Ebony 2.0 Update

Ebony 2.0 Update

Finding Ebony in the manner in how we found her - makes me feel all the more blessed.

I relive that evening over and over and I swear it is as if she fell from the sky!

I swear she looks like an Alien at times.

She is still so very tiny - which makes me believe that although the vet estimated her birthday as August 19, 2016. I believe she is even younger than that.  So that would shift her sign from Leo to Virgo too. She can be a cusp like my dad lol (8/23)

Anyways, so she is still tiny. Although I still love the name Ebony Moon - my daughter declared that is no longer her name.Due to the fact that my bozo friend made it known that he thought that Ebony Moon sounds like a major porn star. lol He is not a bozo at all - actually quite genius. :)

So since that Ebony moon falling out injustice due to silly perception, her name is now Ebony 2.0 which actually I happen to LOVE.

So she did have a little cold when she was taken to the vet and she was prescribed some meds to help her recover.  She truly was / is fragile due to her size - and so the vet did not want to prescribe and give meds with too strong of a dosage.

 Ebony's name btw also means STRENGTH 

image found on google 

She is super Brilliant too
She has to be especially being one of my glorious loving heal the world pet!

As tiny as she is and still drinking a bottle (this weaning process has not been an easy transition - she is not hearing that) 

She already uses only the liter box. All it took was one week and she just naturally uses it on her own.  
She knows her name. Her and the doggies get along fabulously. She is very friendly and loving. 

But it is sure time for me to take her once again to the vet

She now has developed this purring / weasing / hacking thing that she does at different times - mostly after a bottle feeding.  Where I feel so horrible as I bear witness to this short difficult moment for her - that looks as though it hurts - where it is like she is trying to cough up a hairball - and I swear I would rather much believe this is the beginning formation of a hairball being marinated in her system due to her licking herself - I would rather believe this to be so as opposed to feline asthma. Which fear based thinking would lead us all to right away assume as opposed to climbing out the box and keeping the FAITH that maybe this is just a part of her feline nature. 

I'd rather be POSITIVE!!

So anyhoo, if you're a feline LOVER too and you are have knowledge and experience with our kitty friends, by all means leave your comments and Feedback cause I would LOVE to hear from YOU!! 

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