Beyond the Threshold of Fear - Rumi Oracles of Light

Beyond the Threshold of Fear

A channeled message from Rumi

Enter the lion's jungle!
Don't think about getting hurt!
Fearful thoughts are phantoms of the mind!

No one is harmed in this jungle.
Everything is compassion and love. 
It is your fear holding you back, like a bar behind the door.


How I celebrate for you. After so long away from home, you are finally returning! Beyond the threshold of fear, you dispense with your doubts, hesitations, cautions and tentativeness. They are old friends with whom you no longer have anything in common.  

"Goodbye old friends, I wish you well," you say, whilst turning your face to the burgeoning light of a new and yet ancient world.  You are visiting as though for the first time and yet, somehow, also remember deep in your sacred heart.  Finally, we can sit together in the charming courtyard at home. We shall tell our tales of adventure and laugh, and we'll dance and sing.  Eventually, day shall pass into night and we'll gaze beneath our feet, our mouths gaping open in awe and minds utterly blank, rendered dumb in sweet submission to beauty, as we watch the world spinning on her axis.

After so long, you are changing your relationship to fear, NO MORE shall it hold you in its thrall.  You are becoming able to OBSERVE it, to WITNESS it, even to have COMPASSION rather than resistance.  Instead of unconsciously sabotaging your GROWTH and CHOOSING to slumber in darkness, you AWAKEN & DELIGHT in the LIGHT and sound of your being.     

Push and pull, one step forward and a half step back.  So it has been for so long, and you  have endured.  

YES, you are winning the race, BRAVE one, and fear is fizzled out. It was always a far less BEAUTIFUL fire work than your PASSIONATE conviction for LOVE anyway.  Better to let that dazzling firework come to LIGHT instead - much more satisfying.  

Oh, what a spiritual marathon you have been running! Now the end is in sight.  You are drinking the sacred waters to replenish you from your journey.  The cups are pushed into your hands by ENCOURAGING Angels as you approach that blessed sash marking the finish line.  Your body and soul are on this journey together and now they are ready for VICTORY, and yes, to rest and recover from the EFFORT.  Rest now before a NEW ADVENTURE begins from a completely different state of being.  

This oracle comes with spiritual guidance for you.  You have BROKEN through a barrier, a self imposed barrier of fear (whether it seemed to originate from within your consciousness or from an external set of circumstances) that held you back from taking the steps you are NOW taking, or just about to take.  These steps may feel strange, new, uncertain, and exciting.  Your mind might not have received the memo that fear based existence is no longer in operation for you.  It may need a loving, tender, reassuring and firm update that the relationship you have with fear is now rather different.

YOU are the witness, no longer the victim!

Your consciousness is STRONG enough to hold it in COMPASSION.  You do not collapse under its weight; in fact, it is becoming less and less substantial for you.  When it is there, it seems less convincing than what it once appeared to be, compelling still at times perhaps, but not anywhere near as POWERFUL as it once was.  That POWER has been claimed by your HEART instead.  

So it is time to give your mind the memo!
Get used to the NEW way and take ALL necessary steps.  Test your legs - you'll find them POWERFUL and READY! Get set to FLY!!

Test your wings- trust is one, daring is the other. You'll find them enthusiastic for flight and ready to learn to ride the currents, purpose built for soaring to GREAT HEIGHTS!


YOU CAN SEE what is meant for YOU CLEARLY!

You can SEE what is meant for you, what is TRUE for you, what is beckoning you FORWARD now!

Take the running leap 

There is no darkness and light for you anymore - just life, living, FREE and clear!

I will be running and flying beside you.  We will soar and dive and rise, together.

Let's PLAY!

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