Miracle Baby Born Twice

On my ride into work this morning I decided to turn on the radio for a moment and of course I tuned into the only radio station I enjoy connecting with when I do decide to listen to the radio in the morning - 
Z100 would be that flavorful hit station  that gets my vibes vibing higher with all their good cheer. 

Anyhoo, I heard a most interesting medical miracle that should be shared - because this is why science should be embraced and appreciated for the artform that it is - especially when it comes to saving lives. 

See this precious Love miracle at only 23 weeks? Her name is LynLee Hope & she underwent a crucial operation and was returned to her mother's womb and now she is here - a beautiful most precious Angel. 

LynLee was diagnosed early while still in her mothers womb as having some sort of tumor that was determined to be fatal / life threatening.  So what this brave doctor decided to do is scientifically and medically impressive. The mother only 6 months into pregnancy was cut open so that her fetus was removed from her womb and operated on outside of the womb to remove the growing tumor, in attempt to save her precious unborn yet to be life. After the removal of this tumor she was then placed back inside her mothers womb and born months later at full term.

If you're interested in reading this amazing story please click link below


Share with me your thoughts on this amazing medical procedure performed? 

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