Do Tyrants try to eliminate your shine?

The next time you're questioning your Powerful Stance based off of how others intentionally choose to treat you, think about why they feel so compelled to have to try and knock you down in size. this is when you can OPEN UP YOUR EYES & Powerfully Stand Strong within your own Beautiful Light Power house !!! Truthfully I see it constantly where others intentionally try to make others feel like some type of shitty shit shitstain or make them feel like a nobody or less of themselves all because they see the light shine in these individuals ... Causing these knuckleheads to energetically feel inferior. but due to whatever life reasons / or positioning/placement find themselves to externally in some way think themselves superior to others and in return their tyranny is birthed and their true colors find many ways to show ... Pray for these souls and forgive their ego boosting ways that are insane. Truth is, if they weren't throwing you shade they would actually probably admire you. So when you feel the opposition trying to kick you down just imagine them as clowns and turn your frown upside down and shine your light even brighter. Blind them mofos with love and light. #Know #Who #You #Are #Phenomenal #Powerful #Inspirational #Admirable #Loving #Soul #Muse #Life #SunYourShine #Tyrants #Are #Real #BeTheChangeYouWant2SeeInThisWorld #Enchantress #Meets #HollyWoodsGypsy

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