Rare 'Beaver" Moon Super Moon November 14/15 2016

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Marking the second to this years trilogy of FULL MOON SUPER MOONS 


This super moon is following last weeks 11/11 LOVE PORTAL 

This SuPER MOON is very special 

What is a Super MOON? 

A super moon is a moon that when you look up at your nights sky, you are greeted with the spectacular BEAUTY of our Moon Oracle Goddess so closely, that it is as if you can touch her. 

Moon in Taurus (earth element)
Sun in Scorpio (water element) 

Taurus representing patience, pleasure seeking-loving, material/wealth, determination and conservation 

Scorpio representing Passion, Emotions, Will POWER, Psychic Awareness, Intuition, depth, exploration, discovery, unveiling, determination 

When the Sun & Moon interact they energize our earthly realms in many ways that influence our lives whether we are conscious of it or not. 

During any FULL MOON the moon & sun are opposing one another and luckily for this SUPER FULL MOON this opposition is a harmonious one. 

Sun & MOON 

Yin & Yang 

Lunar & solar are in natural harmony 

Challenging and intense when the sun and moon are in opposition 

It is time to REFLECT on how you are truly FEELING 

This is a time to 
LET GO of all that no longer serves your SOULS EVOLUTIONARY GROWTH
Let it go
It is time to move with your FLOW
It is time to own the parts of our life and experiences that cause us pain and create stagnation in our lives, it is time to FOCUS on the lessons learned and the Positive progress and steps needed to propel us forward. it is time to TRANSFORM our pain and ALIGN with our

Expect with this SUPER MOON energy whirling around for majorly HUGE changes within our own lives. 

For a more in depth look into our current Super Moon and its meaning kindly check out universallifetools.com

This super moon is power packed with MOTIVATING self Empowerment that focuses on  

Please note that during any major Full moon / Super Moon our emotions and sensitivities will be heightened, so lets together practice the art of remaining MINDFUL of how we treat others and most importantly ourselves.


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