How to move on from broken friendships?

A mini friendship story :

This year I was truly hurt by losing one of my closest friends for over 20 years and today I was met with a final release from that most toxic friendship. I was looking at it as a loss but realize even more as time goes on that  it was my gain because although she was my most treasured friend, who she picked and chose as her life partner will forever in this lifetime be her own demise - because who we choose as our life partners will determine our whirlwind of life events and I actually hold no type of opinion or judgement anymore - (but as a mother - hes a pig!)  its not my denial of truths anyways - luckily it was nipped in the butt before he got to reap any permanent damage - and I KNOW that his lies will find its way to the surface and when that time comes - may my once upon a time most cherished friend  find the peace and healing that she will most definitely need.

Here is some friendly advice for anyone upset over losing someone they once valued as a friend :
Never mourn over the living for they choose their path and with that being said - keep it moving positively forward and be grateful that their polluted vibes are not any of your business.

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How do you move on? You Move on happily with gratitude understanding some growths will involve some.levels of growing pains and letting go

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