How to Change your disappointment around & make it work for YOU?

What is disappointment? 

as per GOOGLE (((((((whom we all know has all the answers we are looking for ////look deeper/////  drop down the rabbit hole just a little further  & keep going till there is absolutely NO "why" left that exists - rabbit hole type ish - enter your magical world filled with your answers that will gift you profound levels of clarity - gifts of sanity -

 soul CRAVE your humanity!! 

even disappointment brews its Positive elixirs -  if you find yourself to absolutely agree with my first statement above which was GOOGLE has all the answers - that may certainly FEEL right in this day and age of evolutionary life - but why is this right? Does #GOOGLE know your life or only your thoughts? Have you no other questions for yourself in this world that GOOGLE can only provide you with your answers?? 

Maybe you should bump your head first while falling down ENCHANTING BABBLE's WOnderland of babbling oracles -

does google find all of humanity utterly predictable? statistical ? ego typical ?

just thought you all should know it's soul kinda good to do your own research nowadays - go inside of yourself !!!

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but anyways - on to what I was saying.. back to the beginning where it all began.. Google defines disappointment for man/woman/human - what about soul? 

Truth be told... 
Awakening births WHOLE! 

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As per google: 

Image result for jump out the box art trippy truth quotes

Last image was found on google

oops ... 

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As per google : 

The feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one's hopes or expectations.

"to her disappointment, there was no chance to talk privately with Luke"

  • a person, event, or thing that causes disappointment.
    plural noun: disappointments

    "the job proved a disappointment"

    "the trip was a bit of a disappointment"

Google GIFTS us all this clear definition with understanding of what this word disappointment means and can represent to all of us in various ways.

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  I am most certain that my next statement and gigantic assumption being made will  ring true to ALL who read these next babbling lines....

disappointment is a FEELING experienced by us ALL 
sometimes many a times
too many times if you ask me 

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sad truthisms perceived in our lifetime 
conditioned abuse of definitions and labeling systems imposed on US souls 

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 in various craze, in numerous ways, we ALL at some point (moment) in our lives, we are met with this disaster of bitter tasting & certainly most awful of a FEELING, of this thing referenced/defined/labeled as disappointment - and that sucker brews like some moldy brew inviting over its crew (demolition team in full effect / taking affect - as your inner door opens WIDE (please don't let this come as a surprise) of all these UNWANTED feelings to crawl inside -Invading your mind -  invading US minds - with no truth - everything coated with lies - creating an energetic swirl of disasters manifesting and all waiting to happen inside our wonderland world filled with adventure - 

 When disappointment visits our town and lingers around - within ourselves begin to swim and reach for the SURFACE and tingle with EMOtional sensations -  dark & sullen their emo energetic vibrations - spilling out into our world / YOUniverse their (broken) effects / affecting our WHOLE entire (personal) environment. 

Yes, this is what occurs in and around you, whether you are conscious of it or not!

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Disappointment CAN breed and invite inside of our wells ... 

anger? depression? suppression? fear based thinking/control? anxiety? unpredictable mood swings/shifts ** usually triggered by a trigger -- find your triggers***

#find #your #triggers #dot #com

Let US 
Paradigm SHIFT
cosmically connect with ALL that you are 

gifted we all are

Just jump out your box

get out of your comfort zone ..

go on AutoMatic Pilot and Understand that your disappointment serves you for your own evolutionary GROWTH - 

yup you heard me !! 

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It is easy to STAY focused on all the bitterness of every tainted drop disappointment breeds into our soul, but what good does any of it ever really accomplish? 

LOVE is never hard.. 
and as beacon of true lights, we must intentionally PRACTICE the art of SELF LOVING - we MUST do this every single day and that comes in many shapes and forms - especially when FEELING disappointment.  Most times we find that we are most disappointed with ourselves and that usually is the most bitter tasting fruit to swallow.  But in this dreadful feeling of a MOMENT ***cause BELIEVE this too shall pass ***** we are gifted with further insight into our own development and structure - and in this FEELING of disappointment being experienced, we are afforded with another opportunity to RECEIVE a most plentiful / soul rewarding GIFT that can not be purchased or given to us by any other - we are GIFTED with a SOUL GROWTH OPPORTUNITY of an experience / MOMENT *** cause this too shall pass ***** we echo in time our patterns and rhythms of behavior etching it into our own space and time - 


The REALITY of any moment we are met with disappointment is to address it head on - it is NOW your golden OPPORTUNITY to FACE yourself  **Mirror mirror on the wall** and BRING to your CONSCIOUS AWARENESS what seems to be truly bothering you.  That means you must get to the root of your disappointment and admit  to yourself what this disappointing feeling is really all about. Once you get passed this step it is now your MOMENT to forgive yourself and others, this means to ACCEPT in which can not be altered or changed up until this point (Moment in time - moment of spacial awareness) NOW, what are you prepared to do about it??? What are you prepared to SACRIFICE (because in the beginning it will FEEL like a sacrifice - the giving up of something for something else - for you to practice instilling into yourself - the ALIGNED actions, thoughts, behavior of CHANGE that will lead you to your OWN/OWNED *self owned*  self VICTORY and ultimate satisfaction - that you CAN NOT get from anywhere else - only from yourself!) 

Do not allow for the feelings of disappointment to deter you from your DESTINY, your path.  Think yourself rad & ALLOW your disappointment to INSPIRE you further into BEING THE CHANGE YOU DESIRE TO SEE IN YOUR WORLD!

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P.S. Stay Tuned for the UPCOMING RELEASE of The Darker Knight Light of my soul amazon book series.  

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