Inner Trust Oracles


Though it may be cloaked and hidden, within you lies natural MAGNIFICENCE
and TRUE

The harder this is for YOU to BELIEVE
oh please do believe
the MORE GROWTH this ORACLE is offering to you 

Your OPPORTUNITY for GROWTH lies in your own ability to LET GO of the need to hide yourself from the world and to LET GO of any and ALL doubt about the WONDERFUL MAJESTY that exists within you. 

This ORACLE brings you the message that it is time for YOU to TRUST yourself and ALLOW for the real inner YOU to BURST out and unveil everything there is to 

SHOWCASE for yourself

YOU are being assured that YOU CAN TRUST your INTUITION and your own sense of things.  Sometimes what you sense will be LOVE and you WILL OPEN your HEART and move easily towards the source of that LOVE - be it in the form of another person, a new and exciting career path, a project which you care deeply about and want to pursue, or a spiritual or creative practice that you are keen to further explore.  Whatever it is that you are to EMBARK on - flow with your GROWTH and ALLOW for your LIGHT to SHINE BRIGHT!

Sometimes what you sense will be more challenging than this and will ask something different of you.  
This is ok 


It might be that YOU sense fear and sabotage lurking about to try and set you back \ hold you back. This ORACLE asks for YOU to TRUST yourself 

TRUST yourself 
Trust yourself 

Trust yourself to find the most AUTHENTIC and self LOVING way to deal with what your picking up externally around you.  Perhaps you have drawn this card because you are unnecessarily holding yourself back out of fear

fear based thinking
self sabotage 
horribly conditioned behaviors instilled within your being 
Whatever it is - Find the SELF LOVE NEEDED to set yourself FREE  

Maybe there is a lack of BELIEF in your ability to SUCCEED 
and CARE for yourself 

But there is an IMPORTANT NEED of SELF EXPRESSION that is needed from you to be RELEASED

The Oracle of INNER TRUST comes to YOU with this guidance: "You know what you are doing!" You have enough WISDOM and INTUITION to be able to place yourself more fully in the WORLD, to take steps to UNHIDE yourself! 

Your TIME is NOW 

Right NOW!

Even if you FEEL you have no clue about what is happening at a broader level in your life, even if you can't quite SEE the WHOLE picture if ALL that is taking place within and around you, YOU still have ALL the WISDOM and INTUITIVE ability you NEED to take one step at at time and navigate your way through absolutely anything that life brings to your door. 

If you have been thinking of taking a leap of FAITH & doing things differently - whether in your personal life or your creative work - then this ORACLE brings a particular message to TRUST your instincts and go for it 

cause FAITH is all you ever need to 

#Faith #On #Fire #Believe #Receive #Achieve 

This ORACLE comes at a time when the patterns of your life are shifting.  You CAN take advantage of this shift and leap into an entirely NEW WAVE of ENERGY surrounding you as well an entirely new level of consciousness and experience.  This is not a time for self doubt or sabotage and this is not a time for playing small.  


This is a time for YOU to get in touch with the COURAGE
BOLDNESS & Dare-devil within, and do yourself proud, and take that step, big or small, into the FUTURE that is beckoning you FORWARD.

#Move #Forward #positively #Fearless #Dreamer #Kitty #love

You have the wings to FLY!

Sometimes we do not realize it until we leap over the edge of what we have known and begin to soar into a new life  (getting out of our own way once and for all) 

#Sacred #Rebels #healing #process

Place your hands over your heart and say aloud or think very clearly into existence, "I trust in the love of my heart."  Place your hands on your stomach and say aloud or think very clearly into existence, "I trust my instincts."
Place your hands on your belly and say aloud or think very clearly into existence, "I trust in the flow of life."  
Say the following aloud, "I trust myself. I trust in my higher self.  I trust in life.  When I do not know, my higher self does know.  I am guided by the wise voice of my higher self within my heart.  I trust myself and allow myself to be guided in all things, by the wise instinctive knowing within.  I am not afraid to be seen.  I unveil myself from my hiding places, and step by step, I show myself with all my unique beauty, to the entire world.  I am seen and I am received with love, by myself and by others.  I am worthy.

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