How to Practice TRUSTING your own INTUITION?

What good is our INTUITION if we QUESTION it every single time & never ALLOW our intuition its full voice of expression.  Timid are we to EXPRESS such INTUITIVENESS our inner KNOWINGS that are meant to steer and GUIDE us in our lives.  So often do we doubt what we understand and FEEL to be our 
we end up growing a hell of a 
that hardens us to the core and in this hardening it 

CREATES a whirlwind of SELF DOUBT
 Is this really what our life should be all about?
 Should we GROW and 


learning to mistrust our inner world of guidance.  If we can not TRUST ourselves, then whom are we to TRUST? It's no wonder we live in a world that is externally misguided and getting pissy with one another for no good reasons.  

So often more than not we 


 our intuitive guidance and for reasons varied, we doubt the intuition being received and go against it - to only learn later down the line - that the intuitiveness previously received that 

Once upon a time  

was right on the money - and then depending on each of us as individuals - some may kick themselves in the ass for not listening to themselves. Some may learn and grow from the experience.  Others may learn NOT a damn thing and continue on with their lives without batting an eye.  ANyhoo, the possibilities are endless - and all will be played out / lived out by us all individually.  

What needs to be established? 

Intuition Trust thyself HEALTHY practices!!!

Practice builds your habits 
habits Build your 

So the next time you consciously RECEIVE intuitive messages / insight from within - grab it - take hold of this 


Revelation being REVEALED and GIFTED to YOU
& say out loud,
I trust in the divine messages that I am intuitively given even if at this moment in time I do not understand why.  I open the doors to expansion and WELCOME in the GIFT of RECEIVING further GUIDANCE in my INTUITIVE Knowings and UNDERSTAND that CLARITY will reign supreme for me in my own life. 

Conscious Awareness of our thoughts lead to better handling of our own 


- remember whatever emanates from within our own infrastructures are the very energies we marinate to unfold in and around our world.

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