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Monday, October 10, 2016

The Darker Knight Light of my Soul - A mini Love-sick Adventure

A Goddess of love just keeps on loving hard body, mind and soul 

Truth be told

Her love is the key 

to everything 

come unravel with me as Love purges me 
Into the wild 
she is set free 
To be 
her true 

Unravel the psychosis of her mind into headlines 
Creator is me 
when love pricks her 
She bleeds 
out into these cosmic beats 
forever catching every weep of her soul evolutionary blends 
When Goddess fires transcend 
We will rise again 

Stay Tuned for more details on the release of my very first ever mini love sick adventure soon to be available for ebook download. Come' & witness as i fire through my own savage walls as LoVe Bites into me soul deep. This gift of poetic prose lifting me higher and higher as love syncs and aligns with me whole mind 
Heart and 
Awakening to this Love whirlwind frenzy of poetic love sick filled with this internal crave of this storytelling craze unveiling itself  to myself as i unravel  all into my own as Love carries me Home. 
These automatic writings Flowing from my soul unleashing this Love wave. Releasing lifetimes of pain. Entering our days of Golden Reign as LoVe leads our way. 

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