with the Angels - ideas & inspiration

Healing with the Angels Oracle messenger : Pay attention to NEW thoughts & ideas that come to you. These are inner divine sparks of inspiration / motivation show casing themselves to you. They are seeds of magnificent Co-creations with God.  God speaks to you in various shapes and forms. It is up to you to tune in and listen. We all have our unique ways of receiving divine communion/communication.  The Angels ask that you notice and follow the ideas you have recently received. These thoughts are answers to your prayers for guidance, so please don't discount them as mere imagination. 
By drawing this card, the angels seek to give you CONFIDENCE that you are as capable of RECEIVING WONDERFUL ideas as any other child of God. That is because all wonderful ideas originate from the one divine mind of God/Universal Wonders. Since God is omnipresent - meaning everywhere, that means God is within you too!!! This applies to the stars and the galaxies too ... for we are infinite wonders of art being exposed upon our own truths unfolding / the only way we ever truly unfold is when we seek to discover and in our discoveries we meet with our own infinite wonderland of growth and expansion. 
Heart & Soul 
Set your intentions and dive into every deep uncovering your own magnificent wonderland of your own master pieces consciously being sculpted & formed. We are all pieces of pieces of pieces that make up a greater whole. 
Namaste Beautiful Souls 
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