Lurkers/Catfish in their own Reflections

When something someone else says makes you feel a type of way ..
and it's "reflection" you wanna claim ..
well hip hip hooray ..
You are on to something ..
Reflection is key, especially revealed to each and every one of us through our own sensitivity receptors. 
Words and their expressions can make souls feel a type of way ...
reflections indeed ...

#Cheer #Up #Mate #Who #Are #You 

Twilight zone bloopers : when people think you're talking about them because for some reason they find reasons to lurk and stalk you as if they're somebody "special" to even be bothered with. 

Thanks for the inspiration 
Get.a clue 
and seriously, leave me alone I don't even. Think about you at all!! 
#Truth #Be #Told 
#Get #Some #Help 

It's funny when people push themselves inside of your world as if they have any business there and then run and cry to the world saying it is I who creates this mischief.  

Art is art and your attitude taste like farts !

Smile today and be happy with your own life. 

You are beautiful anyway no matter what nonsense you believe yourself to say !!! 

<<< when catfish go wild - laugh lots >>>>>
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