The ill effects of Karma - Fear based control

What is Karma? 
Is it truly universal law to eventually reap what you sew into existence - or is it a part of our conditioning of subconscious rooting and habits that are being instilled within our eco (often times unloving to ourselves systems) systems built off  of guilt and fear based thinking  in order to control & marinate into our world an inferior human race - subjected to paying their karmic piper - good / bad - understanding it all to be this thing we call KARMA? 

Karma is in fact just a word that is used to describe a chain of events that come into play - yet how we are conditioned to perceive it - may not necessarily be as matter of fact as we have been conditioned to view it... 
Of course anything that eats away at our consciousness already in itself creates a silent suffering inside of the individual - would the suffering imposed be categorized as KARMA?
Is a guilty conscious eating someone up be the equivalent payment of karma being owed??

Good deeds one sows into existence - and good things returning to the individual - is this too all the result of this thing we like to reference as KARMA

I do not know - kindly share with me too your own opinions on what you believe Karma to be? 

Is it really real ? Or is it really real if you Believe this to be LAW

Or is KARMA something that should not be so limited in viewing / understanding / conceptualizing?? 

In truth no matter what GOOD / BAD you do - no matter the road - no matter your actions - You WILL EXPERIENCE GOOD & BAD experiences in your lifetime.

SO.. is this the result of your KARMA being played out? 
Or is this the result of LIFE HAPPENING at its course regardless of what GOOD/BAD you have done / experienced in your life 

This sounds a little more logical to me - especially being as faery fantatical as I naturally am - living inside of my own WOnderland Land of Soul TRANSFORMATIVE ADVENTURE

Cause in truth, what about those people who truly do not give two funks about any of the good or bad that they do - and hold nothing heavy on their conscious  - just flowing with their own rhythms and beats -   do they reap karmically what they sow/spread? What if the same person has all these wonderful things occurring for them in their life - and yet to someone else they may not "deserve" all these wonderful things.

Who are we to determine for anyone else what they deserve or do not deserve

Be mindful of your own matter!
Do not be on those madhatter theatricals - always in other peoples mixes - never tending to your own energetic vibrations / concoctions / mixing 

Or  do you still believe in this thing called karma and those people in due time will reap what you "Feel" "perceive" "Opinionate" on that they deserve- will karma catch up to them regardless? 

What is truth? 


If you do not care - you do not care - may the gifts of LOVE and ENLIGHTENMENT TRANSFORM you whole 

but if you do care - and make your life mistakes - and find yourself getting caught up and lost in a moment - 

Find your forgiveness and GIFT this level of PEACE, COMPASSION, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING to yourself so that you may move on - with life lessons learned - without marinating and manifesting ill life karmic experiences your way

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